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Avatar m tn I have been having intermittement muscle weakness and joint pain for about 2 months now. Have had a spinal tap (negative) and two MRIs - some lesions seen but neuro says they are "insignificant". MS has been ruled out. The only blood tests that have come back abnormal are for active epstein-barr, vitamin d deficiency (level is 10), thyroid underactive and cortisol underactive. I am extremely exhausted and anxious alot of the time.
Avatar n tn Hi Woody and welcome to the forum. I am glad to hear that your MRI is normal. I am sorry you are going through the symptoms of muscle weakness. I do hope that you are going to follow through with your primary care doctor and/or neurologist if this should continue. On a side note, muscle weakness is a perceived or true lack of muscle strength that can be felt generally from one limb, to all four limbs and can be one-sided or both sides.
Avatar m tn Hi, I was just wondering is muscle weakness generally one of the first symptoms of ms? I have been having all kinds of weird problems, although I don't think it relates to this. Nothing turned up on my MRI of my neck or brain, but I did have nerve damage in my arm on a conduction test. I get a lot of tingling in the arch of my left foot and I get a strange feeling in my ribs, like there is something there that I want to cut out.
1523516 tn?1330047857 Hi Guys, I had asked this question in the middle of another post so I wanted to be sure it was seen. Those of you diangosed with MS. Do you get muscle weakness? It's really starting to affect me. The muscles in my arms and legs get really weak, especially on my left side. It's hard to hold my hair dryer and fix my hair, getting harder to walk up steps, sometiems just across the room, etc. Some days are much better than others.
Avatar f tn One of my major symptoms is muscle weakness. I wish I knew more about what causes muscle weakness, as some days it isn't as bad as others. Anyhow, I don't think that most people understand that fibro & CFS patients can have this symptom. So I thought I would ask others here.... do you also have muscle weakness and if so... where ? I have it in both legs.
Avatar n tn I have been having Muscle fasciculations and weakness for almost 8 months. I first noticed it in my hands. They get very tired when I grip things or use them a lot. I find opening packages, petting the dog make them feel really fatigued. My legs also get tired, making it difficult to exercise. I can barely hold my arm up to brush my teeth or hair. My calf muscles and feet cramp up all the time. I'm a female, 39 years old.
Avatar n tn I asked my MS neuro about the same thing. The finger numbness was because I had put pressure on my ulnar nerve (just resting on the mattress), and the leg numbness was more likely due to pinching off blood supply. All four extremities "wake up" after 10 minutes of lying flat, palms facing up (for me, anyway).
1830047 tn?1321671393 I know that nerve damage can also cause muscle weakness, but overall the weakness seen in MS is either from spinal cord damage or damage to the cerebellum.
Avatar n tn MRI is a superior test to diagnose soft tissue diseases. Progressive muscle weakness can occur due to neurological lesions like ALS, MS etc. Your symptoms could also be due to chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. Both these conditions can lead to muscle weakness and cramps. Myositis can also be the cause of your symptoms but it is important to know which type of myositis you have. This will require further evaluation. Fibromyalgia is also a type of myositis.
Avatar f tn For the past 6 mos. I have experienced, increased muscle weakness in my legs, starting in calves, moved to thighs and now is in my arms. My GP has done full blood work, urine & stool analysis & ruled out heart/circulatory and rheumatoid arthritis. The sharp, electrical type pain, I have in my legs arms and lower face are getting so bad, I now walk with a cane & climbing stairs, kneeling or getting up from a squatting position causes me to cry out.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone! How are ya? Okay, question. This muscle weakness that you are talking about, does it feel like a shakyness, along with odd sensations, along with not feeling like you can do anything with that limb. I'm not dxd yet, but seeing another neuro soon. I have this problem with my left arm and shoulder. Can't seem to do much with it at times, can function with it but can't count on it. There is a tremor internally that I have most of the time.
Avatar f tn is what happened with my shoulder typical of MS muscle weakness? Is it considered muscle fatigue OR weakness? Is it typical to be able to move once and then not be able to do it again for a bit? Every time I feel my deltoids getting "sore", I immediately lift my arms to see if I have full function in them! My left arm is definitely weaker since this happened, because I can't perform daily tasks without letting it rest, ie, holding a book, typing, drying my hair.
Avatar f tn Does the pain and weakness I am experiencing sound like the muscle weakness that is a sign of ALS? I am not really sure what that kind of weakness feels like. 2. Does cramping pain usually come before weakness in ALS? 3. Will the EMG test for ALS even though it's probably going to only be of my right leg? 4. What else could this be? My doctor suggested that I may have pulled something in my leg, but that doesn't explain my other limbs aching.
Avatar n tn The combination of muscle symptoms and stroke like episodes raises the question of mitochondrial disease or an inflammatory disorder. However with the extensive work-up you have had, one would have expected them to find an abnormality. Did your doctors consider a mitochondrial disorder? This could be missed on the muscle biopsy if it was not specified. A second opinion at a large academic center would be reasonable.
Avatar n tn The doctor said it would be 7-10 days on those tests, and if they looked ok, he would refer me to a neurologist to have a muscle test. Could this be MS or ALS or other? I'm trying to stay calm, but today has been the worst day. A couple of weeks back, the Co-op sprayed our fields with fertilizer and a little weed killer. Could this be related to exposure to that? I'm not to concerned about that being it because my dogs were out playing in the fields right after they sprayed and they seem fine.
Avatar f tn can muscle weakness start suddenly?(over a few days and lasting several weeks so far) if so why? what does it mean if it is persistant and seems to be worsening? should you worry if the weakness is affecting your breathing(exhausting to breath sometimes)? no pain to speak of other than from fatigued muscles-especially when breathing is affected (and other chronic aches and pains) when trying to do tasks and cant beat the fatigue.
Avatar n tn Hello. Your symptoms involve muscle cramps, but I am not sure if there is a weakness. Would you describe it more as a tired feeling than weakness ? It is premature to consider MS. There are some other causes of peripheral neuropathy which you need to rule out. Discuss this with your neurologist. Get the routine blood check done. Some of these symptoms usually are related to stress. But not muscle weakness which is clinically evident.
219373 tn?1274925034 Both legs are weak, although the right is worse. When I first started having symptoms of muscle weakness, the arm was easily fatigued. Initial examinations showed it as normal, but after a few minutes of use, it became weak and useless. Now it's definitely weaker, even when testing at rest. The neuro doesn't know whether it will come back, or whether it will stay the way it is.
Avatar f tn Hi Everyone! Hope everyone is feeling okay. Question, I'm undx, and in limboland, I'm in more of a" could very well be MS, lets see", mode. I've had some weakness in my hands, where it's hard to open things or really grip things, drop things etc etc. My main problems are on my left side. My question is, if you have weakness in your arm from MS, would the arm tend to kind of hang limp when standing? Could this be from ms. Every so often it feels like jello.
Avatar m tn I was eventually diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Dysautonomia. Many, many symptoms of EDS and MS overlap. NOW, last Saturday I woke up and had some facial weakness. (Not EDS related) From my nose down on my right side my face is droopy and I talk kind of out of the side of my mouth a little bit. So, off to the neuro AGAIN. (Different doc this other neuro was not very nice.) This guy is CONVINCED I have MS. I told him, "That's not possible.
Avatar m tn Also, has anyone had muscle twitches with a diagnosis of MS? I hear it is not a sign of MS but have read patients with MS might experience them.
Avatar n tn I also have pins and needle feelings in both hands and both feet for the past week. Both calf muscle seem to be tight and sore.. No fatigue are weakness. 3 years ago after the birth of my children had similar issues and saw a neuro. He did exam and MRI blood work and all were normal. Might this be another episode that could be considered MS. Could it be a mineral deficiency? Please let me know what you think. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Muscle twitches, spasms, parathesias, fatigue - no muscle weakness and no balance issues are all rather non-specific symptoms or lack of symptoms. Meaning, those symptoms can be attributed to many different diagnosis'. Most of us here (I am undx'd) have been through many assorted tests to rule out the MS mimics. If you look at the "health pages" on the top right side of the screen, there is a lot of really good information there.
Avatar n tn 4) Do you think the sinus infection and/or Depakote stopping could contribute to these types of symptoms? 5) With no actual weakness, should I be worried? Many thanks to everyone in advance.
443136 tn?1210539925 *Bladder issues (frequent urination, sometimes burns/stings) *Bowel issues (attacks of diarrhea, constipation, mucus (sometimes bloody), hard stools) *Heat makes things worse (showers, baths, moving around a lot/exercising makes me feel kind of sick, hot, and exhausted) *Electric shock sensations *Tingling/numbness in fingers, toes, right side of head and neck *Leg cramps *Muscle aches *Joint pain (not bad) *Eye floaters (sometimes see flashes of light especially when I move my head) *Eyes w