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Avatar m tn It will take a neurologist to diagnose MS. No test rules it in or out. Neurologists Specialize so I would get a MS Specialist to begin with. It can take awhile because they are busy. Most good neurologists take awhile to get an appointment. The one I have too 8 months and I was already diagnosed. Your PCP can do a neurological exam that is reflexes, following the finger and such. My PCP did one and found it to be very abnormal pointing to MS. She sent me to a neurologist.
Avatar f tn There are other diseases that mimic MS, many of which can be ruled out by blood tests and you did not mention any blood test results. MS for each of us is different. If you put 100 MS patients in a room, you would have 100 different symptoms and problems. There are similarities but we each have many different problems. Dx sometimes takes many years and many doctors. I personally went 30 yrs an 4 neurologists before getting a Dx.
Avatar f tn No test rules MS in or out it is just a piece of the puzzle. The two tests that are most important are a brain MRI done with MS Protocal and contrast and a Lumbar Puncture done for MS. Blood work to rule out other conditions is done. The neurological exam is very important that is reflexes, following the finger, balancing, walking, etc. That tells a neurologist where there is damage in the Central Nervous system. Your history is very important and then your symptoms.
Avatar f tn I have been having symptoms of MS. I got these off the internet: slow word recall, abnormal pupil responses, infrequent bowel movements, short term memory loss, vision problems, problems empying my bladder, unbalanced and incontinence (at night when i get out of bed to go to the bathroom) I am on Humira. It lowers your immune system and can cause MS.The first thing I noticed was my vision seemed to have changed over night.
473703 tn?1207757754 I was just hopeing that some one can tell me some of the symptoms of Ms. I was in the hospital due to stroke like symptoms spend a few days there and had many heart test done, come to find out that I did not have a stroke , well that's a good thing I thought. And then a Neuro came in to see me, and told me that on my MRI he had seen somethings that he was not happy with, He said I think you might have Ms, and that he wanted to do a few more test.
Avatar f tn There is no test which rules MS in or out. It is patient history, symptoms, neurological exam, tests to rule other conditions in or out, tests to rule MS in or out, and a Doctor's experience.
Avatar f tn The EVR, also know as the VEP (Visual Evoked Response) is not a test that can rule MS out if it is negative. Up to 20% of people with MS can have a negative VEP. However, when the test is positive, the evidence points "toward" the diagnosis of MS, but doesn't prove it. Neither the LP nor the VEP is a required part of the testing and neither is a "make or break" test for the diagnosis.
Avatar m tn I went to a Nero. He looked at my MRI and noticed a pinched nerve in the neck. He also thinks I have carpal tunnel and scheduled a test. But he said the MRI didn't show any lesions so MS is unlikely. The wrist pain is from carpal tunnel. The stinging skin could be an allergy or eczema and the numbness is also part of carpal tunnel. Does anyone have any burning stinging feeling in their skin that disappears after shower?
Avatar n tn I have heard that there is such a thing as phantom MS, which is only diagnosable if experiencing symptoms at time of tests, could this be what I have? What besides MS could be causing these symptoms that seem to be progressing? Do you have any other ideas?
Avatar f tn Whilst I had strong reactions to the caloric test in my right ear (vertigo) - both warm and cold - I had virtually nothing in my left. Do these symptoms combined with double vision for the last 8 years suggest ms? I have also had several spells of forgetfulness including forgotteing the sentence I am saying, saying words the wrong way round (e.g., shoffee cop or coffee shop) and looking at an object and not being able to say it.
443136 tn?1210536325 *Bladder issues (frequent urination, sometimes burns/stings) *Bowel issues (attacks of diarrhea, constipation, mucus (sometimes bloody), hard stools) *Heat makes things worse (showers, baths, moving around a lot/exercising makes me feel kind of sick, hot, and exhausted) *Electric shock sensations *Tingling/numbness in fingers, toes, right side of head and neck *Leg cramps *Muscle aches *Joint pain (not bad) *Eye floaters (sometimes see flashes of light especially when I move my head) *Eyes w
Avatar f tn what are signs and symptoms of MS? I have optic neuritis and would like to know other symptoms.
Avatar f tn If your GP is ordering the MRI, it is important that it be ordered using the MRI Protocol for MS. This is a protocol that specifies which techniques to use during the test to give the best chance at showing any MS lesions in the brain and spinal cord. A regular MRI is just NOT adequate. You should ask him to add this to the request. My gut feeling is that you are not describing MS. However, that is not worth much.
640347 tn?1228533326 Most doctors when testing usually do a spinal tap (but this also can test normal), so is also not used alone to diagnose MS. Many people with MS still have normal spinal tap. If the doctor suspects lesions in your spinal cord he will order a cervical and thoracic spine MRI. Some doctors again MRI the lot all at once but I guess this would depend on your symptoms and their findings. The health pages attached to this site will answer most of your questions.
Avatar f tn do you know if the spinal tap is the final test for ms? he wants to do that after i have a neuropsych exam.
Avatar f tn I am 38 years old and have a tingling sensation in my feet for about six years. Recently I had an episode of double vision whilst driving that was preceded by a quick "snap" sensation in my head. It was the most bizarre experience and rectified itself within minutes. I have also recently had days where my left eye lower lid feels like it is puffy and dragging down but looks fine to look at.
523927 tn?1257018704 So along with the bunch of symptoms that MS can cause, is neck pain/discomfort one of them? This week for me has been some neck pain, not excrutiating, just mild to maybe moderate at worst. Along with the discomfort is the sensation of a throbbing vein in the side of the neck. This has been more on my right side, but sometimes on the left. And with the neck pain, the other main symptom this week has been the constant numbness/tingling in my right foot and a little bit on the left side.
Avatar f tn sounds like ms to me too,Try to find a ms clinic in your area, i have suffered with ms for years and find the best results when you call a neurologist that has an ms clinic. god bless and good luck.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone. I am having MS Symptoms. I have had an MRI on my brain and it showed 1 lesion. I have Neuropathy in my left leg and Optic Neuropathy. I have tremors in my leg. I have weakness and numbness on my left side ( leg and arm ). I went for a Lumbar Puncture on Friday and the finding are " Few Lymphocytes Noted ". What does this mean? My Neurologist tells me that he thinks this is all in my head. Can you believe this?
Avatar f tn Keep in mind that it actually may not be MS, MRI and blood test results will put MS higher or lower on your list of potential causes, so it's in your best interest to keep an open minded and not get too overly worried! Cheers..........
Avatar f tn Q: "If it was early MS is it possible to not show up on the LP and not enhance on an MRI? " A: Yes it's possible to have MS and the MRI not catch the demyelinating lesions under attack and enhancing. There is an estimated time window of approx 30-45 days to the average length of an MS attack, and if the MRI was done outside that window the MRI wouldn't necessarily catch the lesions enhancing.
Avatar f tn Hi MsErika, I too am sorry you are having so many problems and seemingly no help. I know it's the last thing you are going to want to hear, but I can see where you may have to start again fresh w/another Dr. Or, at least revisit the old one for a recap. Maybe a general MD. Share your frustration with the Dr. about your top few problems. With all these symptoms it's going to be hard for the Dr. to zero in on one area.
Avatar f tn A acute (sudden), intense attack of vertigo is a listed symptom of MS especially at the onset of the disease. Constipation and fatigue are also symptoms of MS. This is just one possibility. I came across the article "Dizziness and Vertigo" from the Mutiple Sclerosis Resource Centre website and this is a small excerpt from the article.... "What is dizziness and vertigo? These are both common symptoms of MS.
5550900 tn?1369728085 Hello, I'm a 25 year old female who has had MS symptoms since November 2011. Symptoms are symmetrical weakness in both legs. I got pregnant in June 2012 and symptoms went away and 2 weeks ago (abt 3 month postpartum) they came back the exact same way. In addition with the weak legs, I have pins and needles in my feet, like a burning sensation (equally in both feet).