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Avatar f tn Check Myesthenia Gravis forum and get some information about it. Those are both symptoms of that disorder, but maybe you can find out more about it. I hope that you are feeling better. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Do any of you have slurred speech or nasal sounding quality to your voice from MS?
Avatar m tn It is unfortunate that your wife had a ‘MS attack’ during pregnancy. Usually MS symptoms go down during pregnancy. However, many women do experience the symptoms. Though MS is not known to cause any abnormality in fetus, the pregnancy needs to be carefully monitored because of the MS symptoms. The problems in MS depend on the area of nervous system most affected. In your wife’s case, the speech area appears to have been affected.
Avatar f tn Keep in mind that those statistics include the other more common MS speech issue eg Dysarthria (scanning speech pattern), so Dysphonia alone would only be a fraction of the 35-40%. You are actually talking about experiencing 2 incomplete issues, incomplete because you are not additionally describing any thing else that is usually accompanying the MS speech issues. Dysphagia = swallowing issues Dysphonia = vocal changes ie hoarseness, tone, breathy, or whispery Q: "Does it go away?
Avatar f tn Can you have leg symptoms ( burning tingling numbness ) with only brain lesions and NO spine lesions
Avatar f tn I honestly feel like I am having a nervous breakdown and maybe these symptoms are all in my head as I am constantly worried about my sister ( but my sister said she felt like she was having a nervous breakdown when her symptoms first appeared). I was hoping that someone might be able to tell me if these symptoms sound MS related? Should I try to get an MRI?
647350 tn?1228618670 MS causes damage to the brain, so it could definitely affect the speech center, and even the muscles controlling the mouth and larynx. I've had problems with slurring my words in the past.
Avatar f tn Your symptoms sound like auto-immune. Of course MS is an auto-immune disease. But all of the auto-immune diseases seem to overlap a lot. I've had many of the symptoms you have for four years. I'm trying to figure out what to do. I'm being treated for lyme disease, but considering being treated for th1 inflamatory disease, which is a new take on auto-immune disease. It uses the marshal protocol.
Avatar f tn s or vascular disease but it could be consistent with MS or even those weird migraine i would think. Have you looked up speech issues in MS, most of the MS societies have something on speech issues but here's one i found for me :o) I hope you stick around because i'm sure you'll find a lot of kindred spirits here, lol i sure did! Cheers...........
Avatar f tn He loses his full body strength, making him unable to walk, hold his head up, keep his eyes open and mouth movement (mimicking someone with MS). His speech is slurred all the time and he constantly drools. When he was a baby and began speaking, his speech was as clear as a toddler’s speech would be. It has been getting worse as the years go by; it’s to the point where he’s mostly unintelligible. He has seen several neurologists and other doctors, to no avail.
Avatar f tn I have an appointment with a neurologist next month. Hoping to get some answers. I already had a swallow test. They couldn't find anything. My daughter has MS, so I thought I'd better check into it. Just thought someone might share the same symptoms. My daughter's symptoms are different, then what I am experiencing.
Avatar m tn Hi, Welcome! Have you told us your story? If not, please do so we can get to know you. There are two parts to speech. The first is actually language. The understanding and communication of our thoughts and our understanding of what is being said around us. The Cog fog gives us problems with the language part; finding words, coming up with word substitutes, putting grammatical sentences together, keeping ideas coherent.
Avatar f tn my first symptoms were stroke like symptoms. I could not walk the next day. it was hard to lift my legs.
Avatar f tn I have had MS for 16 years with only 2 relapses in that time which were both clear up with steroids. I have been having symptoms that seem MS related for almost 2 months now. My neurologist moved out of state so I have begun seeing another neurologist. I have had an MRI with & without contrast which shows no new activity since my last one 3 years ago. My symptoms come & go. So I go from feeling ok to not in a matter of minutes.
Avatar f tn You're very welcome..... I was finally diagnosed in November of 2011, but based on my symptoms, my MS Specialist believes I've had MS since 1998. I started on Copaxone, but was extremely allergic to it. I'm on Rebif now, but may have to quit, because I've lost weight again, and I don't have enough body fat in the areas we are allowed to inject.
Avatar f tn Sorry about your friend, when my Lyme came on really badly with muscle weakness, temporary blindness, memory issues and off balance, I had a period of slurred speech so in TX they said I had MS. There were "lesions" on my brain, seen on the MRI. It could be misdiagnoses. At least Lyme can be cured if she has Lyme.
Avatar m tn What your are describing could definitely be a relapse of MS, and yes it IS possible for the symptoms to occur during pregnancy. We have had such reports here before. The difficulty talking is a classic MS problem as is the inappropriate laughter. And it IS called the Pseudobulbar Affect as suggested above. This is another thing that is seen in several neurological conditions of which MS is the one that always comes to mind first.
Avatar f tn sounds like ms to me too,Try to find a ms clinic in your area, i have suffered with ms for years and find the best results when you call a neurologist that has an ms clinic. god bless and good luck.
Avatar f tn def. not elisa, just looked that up. my symptoms do not match that at all. i'm like a puzzle. doc feels strongly ms. i have just put mri off because husband and i do not have insurance. he owns his own company (small) and we make too much for state insurance. so wanna nail what type of doc to go to rheumatologist or neurologist before we spend all that money! :) also i have nodules on me. on my feet, and hands a few.
911669 tn?1294099188 Good morning everyone, I just went and saw a speech pathologist yesterday for my swallowing issues. It was very informative for me. She gave me a number of tongue and swallowing exercises to increase strength at the base of my tongue. She also is suggesting to my neuro a modified barium swallow to see where things stand. I go back to my neuro next month for followup.
Avatar f tn You do not have to have all of the symptoms of something to be afflicted with it. I have MS and I did not experience most of the symptoms of this disease at first. I also experienced similar symptoms as you in the beginning although they didn't stop there. Your age leads credence to an MS diagnosis which isn't the end of the world. Say you were found to have MS, one of the first things that your doctor should talk to you about is starting the ABC drugs.
Avatar f tn It feels like I am wearing gloves. One of my main MS symptoms is the speach. To most people, I sound fine, but if you really know me (I was a math instructor) I have slowed down quite a bit. I can't think of the work that I want. Sometimes any old strange word pops out in its place. Then other times, like you, I just can't get my tongue to do what I want it to. Maybe it is becausee all 30 of my lesions are in the white matter. Let me know what you find out!
Avatar m tn I have not been diagnosed with MS however I am in the process. I have had speech and swallowing problems for the last two years. I do have dry mouth occasionly and I cannot contribute it to any medications that I take at this point. I do not have Sjogrens, Lupus or any of those auto-immune diseases according to my Rheumy. I would have to say the swallowing problems came first but now my speech is being effected dry mouth or not. I do this most everyday at some point or another.
476834 tn?1228398709 I don't know anything about dyslexia, but your symptoms certainly could be an MS thing. I've been known to use the wrong words, use words in the wrong order, slur, etc. Along the same lines, in the exacerbation that led to my diagnois, I would be typing along as I took notes of phone conversations and it was like I was in beginning typing again, going slow and repeatedly having to back up to redo letters and words. It's frustrating, but somehow we muddle through it!