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Avatar f tn For diagnosing any rash one needs to know complete history, onset of rash, progress of rash and associated symptoms if any. A welt caused due to an allergic reaction is called urticaria or hives.Such a rash is white at the center and pink or red at the outer edge. Any allergy, inflammation, bacterial or fungal infection can give rise to such type of rash. Get the rash examined by a dermatologist. A complete clinical examination will be really helpful. Best luck and kind regards!
Avatar f tn symptoms of 21 mos ago are back along with more. convinced it is ms. made another neuro appt but its a month out, symptoms fit ms to a tee, from what i research. It all started almost 2 yrs ago remember having muscle spasms all over body(everywhere, legs,arms,eyelid,hands,forehead,etc.) vision blurry on things close up, feeling of imbalance,mild pins and needles,hands&feet.
Avatar n tn I have spent the last few days reading everything I could about MS on the net. After familiarizing myself with the symptoms of MS I have two questions. First, what percent of MS patients initially exhibit urinary problems as the first sign or one of the first signs of MS? I ask this because, with two possible exceptions, I don't seem to exhbit any of the typical MS onset symptoms (at least the ones I as a layperson can determine). A quick run down of what I have: 1.
523927 tn?1257022304 So along with the bunch of symptoms that MS can cause, is neck pain/discomfort one of them? This week for me has been some neck pain, not excrutiating, just mild to maybe moderate at worst. Along with the discomfort is the sensation of a throbbing vein in the side of the neck. This has been more on my right side, but sometimes on the left. And with the neck pain, the other main symptom this week has been the constant numbness/tingling in my right foot and a little bit on the left side.
Avatar n tn Numbness in hands can be due to a pinched nerve .Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease marked by swollen painful joints, a rash, swollen lymph nodes, and more symptoms. Carpal tunnel syndrome can present with tingling, numbness and pain in the hands. Any problem with the cervical disc, cervical spondylitis can cause numbness in the hands. Damage to the ulnar nerve, osteoarthritis could be few other possibilities.
Avatar n tn Under my bottom lip, breaks out in a rash and inside my lip (bottom worse than top) there is a rash and my eye lids dry, I cannot figure out what is causing this, any ideas? I have tried Lysine, peroxide, giving up fruit, it went away and now it is back, I am so frustrated, I would even go to the Dr, but which one, dentist? Skin? Allergist, Pleasse advise, Upper lip is fine. weird.
Avatar m tn I have tachycardia and a persistent rash on my forehead and chest. Lupus or ms? I am waiting to get blood work done until july when my insurance kicks in but this waiting is killing me. I know something is wrong with my body, but what?
Avatar n tn MS can cover a lot of symptoms, as it affects the brain, which controls the body! However, MS symptoms are neurological, meaning that if it can be caused by a nerve problem, then it's from the brain rather than something else. Your symptoms cover a lot of ground. The cold hands and feet, muscle twitching, and random pains do sound like a neurological problem. However, the dry mouth, frequent urination, rash, headaches, bloating, and blood sound like something else - I have no idea what!
Avatar m tn My docs were looking at ALS and MS based on my symptoms and test results. I have lyme. The thing that most people don't realize is that steriods and steroid based meds make lyme worse. When pateints don't respond to the treatments and get worse it's just brushed off. Like MS ...lyme is a clinical diagnosis because the current tests availble are not accurate and the FDA and the CDC have clearly stated that the tests for this disease have issues.
Avatar f tn I am very young, but I know that my mother has ms. I have had a strange reaccuring tingling sensation in my legs. As though they are vibrating. I feel the need to bend my knees and ankles as though that would help (it doesn't). I just want to know if there is anything to worry about, or if it some kind of growing pain. I am afterall only fifteen as well as prone to precautionary freakouts.
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Avatar n tn Can the herpes virus cause any of this? Do any of my symptoms sound like MS to you? Should I wait to see my neuro or should I go to the hospital now? I don't know what good that would do but the nurse I spoke to strongly advised not waiting. She felt I have some kind of acute attack and might be having a circulation problem with my leg. Thank you so much for your time and any help you might be able to offer.
Avatar n tn With the persistently normal MRIs in the setting of active symptoms, the diagnosis of MS as well as other serious neurological conditions requiring urgent treatment become less likely. It's quite possible that you just have atypical face pain or complex migraines, which in themselves do require treatment. Depression can also make things worse. One consideration would be to try a medication called elavil which is well known to help with nerve pain, and is also an antidepressant.
Avatar f tn A trip the ER ruled out a stroke and heart attack, but after 4 weeks of tests we're still not certain what is going on. After our own research my husband and I are concerned that my symptoms are very much that of MS. Looking back, I've had several months of symptoms (I can only describe it as a bobble headed feeling where things just aren't as they should be and complete exhaustion) that I kept ignoring, blaming on exhaustion at the end of the day.
237053 tn?1258832026 I have MS-like symptoms, but undiagnosed and have a rash on the same side of my body as the main MS numbness etc. I'm going to try dropping all unusual foods, but in the meantime I'd like to investigate the link between MS and "stress" and this itch. I have a feeling there's a closer link between MS and "stress" (or negativity or something of the sort,) than just being emotionally affected by having the condition.
Avatar f tn I have a round rash that has tripled in size it's now the size of a dinner plate.round rings on my side.Dr said it's cellulitis.I think its lymes disease.
Avatar f tn I would not obsess over the splotches you had not being in a round bullseye shape; not everyone gets a rash, not every rash is classic bullseye shape, but nonLLMDs don't get that. Carrie's suggestion that you get the Igenex tests run yourself is something I have to disagree with -- the test results do not come back marked YES or NO -- instead they show a list of indicators on a string of items that range from negative to mildly positive (+) all the way up to very positive (++++).
Avatar n tn First of all, keep in mind that I am unable to diagnose you because I am unable to examine you, this forum is for educational purposes. The symptoms that you describe could represent mild Multiple Sclerosis (MS), but you need more information for a diagnosis. Multiple sclerosis does not have a known cause, but people with a first degree relative with MS are more likely to be diagnosed with MS.
Avatar n tn I clearly have lyme symptoms, had the rash etc...but no regular doc will treat you without a positive test. I will continue to search as I refuse to live like this with no answer.
Avatar f tn Did they screen for Lyme disease? I believe that some of the symptoms of that include Bell's palsy, numbness, rash... My understanding with MS is that you are more likely to see a change in white blood cells than in erthrocytes. Of course, that would seem likely in Lyme dz, as well. That I'm not sure about. Just a thought.
1694605 tn?1306513627 Is there anyone on the forum that got Lups and MS at essentially the same time? I was 48 when symptoms started. I'v myrid symptoms and they are rather dull to iterate, (makes me feel hypocondreatic) but for lupus, I get mouth sores and rashes that I don't think ever happens in MS - is that correct? Otherwise all of my symptoms can be found in either disease.
Avatar n tn Do you think these symptoms deserve a trip to the neuro? Could these symptoms simply be benign?
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm new here. I'm in the Lyme versus MS h*ll. My symptoms started with chills, no fever, 2 days later with joint pain, fatigue, nausea, dizziness. Lyme serology was negative. I went and saw a neurologist and he said I had a pale optic nerve which lead me to a MRI. MRI showed 2mm foci in the subcalossal region of the right parietal lobe. No other lesions anywhere. Over the past few weeks my symptoms have grown to include left sided weakness, numbness, tingling.
Avatar f tn Also, they did not all start at once. It started with subtle ones then others etc Below, I listed the things I am going through...
971091 tn?1247764016 Many of us here have symptoms that are un dx. It's a very frustrating thing. There are days that I feel so down and lost that I wonder how I will make it to the next day. Luckily for me, my symptoms are not life threatening, and it sounds like you have similar symptoms to many of us. Relax. We are always here to vent with. See the specialist, or get a referral to a neurologist.
1132574 tn?1271676066 How did your symptoms present? In MS, the symptoms are caused by lesions that are unlikely to initially cause bilateral symptoms. So if you get aches, pains, and sensations like burning on both sides, or if it changes sides, that is less consistent with MS. Have you been though any testing yet? It is not uncommon for Lyme patients to have lots of that "weird stuff" going on, but still look good on tests.
199980 tn?1233801004 yes, lesions in the brain and spinal cord is what leads to a clinical diagnoses of MS..along with other symptoms of MS. I have lesions in both my brain and spinal cord! Did you know that Lyme Disease can also cause lesions in the brain and spinal cord? yup, it's true. I believe that a bacteria is the "cause" of my MS, and because I became educated on the similarities of MS/Lyme I am now treating my MS with antibiotics and feeling better. Lyme testing is very unreliable....
Avatar m tn MRI showed several small spots that were dismissed as small blood vessel aging stuff. At the time I was experiancing most of the classic MS symptoms found on the National MS soc, site. While jogging, the muscles in my left ankle suddenly stopped working causing me to trip over my own feet and fall. I had pretty bad fatigue on and off after that for a year or two and could not run very far without my legs turning to rubber at which point I had to stop or go down.