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2086477 tn?1332611994 (yesterday even given myself a black eye when found myself right on the tiled floor in the bathroom). I am now very worried to go to the bathroom in the morning as it scares me that I might pass out. Must say that I had a feeling of being sick in my stomach just before.. and then i throw up about half an hour after passing out. Doctors can not put the finger onwhat the problem is..
Avatar n tn I can always bet that something will be numb after lack of use like sitting or sleeping for about 30 minutes (sometimes even shorter periods of time). My legs are always numb after getting up off the toilet in the morning (LOL). My right arm will be numb after sitting in the recliner watching TV. After sitting any chair, both my legs are numb (especially on the right side). After moving about, the numbness usually goes away.
Avatar n tn I am not disapproving of the pot so much as I am concerned that you are not addressing the MS in a way that is more likely to keep you from so much ultimate disability. Pot may make you feel better but, it has its own disadvantages, like knocking off more gray cells than you can afford, knowing tha MS will do that, too.
Avatar f tn Okay, back from the neuro and I don't even know where to start. He read the mri report provided by the radiologist to himself in front of me so he obviously did not view the mri himself. He then tried to say there was nothing of significance. I said my GP had read the report to me weeks ago and it said T2 Hyperintensities in the white matter, He then said there were non specific and small and most likely due to age! and migraines.
152264 tn?1280354657 This morning I am sitting in the garden having breakfast (in England) and enjoying smelling the delicate scent of my first sweet peas. Bliss!
Avatar n tn Last saturday, my 12 year old daughter complained that her left cheek developed a "cracking" feeling, and began to hurt. Her opposite cheek began to hurt a minute later, and then her nose went numb. Within 5 minutes, she was fine. It happened again later that night. The following day, sunday, she complained about her cheeks going numb or hurting a couple of times throughout the day. She described the numbness as feeling like she doesn't have a cheek.
Avatar f tn I have been having the weirdest sensation in my knee to thigh area. It start in a small area then spreads with a crawling sensation of real cold and hot feeling. Woke up this morning with my left thigh to knee area feeling really weird. Can anybody tell me what this is?
Avatar f tn I have many ms symptons but the only one which worsens in the heat is the tingling I get in both feet and hands. If you have ms are all your ms symptons supposed to worsen in the heat, or can it just be some??????????????
97654 tn?1214348650 Hi, Kim! I am diagnosed, and I frequently have problems with numbness. It seems like things go numb more quickly - like my circulation isn't as good. I'll wake up in the morning and one arm will be numb. I never get that pins and needles feeling, like when you've slept wrong on your arm. It just gets gradually better. One morning I woke up and one leg was completely numb - I went to step on it, and it collapsed and I went to the floor.
Avatar m tn Hi there. Parasites in brain could be protozoan toxoplasma gondii, which can be difficult to distinguish from that of primary central nervous system lymphoma, and diagnosis needs a trial of therapy. If the indicated treatment fails, brain biopsy is indicated. Detection of the protozoa in human blood samples can be achieved with polymerase chain reaction though inactive cysts may miss detection. What are your neurological deficits and symptoms?
148903 tn?1281476107 morning sickness is a deceiving term - pregnant ladies can be sick any and all times of the day - usually for me it was with an empty stomach thus why it usually happened in the morning - but it was just as likely to happen immediately prior to lunch too.
Avatar n tn So basically there is no way of checking if you are going to develop MS in the future. I am sure even with members of your family having MS the odds are still against you getting it. Try not to get paranoid and too worried about it as if you are like me you end up analyzing every sensation thinking it is MS, when really we all get weird things happening to our bodies all the time which most of us ignore. Being aware can't hurt though.
Avatar m tn I have had MS for 45 years and yes I experience a very hard time walking in the morning when I get out of bed. This happens periodiodly and improves as the morning progressive. It is more noticeable when I do not get a good nights rest. It always improves very quickly. The more I move the better my walking improves. I have SPMS.
580765 tn?1274919360 I am tired of talking about by unknown stuff of the past 6 years with the fear that my family will think I am crazy. Well- my morning nausea has kicked in- no not pregnant- just another quirky symptom that I have been dealing with for about 4 months now. Thanks for listening to my rant.
749963 tn?1298037994 Wait a minute. Are you sure that your MRI was of the "lumbar" spine? Did it include the thoracic (chest) spine? There are no MS lesions in the lumbar spine and the MS Hug is caused by a lesion (whether it is visible or not) in the thoracic spine. I'm sorry you are at a impasse with getting a diagnosis. You have multiple lesions, some of which are classic for MS. Have you had more than one distinct attack of symptoms?
Avatar f tn she had a neuro in the group, he gave her a problem, so she went to the MS guy and she thinks he is the best. So there is hope!!! As for my pcp; he is okay. Not bad at all, just kind of seems hesitant when I ask him to step out and refer me for something. He DOES do it, but seems uncomfortable at first. I will really want to get to the bottom of this next week.
Avatar f tn In his letter (which arrived this morning) he listed the symptoms I described, but then added that the only physical finding was "increases reflexes in the lower limbs". I have this feeling that no one I see believes I have MS. I think they think I'm just fat and crazy. I'm on a cocktail of drugs like Pregabalin, Bacclofen, drugs for high blood pressure and statins. I also had surgery for a slipped disk 8 years ago. Do the increased reflexes say MS, or bad back, or fat fraud?
Avatar f tn i was DX with MS in Sept 2008. I have had severe ringing in the ears since 05, does any one know if my MS is part of it?I have had all the the test out there for the ringing if anone has an answer please let me know. thank you.
Avatar f tn There is a hint of fall chill this morning in the air despite the threat of 90 degrees this afternoon. Grass has a bit of moisture to it this morning but still watered a little. Hope your day goes well.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with MS in 2009, and am taking rebif medication. I've had about four experiences in the last month and a half of a surging feeling in my brain. It occurs when I'm asleep, and actually jolts me awake. Does anyone else get this symptom as well?
60505 tn?1313946644 There are so many things this could be. Also, in our health pages there is an article about MS mimics. There it talks about the many other possibilities.
645800 tn?1466860955 I spent most of last night in the ER. Around 10PM I started having all of the symptoms I have had when I had my 2 heart attacks. Tight chest, left arm hurting and tingling, but also some others (right arm same as left, numbing of right side of face, upper back pain). Because of those other symptoms I didn't really think it was another heart attack, but my BP was 189/92 with a pulse of 88. So to be on the safe side I drove to the ER to get checked out.
Avatar f tn They are looking for MS and I have 5 strips of white matter in my brain that are markers for MS, but the cyst is bothering me most.