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8398640 tn?1398042546 I will be getting married next summer and have started thinking about the possibility of children. I have both Celiac Disease as well as MS and am feeling really down. I feel like if I choose to have children I am setting them up to have an autoimmune problem. Does anyone have any background in genetics, or life-experiences to share with me? Did you decide to have children/decide not to have children as a result of fear of a higher risk of them having an autoimmune disorder.
Avatar f tn No one can say whether you have MS. There are so many things that are not MS which have the same symptoms. No test rules MS in or out I am afraid. Basically part of the diagnosis is ruling all other possibilities out. Up at the upper right you will find the health pages which have lots of information such as diagnosis. I am truly sorry you have to be where you are in the process. Many times the diagnosing process moves slowly. I thought this is serious they will sort this out quickly.
572651 tn?1530999357 Lulu when I begin to feel really sorry for myself, I think about children and young adults with MS. Then I realize how blessed I was to raise my family. I got to do so many things before this monster came into my life I just had to say this because to see MS and children on the same line just makes me sad. If I have a hard time understanding the "why" I wonder how they manage at such young ages. Maybe this study will prove helpful. Maybe soon we will have a cure.
Avatar f tn Your symptoms sound like auto-immune. Of course MS is an auto-immune disease. But all of the auto-immune diseases seem to overlap a lot. I've had many of the symptoms you have for four years. I'm trying to figure out what to do. I'm being treated for lyme disease, but considering being treated for th1 inflamatory disease, which is a new take on auto-immune disease. It uses the marshal protocol.
Avatar f tn Hi MsErika, I too am sorry you are having so many problems and seemingly no help. I know it's the last thing you are going to want to hear, but I can see where you may have to start again fresh w/another Dr. Or, at least revisit the old one for a recap. Maybe a general MD. Share your frustration with the Dr. about your top few problems. With all these symptoms it's going to be hard for the Dr. to zero in on one area.
429700 tn?1308007823 I just saw the MS Specialist, and she made an interesting recommendation. She recommended that I go on D3 4000-5000 units and both of my girls go on it as well. Research has proven that it can help prevent relapses in people with MS . . . Interesting tidbit I learned today. She also recommends that both of my girls take it, too. There's a little bit more of a chance that they can develop the disease, too.
Avatar f tn Could anyone be as kind as to tell me if these do in fact sound like ms symptoms that my 6 year old is experiencing and has been on and off for the last 4 years? constipation that has now required a colostomy as testing showed that there is an absence of motor nerve activity in the recto sigmoid colon.
Avatar f tn The reason why I am here is because I feel like I have early symptoms of MS or some other neuromuscular disease. Hopefully someone here has or has not expierenced what I am that way I can move forward with going to the doctor or maybe just slow down my drinking. I very scared and really do not want to go to the doctor for fear that they will think I am over reacting. Any help would be appreciated!
Avatar n tn Hi, I read this forum regularly and was just wondering if a 9 year gap from 1st neuro-type symptoms to second flair up (of similar vague neuro-type things) would be 'common' of MS or more uncommon. My GP seems to think that it would be a fairly large gap and that things, she would assume, would be worse or more obvious 2nd time round.
Avatar n tn Last saturday, my 12 year old daughter complained that her left cheek developed a "cracking" feeling, and began to hurt. Her opposite cheek began to hurt a minute later, and then her nose went numb. Within 5 minutes, she was fine. It happened again later that night. The following day, sunday, she complained about her cheeks going numb or hurting a couple of times throughout the day. She described the numbness as feeling like she doesn't have a cheek.
Avatar f tn I will say that i strongly believe parents with MS have a unprecidented understanding of what their Autistic children go through, not all of it but some MS symptoms eg sensory, are quite similar in their feelings, similar enough to help you, help and understand your child. I wrote a thread once regarding the similarities of MS and Autism, i even contacted researchers here in Australia to see if there was any research in the pipeline, not now or in the near future, probably never.
439664 tn?1204660958 Hello I am 43 year old Woman in New Zealand. Thank you for the link to MS world. My symptoms are numbness tingling, head pressure severe shooting pains in legs and head daily. dizziness loss of thought ane memory, had crawling skin and itchy thats stopped, my right side went numb and tightness. I have had spasms start in my arm. Blurred vision. Depression and tears (so no like me at all) Vertigo and gurgling in my head like water going down a drain.
Avatar m tn ON by itself does not equal MS. Given that the MRI findings have been attributed to small vessel disease. MS effects nerves, not blood vessels. In your shoes, I would think about other causes. I would also schedule an appointment with a neurologist and the follow up MRI.
Avatar f tn I have been having strange symptoms and am afraid it is ms. My right hand shakes when I try to write. It started years ago and comes and goes, but lately it is always there, but varies in severity. In addition, the tips of my fingers on that hand go numb. It lasts a little while then goes away. It feels like they are "asleep" - like when your foot goes to sleep. Last week, my fingertips went numb and at the same time I had a visual disturbance in my left field of vision.
1054985 tn?1257173275 I thought that was a reasonable approach. Looking back at the last 5 years I had minor symptoms of MS - depression, fatigue, and insomnia were the main ones. About 3 years ago however when my wife was pregnant with my first daughter I decided I was going to shed some weight, I put myself on a ketogenic diet and bam fatigue and depression gone like the wind.
Avatar f tn t had the chance to say hi to you yet, so welcome to the MS forum. I am glad to hear the health pages have been useful to you. Your symptoms sure sound like MS to me but I'm not familiar with ADEM and went looking for more ino. I found this at "ADEM is a monophasic, multifocal demyelinating disorder of the central nervous system. It primarily affects children. Mean onset in children is 8 years of age.