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Avatar f tn It has to be immediate family for the increase in chance of MS. MS does tend to run in my family so I have read a lot about this factor. My father had MS, I have MS, My brother was just told he has MS though not officially DX'ed yet, and his daughter probably has MS also.
Avatar n tn Last saturday, my 12 year old daughter complained that her left cheek developed a "cracking" feeling, and began to hurt. Her opposite cheek began to hurt a minute later, and then her nose went numb. Within 5 minutes, she was fine. It happened again later that night. The following day, sunday, she complained about her cheeks going numb or hurting a couple of times throughout the day. She described the numbness as feeling like she doesn't have a cheek.
3109057 tn?1341701952 In my case they were not used to childhood MS so they could not figure out how I had hda symptoms all my life. They thought of MS symptoms as coming later in life. Since mine started at two it could not be MS. My cancer got missed by Doctors, many specialist for years because they would not look at the whole of me or talk to each other.
1253197 tn?1331209110 Sarah, Some of us get *lucky* in the sprint up the diagnosis mountain and get to the other side in a hurry. I'm sorry you're over here with us, and hate to hear that you have this MiSerable disease, but am happy for you that you didn't have to wait long. You're lucky that you know what MonSter you are battling and can arm yourself with the best available resources. Your case must be very classic for someone on the NHS to get this fast of a dx and get approval for drugs.
Avatar m tn The pain in the leg every night at a certain time would not be MS. MS symptoms stay for a longer period. They would be all day for weeks oe months. Radiology ports are not diagnosis they are just guesses of what it could be. It takes a neurologist to diagnose. No test rules MS in or out. It is a combination of history, symptoms, neurological exam ( reflexes and such), ruling out any other conditions, and the neurologists knowledge. If you really want to go further go to a MS Specialist.
572651 tn?1530999357 s they did not know children could get MS. I was so used to symptoms and weird reflexes etc. I thought it was normal until my PCP told me it was not and sent me to a series of Neurologists. They had trouble diagnosing me because I did not have attacks and basically did not complain about anything.
Avatar f tn You are not alone though, we have community members are dx with MS and have Autistic children or Autism in there family, so if you do end up with an MS dx, you will not do through this alone! I will say that i strongly believe parents with MS have a unprecidented understanding of what their Autistic children go through, not all of it but some MS symptoms eg sensory, are quite similar in their feelings, similar enough to help you, help and understand your child.
Avatar f tn Alex If the Doctors do suspect MS then going to one of the Pediatric MS Centers is your best bet to rule it in or out and advise treatment if it is MS. Otherwise it may take awhile for the Doctors to figure out what is going on. Unfortunately they are few and spread out in the country. The main thing is to be persistent and if you do not find an answer keep trying. I know this is expensive and daunting.
1548028 tn?1324612446 I can understand your fear. Of course no one would want their child to be diagnosed with MS or any other disease. You have to remember that the closer he gets to diagnosis, the closer he gets to treatment options. I'm not really for sure what the protocol is for MS disease modifying drugs for children with MS. I'm sure there's a lot of info out there on the internet. I hope you and Jordan find answers soon.
Avatar f tn There are no tests which rule MS in or out. Not all Neurologists know that much about MS, they specialize in different areas. I once saw a Neurologist who was a headache Specialist and she said I did not have MS when I did have MS. It took me two years of tests like MRIs, VEP, blood work, and a LP to be diagnosed with MS.
Avatar f tn Hello Erika i also had pituitary surgery in 2006. i had neurological symptoms in 2006 that were ms symptoms but at the time my dr. i had imaged my pituiatry and saw that it had enlarged anyways i also showed ovoid lesions at this time on the mri anyways had the surgery still had the same symptoms went back to see neurosurgeon and discussed all this again he said that my tumour would not have been causing these problems. after awhile my symptoms disapeared an i went back to work.
Avatar f tn so I am still a newbie in LIMBOLAND. I was diagnosied with MS in October, only to have it taken away by my MS Specialist in December. She believes that I have ADEM. Anyways, I have been having pulsating buzzing in my foot for the past several days. The pulsing does not correlate with my pulse. My question is: is it usual to have the buzzing/vibrating in the same location for several days? Is this typical of MS?
1548028 tn?1324612446 Frusterating but heartwarming the same. They truly care for him and that means a lot. We are being told there is a new MS camp in Texas for children and plan on checking it out. I have found acceptance and now can stand and fight, learn, understand and help in this battle. Look out here I come! For Jordan and for all of you! I hope at the end of 2013 I can be proud of my new endeavors I plan over the year. I will be thinking of each and every one of you on this road.
Avatar m tn The symptoms continued for about 4 1/2 months during which time I developed new symptoms including numbness in my face/head/extremities, slurred speech, sleeplessness, and severe fatigue. I also lost my job as I was unable to perform. Fortunately, I was still employed at the end of the year and qualified for the ACA. By the time I got to see the Neurologist, the symptoms had stopped entirely. He was still very concerned and said he wanted to do some tests.
Avatar m tn It will take a neurologist to diagnose MS. No test rules it in or out. Neurologists Specialize so I would get a MS Specialist to begin with. It can take awhile because they are busy. Most good neurologists take awhile to get an appointment. The one I have too 8 months and I was already diagnosed. Your PCP can do a neurological exam that is reflexes, following the finger and such. My PCP did one and found it to be very abnormal pointing to MS. She sent me to a neurologist.
Avatar m tn We do have a huge library of information on MS in the Health pages that are located in the upper right hand corner of this page. It is a cornucopia of MS facts that you may be able to learn some answers from and I highly recommend that you have a look at it. A lot of the information has been gleaned by our members and as far as I am concerned there is no information better than that what is taken from the horses mouth!
Avatar m tn This is an MS forum, but I post on here even though I do not have MS. I had symptoms similar to MS, but was eventually diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. You need to have a test- Serum protein Electropherisis (SEP), it will tell you if you an "M-spike" (which is almost always caused by MM). If you have a spike, they then use the immunofixation test to figure out what kind of spike.
Avatar f tn No one can say whether you have MS. There are so many things that are not MS which have the same symptoms. No test rules MS in or out I am afraid. Basically part of the diagnosis is ruling all other possibilities out. Up at the upper right you will find the health pages which have lots of information such as diagnosis. I am truly sorry you have to be where you are in the process. Many times the diagnosing process moves slowly. I thought this is serious they will sort this out quickly.
11297664 tn?1416965547 They knew I had something neuroligical I was sent to the Mayo Clinic but no one thought children could get MS. Because I had symptoms my whole life the MS specialist would not call it MS for two years. All my test said MS and all the other blood work for other illnesses came out negative. I did not fit the profile. Now they are sure I have had MS most of my life. I just thought I was clumsy.
Avatar f tn I had MS probably at age 2 by 6 there is no doubt. They did not think children could get MS in the 1960's. Two was my first hospitalization for Neurologic symptoms. Neurologists and other Doctors knew there was something wrong they just did not put it together until I was in my 40's. I thought I was normal since I knew no different. I did not seek out Doctors with symptoms. I thought the Doctors were nuts when they said I had neurological problems.
601516 tn?1224884637 Generally, the Lumbar Puncture (LP) is not used alone in the diagnosis of MS. An examination by a qualified neurologist is imperative as is an MRI of the brain and possibly the spine as well. It would be after these tests that a possible LP would be considered for a diagnosis. I would advise that you look over the Health Pages and glean as much information as possible about the disease from them.
Avatar n tn t necessarily mean that I do not have MS (my brain MRI shows lesions .. and I have been experiencing symptoms of MS). Here is a list of tests that were performed.. HTLV I / II Oligoclonal Band Profile - ARUP no.