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Avatar m tn I have been suffering from a dull or discomforting pain in my legs--particularly in my lower back, knees, and ankles. My leg muscles are also stiff and feel very weak or fatigued. You know that feeling you get when you work out? that burning type of feeling? I get that a lot, without exercise--it gets worst when I walk and exert myself. I also get occasional muscle spasms, but my main concern in the pain and weakness.
Avatar m tn mood swings, general weakness, occasional pain in limbs, etc. No vision problems. The symptoms vary, and in fact the one constant thing about them is they don't last very long. They come on suddenly, and are usually improved or mostly gone within an hour or so. Then they'll come back again. Sometimes I'll get several cycles like this in a day. Does this sound like it could be MS, or is that pattern too variable to be MS?
Avatar n tn He said a lot of times girls a little older than her come in with similar symptoms and it's MS. He didn't think this was MS because the symptoms didn't present themselves the way they normally do (if I understood him right). Like she would have numbness in her whole leg, not just from the mid-calf down. And her neurological exam was totally normal.
Avatar f tn I also experience extreme dizziness, blurred vision, fatigue, wobbly feeling when walking in legs, and sometimes in hands (left side worse). I also experience bladder problems which include hesitancy, frequency, urgency and some accidents. I have recently started to have twitching in arms and legs. I have a had three episodes lasting from several months (first) to several weeks (2nd and 3rd). My family doctor did a number of tests (I had low B12 but was treated for that a year ago).
Avatar f tn I have been have symptoms for about a year now when it started I had blurred vision and hearing issues sometimes and I just brushed it off, then I started having achyness and numbness in my legs arm and face, my eyes always twitching, the other eye has a sharp needle type pain in it, my lips tingle, my spine hurts, my short term memory is pretty bad, my lightheadedness and balance is off, I was diagnosed with Bilateral Vestibular Hypofunction/loss..
Avatar f tn symptoms of 21 mos ago are back along with more. convinced it is ms. made another neuro appt but its a month out, symptoms fit ms to a tee, from what i research. It all started almost 2 yrs ago remember having muscle spasms all over body(everywhere, legs,arms,eyelid,hands,forehead,etc.) vision blurry on things close up, feeling of imbalance,mild pins and needles,hands&feet.
Avatar f tn then last year in 09 the symptoms all came back fatigue, tremor, back spasms, nerve pain down my legs,visual problems,numbness in legs,difficukty walking, heat sensitivity,i am now undergoing testing for ms i have only been told i have benign ms at this time.
Avatar n tn Then again I was symptom free but after six months or so, I got severe pricking/tingling sensations, this time spreading to my legs and arms as well. The weakness in the arms came back, this time both the arms. These symptoms lasted for a month. I went to a neurologist and he did nerve conduction studies on the left arm and leg which was negative. Blood work was done to rule out lupus and low B12 levels.
Avatar n tn A few years ago I woke up one morning with severe weakness/weird pain in my legs.I was not able to walk for about 6 hours.The pain & weakness lasted about 2.5 weeks. After I recovered I noticed a numbness/pins & needles sensation in the top half of my legs and in my back. I thought it was a pinched nerve, did not give it a lot of thought. The sensations would last approx 15-20 minutes and go away, coming back after a few minuites. This lasted 2-4 weeks,then reocurr after time.
Avatar n tn a variety of causes can produce such symptoms.
Avatar m tn Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear you are having some symptoms. MS is a disease of the central nervous symptom (Brain and spinal cord.) EMG and NCS studies test peripheral nerves, not central nerves. Since MS effects the brain and spinal cord, you normally don't see changes in the complete blood count as a result of MS. Other things can cause cell count changes. Vision is usually only effected in MS if the optic nerves, chiasm, tracts or optic cortex are effected.
Avatar f tn I never suspected it had anything to do with the MRI since it was 2 mos. later. They told me I had white matter on my brain in 3 areas and that MS could be a possibility. In my denial I have not gone yet to follow-up with this. I still get headaches (1x amonth)...recently, I have noticed tingling in my feet with sometimes very bad pain (especially when I wake)...Also, it sounds weird but when I take a shower I don't really feel the water against my body. Just a little sensation.
Avatar n tn She does have other symptoms though, including weakness in her legs, leg cramps, vision disturbances, and a tingling scalp.
443136 tn?1210539925 I'm wondering if ehlers danlos syndrome may cause some of those symptoms, too. There is no way anyone can rule out or in MS based only on your symptoms. I wish I could help you more, because you appear to be anxious (I would be too). I hope you keep us posted.
5550900 tn?1369731685 Symptoms are symmetrical weakness in both legs. I got pregnant in June 2012 and symptoms went away and 2 weeks ago (abt 3 month postpartum) they came back the exact same way. In addition with the weak legs, I have pins and needles in my feet, like a burning sensation (equally in both feet). Back in December 2011, I had an MRI done that showed up normal as well a evoked potential test and nerve conduction study that came back normal. I did NOT have a lumbar puncture done.
Avatar f tn ok not sure if i am being a hypo but here are my following symptoms. -blurred vison in the left eye for the past 3 months, (no pain, i have a history of migraine) -have fallen and tripped the past 6 months like 7 times ( fractured my foot on one of the falls) -incontinence, obgyn did a bladder lift, in july but still have incontinence -bowel movement issues...
Avatar n tn then about a month later my speech was affected again,my neck,shoudler,arm is in pain with a tremor my legs are in pain and it feels like u've been walkinng on rocks all this lasted for about 4 months and i was able to return to work.just when i thought things alright in 2007 i experince symptmos all over again with some new ones to go alone with it which was a slight head tremor a different type of speech happen i would be talking my voice would get so low no one could hear me.
Avatar m tn The symptoms you describe seem a bit vague for my mind to leap to MS. MS attacks very indivdual locations in the central nervous system. The lesions that stem from these attacks don't move around. If you have a lesion causing right arm weakness, you won't have left arm weakness the next day. I would venture to say that all of us with MS have experienced some amount of muscle twitching. It isn't usually a presenting symptom though.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with MS after having a severe bout with Optical Neuritis in Dec 2008. Even though I had many symptoms of MS, like numbness in the left side of my face, and cognitive memory issues that are just horrible, the military healthcare specialists I was under would not send me for an MRI, so the disease was not discovered until the Optical issues in 2008. The MRI I had confirmed that I had Multiple Sclerosis, and had it for many years.
Avatar n tn Also, heavy exercise may cause the twitching in the immediate post-exercise period. In MS, twitches do not move around frequently. Again, they tend to occur in the weakened muscles. The shaking you feel when you are sitting and place pressure on the ball of your foot may be clonus. This is an exaggerated tendon reflex at the ankle. This may be abnormal, especially if it is a new thing. I have had that on my left for as long as I can remember.
Avatar n tn There is a web site called wrong if you go there and type in symptoms of depresion it will list them all, if you have several of them it could be a cause for your problems, if not maybe you should get checked by a neuroligist just to put your mind at rest. You could also look up periodic limb movement, and hypnic jerks to see if this matches what your going through. Believe me I know what your going through I was also convinced I had something terrible as well.
Avatar m tn I'm also having brain fog, weird vision out of my left eye, nausea, muscle spasms and weakness in my arms, legs, left hand. I am scheduled to see a Neuro on Monday. I'm a 32 year old male who has always been in very good shape, up until the last month i would exercise 5-6 days a week. Do you my symptoms sound like I have MS? I know you can't diagnose without testing, but I'm wondering your thoughts. Thanks to everyone for the service you provide.
523927 tn?1257022304 So along with the bunch of symptoms that MS can cause, is neck pain/discomfort one of them? This week for me has been some neck pain, not excrutiating, just mild to maybe moderate at worst. Along with the discomfort is the sensation of a throbbing vein in the side of the neck. This has been more on my right side, but sometimes on the left. And with the neck pain, the other main symptom this week has been the constant numbness/tingling in my right foot and a little bit on the left side.
Avatar n tn The symptoms of multiple sclerosis are loss of balance, muscle spasms, numbness in any area, problems with walking and coordination, tremors in one or more arms and legs. Bowel and bladder symptoms include frequency of micturition, urine leakage, eye symptoms like double vision uncontrollable rapid eye movements, facial pain, painful muscle spasms, tingling, burning in arms or legs, depression, dizziness, hearing loss, fatigue etc.
Avatar f tn I had an mri of my lower back and nothing there to confirm the pinching pain in my lower back,I cant get in to the other nurologist for another two months.I recently learned ms is in my family but was unaware of it. In the meantime its difficult for me to walk and the more I do physically the worse these symptoms seem to get. I cant balance myself because my legs are too rubbery. My midriff feels weak as well like I cant hold myself in an upright position.
287432 tn?1195497502 symptoms worsen with heat and baths but are fine when swimming shakey fingers but only sometimes and horrible joint noises in legs when bending down, i also get pins and needles a lot more often than i used to and have a weird sensation round my right eye usually when tired or after a bath my backahes most of the time and my legs can feel weak. At one point i had right sided footdrop but this seems to have self corrected .The numbness in my big toes is now bilateral is this ms? thanks.
Avatar f tn Fast forward to 3 months post partum and the tingling returned in my toes- about 5 months post partum I had the stomach flu and symptoms increased. Cold sensations running through legs - extreme numbness in toes, stiffening in calves and muscle tremors, extreme fatigue that would hit in waves ( never felt anything like it) strange sensations at night almost like my head was detached from body. Tingling in feet and fingertips, late afternoon fatigue.
Avatar n tn Welcome to the forum. MS typically doesn't start in both feet and both hands all at the same time. Many of the Poeple with MS see their symptoms come on over months or years. There are some things that effect folks in similar ways to MS that are more common in younger people. When I was about 16 I had Lyme's Disease which is a common MS mimic.
Avatar n tn For the last couple months, I have had a weird sensation of "shaking inside". I have minor visible tremors in my hands sometimes too. I have been on 50mg of Zoloft for three months now. At first, I noticed this, went to the doctor and he started me on the Zoloft. It went away a few weeks later. Now it is back. I had a Cervical Spine and Brain MRI and MRA with and without contrast. All came back completely normal.