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Avatar f tn Your story is a little unusual in that - as you are clearly aware - typically MS is much better during pregnancy and the biggie presentation or relapse ocurrs a few months after delivery. Other MS mimics tend to worsen with pregnancy - thinking about the more typically autoimmune diseases like Lupus, etc and infections like Lyme Disease - when the woman's immune system is tamped down.
171768 tn?1324230099 I remember reading that there was a WINDOW of time that a MRI was fine during a pregnancy. I was not happy that I had to wait. I know I was in that WINDOW... but the MRI tech would not do it. Wishing you all the best. Make sure you do lots of research. Not sure what the MRI is for? But, if it is something that CAN wait, maybe you should? Best of luck to you, whatever you decide.
Avatar f tn Ok, so I'm not even a month pregnant yet, but I noticed I'm still experiencing the same symptoms I've had since last September, including dizziness (rocking boat is how it feels), tingles in lower legs, wiggly eyes, headache, and almost constant buzzing in foot, among other things. So I'm wondering if I do have MS, when do the symptoms go away? Or do they go away?
298560 tn?1292276903 I was told this is common during pregnancy with MS. Although after my first trimester I had symptoms return and have had a full blown flare up. Again my docs still don't know if this is MS or not. I read in one article how each pregnancy someone with MS has pushes the demylination back nine months, since your immune system is so low during pregnancy that your body won't attack itself.
Avatar f tn To all you ladies out there I have this question. Do you have more symptoms during your menstrual cycle? I seem to notice a bit more numbness and find myself dropping things during this time. I wonder if it is because my body temperature seems higher at that time. I was just wondering since I have been dropping things all day! Have a great 4th everyone!
420469 tn?1217647363 What I mean is, Can you have, say an attack that lasts 6 months, but during which you have some symptoms that only last for a month, or whatever, but as soon as one symptom goes (or just before) a new one pops up? Do you understand what I mean? Like a constant transition of symptoms, over, say 6 months? I hope I'm being clear...sigh!
Avatar f tn Usually MS symptoms go away during pregnancy. If you're having neurological symptoms, perhaps it's something else - thyroid or vitamin deficiency.
1500294 tn?1290272209 Most women experience relief from most or even all of their MS symptoms during pregnancy. Also, pregnancy seems to have a protective effect, possibly because pregnancy itself reduces immune activity and levels of natural steroids are higher in pregnant women. The number of MS relapses are significantly decreased during pregnancy, especially in the second and third trimester.
Avatar m tn It is unfortunate that your wife had a ‘MS attack’ during pregnancy. Usually MS symptoms go down during pregnancy. However, many women do experience the symptoms. Though MS is not known to cause any abnormality in fetus, the pregnancy needs to be carefully monitored because of the MS symptoms. The problems in MS depend on the area of nervous system most affected. In your wife’s case, the speech area appears to have been affected.
Avatar n tn -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Experts have long known that women with certain autoimmune diseases – including multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and Hashimoto’s disease – have fewer symptoms, or even remission – during pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Your symptoms sound like auto-immune. Of course MS is an auto-immune disease. But all of the auto-immune diseases seem to overlap a lot. I've had many of the symptoms you have for four years. I'm trying to figure out what to do. I'm being treated for lyme disease, but considering being treated for th1 inflamatory disease, which is a new take on auto-immune disease. It uses the marshal protocol.
Avatar f tn s normal not everyone gets symptoms and even the same person can have different symptoms during different pregnancies.
Avatar f tn I have to have an MRI to determine if I have MS. have other mummys had an MRI during pregnancy?
335728 tn?1331414412 The women were interviewed about their MS symptoms during each trimester of their pregnancies and then about their breastfeeding and menstruation history every few months in the 12 months after they gave birth. The women with MS were more likely not to breastfeed and to begin supplemental formula feeding during their baby's first two months of life compared to the healthy women, the researchers found.
Avatar f tn Yes, my symptoms are unquestionably intensified in the few days preceding and during my period. My guess is that given that estrogen seems to dampen symptoms during pregnancy, it's probably doing the same thing during the cycle until it bottoms out there just before and during the bleeding part. I'm on the Pill, so my bleeding is even technically hormone withdrawal. I think the intensified symptoms are, too.
1054985 tn?1257173275 Hi JonGalt and welcome to the MS forum here at MedHelp. I'm so sorry you are joining our ranks among the diagnosed. Having MS stinks, but there are a lot of things that could be much worse. Fatigue is a very common problem among MS patients. If you think about all that twitching and zapping going on in your body, those are misfirings of your nervous system. Our bodies are constantly working to overcome and compensate for these errant signals. This leadss to a physical fatigue.