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Avatar n tn t in typical MS locations though from everything I have read my symptoms seem to point to MS with the exception of the rash.
Avatar m tn Puffyness I am not so sure is an MS symptom. Usually MS symptoms last longer. That said I will have the same symptoms in the same parts of my body come and go but I have had MS for a very long time.
Avatar f tn I went off of fibro medicines, and joint pain continued to be gone, but MS-like symptoms started to appear: numbness muscle spasticity eye problems (double vision--later optic neuritis) paralysis that would come and go in an arm painful feet extreme fatigue bladder incontinence extreme weakness in arms tremor positive Babinski esophageal spasms throat constricture extreme heat intolerance hypothyroidism cognitive dysfunction There are more symptoms, but this is a highlight of
Avatar f tn hear a wierd sound in upper neck/head area like water running or something cant feel it just hear it. I am 100% convinced this is MS from my research, symptoms triggered by flu/virus, however most people say that flares happen at the ONSET of cold or flu not after, and MS is never diagnosed at first outbreak of symptoms, there must be 2 occurences. still have all strength can still do push ups, situps, walk, run, not any more fatigue than before but lots of mild aches and pains.
604266 tn?1236358985 I wrote about 6 months ago because of my many symptoms that matched MS and some sutoimmune condition. I'm embarssed to say that I have once again over the past 6 months ignored my symptoms just as I had for the past few years. I think mainly because it took them a year to find my bladder disease and endometriosis that I couldn't stand to play..find Amphs new hidden disease.
Avatar f tn Hi and welcome, Congratulations on the beautiful addition to your family, I am sorry this situation is otherwise interrupting such a joyous time in your life but I personally don't think MS would be the most likely culprit, because you definitely had an extensive rash prior to anything else. In a short space of time, whilst your sx's continue to be sensory they have spread and post post-partum skin rashes and sensitivities are not uncommon. 1 - do my symptoms seem suggestive of MS?
Avatar n tn MS can cover a lot of symptoms, as it affects the brain, which controls the body! However, MS symptoms are neurological, meaning that if it can be caused by a nerve problem, then it's from the brain rather than something else. Your symptoms cover a lot of ground. The cold hands and feet, muscle twitching, and random pains do sound like a neurological problem. However, the dry mouth, frequent urination, rash, headaches, bloating, and blood sound like something else - I have no idea what!
Avatar f tn I recently had an MRI ordered after an ER visit for tingling and weakness in the left side of my body and the doctor suspected MS. These symptoms have continued and I now have weakness in both legs. A couple of stairs make my legs very tired. I get frequent muscle aches and joint pain in my legs (more often the left) and when I stand up sometimes my legs feel like cement and like there is no flexibility in my ankles.
939031 tn?1289956654 Im hoping praying for some answers..I guess what ive been reading is that lupus and Ms are somewhat similar..minus rash..and are both difficult to diag. I just know im so fustrated and sick. I hope you get all the answers you are looking for, for your daughters health and hope she feels better soon.
1694605 tn?1306510027 If I have MS the symptoms started the same time my Lupus symptoms started, and flare at the same time also, so I'm wondering if I really just have one disease or the other but not both. Is there anyone on the forum that got Lups and MS at essentially the same time? I was 48 when symptoms started.
Avatar f tn I'm starting to discover that perhaps my Neuro dismissed this too quickly; even before the SSEP, BSEP VEP and EMG he ordered. I'll follow thru with these tests and in the interim perhaps also find a MS specialist.
382218 tn?1341181487 This best practices document was developed by a panel of Canadian MS clinic nurses in order to increase recognition among nurses that MS patients are at high risk for skin-site reactions with injectable therapies, and to provide the basis for skin-care practices in these patients.
Avatar f tn It seems to me now, that the diagnostics for conditions like MS etc are still in the dark ages. Unless the symptoms are obvious enough to tick the boxes you can be trapped in an area where no one listens and no diagnosis is given for months, years, forever... Conditions like Fibromyalgia are in some kind of funny land where docs agree or disagree whether the symptoms are real or psychosomatic.. Frightening.
1373852 tn?1307843048 I would guess that you would have to, if your MS specialist says they think that you have MS. If you do REALLY have MS, then, yes, you would want to start a disease modifying drug, such as Avonex. However, I can see your point about not wanting to take this if you really have something else going on with you, plus, your other medical issues. I wish that I could be more helpful...
1896537 tn?1381900009 Would inflamed, burning skin on the neck area be linked to MS in any way? Some of the sx of MS are so random so I thought I'd check this out with you guys before bothering my doctor! Basically I felt a patch of burning on my neck on Sunday and it's got worse since. It's not itchy but it's sore & inflamed and the rash is quite course. I didn't think it could be MS related but I thought I best check?
Avatar f tn Of course now I have the numbness in the foot and am wondering if I am causing the other symptoms because I am anxious about it being MS. I know that just because your MRI is clear doesn't mean it isn't MS. So now I am very worried. Any opinions would help me. Does this sound like it could be MS or do you think maybe anxiety. Can MS come and go like my symptoms do? Does MS ever feel like you are hyper or jacked up on caffeine?
1129774 tn?1279831762 Do u mean the shape of a butterfly? I have a rash on my cheek, but very faint. Alot of my symptoms could be my hypo. Which I am going to get checked next week. I just want to feel like I did 5 month ago.
1142551 tn?1264736930 category in my own particular MS symptoms and he should not have blown it off as something dermatological or medication-provoked. There are some neuros out there who are beginning to believe that a rash is one of the MS symptoms, so it would seem that the rest of the MS neuro community should get up-to-speed. Just my two cents....
Avatar f tn I wake up feeling very nervous & shaking. My adrenals have been check & my cortsol levels are fine. Does anyone of you know if the thyroid can cause this kind of symptom. Thank you for your help.
Avatar f tn I am no Doctor but those do not sound like MS symptoms. A Rheumatologist is a logical choice. Like Wobbly said it make time.
Avatar n tn MS and Lupus is very difficult to DX. Both share a lot of the same symptoms. But unlike MS, Lupus can be DX through a complete history and a series of blood panels. Lupus is a muti-organ system attacker. When you have Lupus it can effect your skin, joints, kidneys, lining membranes (like around the heart, lungs, abdomen), blood, lungs and nervous system. MS attacks the central nervous system.
Avatar n tn Last Friday, she started having similar symptoms again. Rash this time was not purple, more regular redness. but otherwise symptoms the same. Severe pain, headache, speech is effected, can't move side of face, swelling. She says when she bends her head down to chest it makes it worst. Dr. saying this is totally UNrelated to previous time??? and has now said its Trigeminal Neuralgyia. They did a CT and blood work =both negative. My daughter has had 3 back operations.