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Avatar f tn Hi guys so I finally got my MRI scan yesterday , which was awful I couldn't do it at first as when they slid me in I felt like I couldn't breath my stomach hurt with panick they took me back out let me calm down , then I tried again this time closing my eyes tight the should time . they didn't pre warn about the noise though! My legs felt dead weight whist lying there, I thought they wouldn't move when I finally got out.
429949 tn?1224695179 I was told that my CT scan (at the ER) was normal. I also went on to have an abnormal MRI a few weeks later. It wasn't until I actually got my report that I knew that it did note "areas of low attenuation" in the subcortical white matter. I am no expert on all this, but I assumed that what they were seeing were all the white matter lesions. The report did say something like "no mass findings" (which was true for me--nothing huge).
308205 tn?1213965677 Hi all just wanted to ask a question i have to go for my mri on thursday , my last one was nine years ago ,i absolutely freaked out i felt like i was suffocating my doctor has given me some diazapam and suggested i take one an hour before to relax me however i am concerned that they make my legs weaker , what do you think? Iam so scared at the thought of that machine i feel sick already Has any one got any suggestions ? my neuro has ordered this as my walking balance and back are weak .
Avatar f tn I am scheduled for a CT SCAN tomorrow and am being prescribed Xanax to take beforehand. I am hoping this will help relax me after the severe panic attack I had Tuesday after trying to have an MRI done. After my MRI experience, I am so nervous for tomorrow...I feel like my body is in a constant state of anxiety over this. Will the Xanax help me to settle down so I can get through this test?
779797 tn?1263621835 its best to taper of xanax when doing an at home detox, i know what you mean with stomach problems being a mystery, i recently had an mri, hydo scan, untra sound, nothing showed up but i was very sick hopefully you will feel better after some time, oh, and yes the tenex can replace the xanax but keep in mind i do not take narcotic medication, so i settle for the effect of tenex when i need it (works well when you are going through chemo) but its not going to give you that loopy feeling xanax wil
439664 tn?1204664558 Did anyone shake or have tremers during there mri? towards the end of my head one my whole upper body was shaking? does anyone have any info on this?
974371 tn?1424656729 I feel terrible most of the time and now they suggest I try Nortriptyline? I already take Xanax! MRI tomorrow for this kidney lesion. I am worried and hope I can make it. Test lasts an hour. There must be some doctor out there that can figure this out. Just ruins your life and affects everyone around you.
Avatar n tn protonix, xanax, zoloft, topamax, asa, synthroid, aleve, imitrex prn, donnatal prn. I have chronic pain, was addicted to morphine and oxycontin last year and I stay away from strong narcotics. Use ultram prn. Used to be a nurse, have not worked in 2 years. I am on ss disability. Recent brain MRI done( with and without contrast) by neurologist shows "possible inactive multiple sclerosis lesion" My question is how will my neurologist decide if I have ms?
Avatar n tn i was sent by my CPN for a CT scan because i was seeing things.I was then sent for a MRI scan because something showed up on the CT.the MSI showed up white dots in my brain.but because i was sent by the mentle heath time they are saying the tests are show MS but not to take it on and they are putting it all down to my mentle heath probs.can any1 help me plz.
Avatar f tn Someone out there who can tell me what it´s like to have a cardiac MRI with contrast? I am going to have one in a week and are a little bit nervous. Did you get any side effects from the contrast or claustrophopia?
Avatar m tn He thought since exercise makes it worse that its not anxiety related. So Im getting a CT scan on my head tomorrow, he requested it with urgency. My bloodwork back in Mar was fine, so I dont think its a tumor even though Im still freaking out that it could be, maybe that stuff is out of date by now? He hinted that it may be an aneurysm. Does it sound like he could be wrong on this? Ive been freaking out all week in anticipation of this CT scan.
Avatar n tn I am a 43 year old woman and went to see my doctor yesterday and he explained I was going to have a CT scan done. I scheduled it for today. I read the paperwork they gave me and it stated CT not MRI. I went into the office to have the CT done. The Radiologist informed me that I was having an MRI ! Right away I noticed the machine and started a small panic. I have severe anxiety and take clononzepam. 1st I was very upset that my doctor misinformed me about having an MRI. 2nd I decided to try it.
Avatar n tn Just some ms type symptoms,(mood swings, fatigue, tingle, twindges,etc) normal Mri scan (scan was with contrast) Anyhow had a flue bug and about a month later things started, tingle, etc. Im excluding Gulliane barr, due to the fact things have been ongoing for a few (3)months. Have heard of viruses attacking the peripheral nerves, what type of symptoms would you have if this is the case? (do peripheral problems feel the same as central)? I've also heard LUPUS can create peripheral problems.
Avatar f tn Lynners, ive just ben for my first MRI scan this morning, as doc thinks i have a slipped disc causing a trapped nerve and numbness in my arn and hand anad severe constant pain, off work for over a month..
Avatar f tn 's office back and they have now scheduled me for a CT Scan and to take a Xanax before had. I have never taken Xanax before, so I am wondering if anyone out there knows if this will help with the anxiety? I've had CT Scans before, but my heart starts racing so bad from worrying and it so unpleasant. I am hoping the Xanax will help me stay calm and not have my heart race like that.
Avatar f tn Well today I'm going for a lumbar MRI, already had the brain and c-spine, normal, except for a bulging disk. I really don't think that my problems are all anxiety. I have on a daily basis cold water feelings running through my body, weird facial feelings, bug crawling sensations on my entire body. I really am tired of all this. Yes, I do admit, I have anxiety, but because I don't know what this is, its causing me anxiety. I don't know where to turn next.
463841 tn?1207442135 Especially on this high BP thing, I dont hear much about it. But is it anxiety related? I had an MRI scan of the brain done around 3 months back.. it came back normal. My doc. got some tests done to rule out this thing, and everything's normal. So he personally feels it's due to my anxiety. I'm 18 years old by the way. I'd appreciate it if you guys could tell me if you've gone through any of this, or are. And if you could also answer some of the questions I have. Thanks a lot.
2118452 tn?1340980028 Anyways I'm going to pick that up now and hope they have some sort of report for me.. So the pseudo tumor caused chiari? Im confused did they see this on MRI My original MRI said overcrowding low-lying and chiari with no measurement when I called the imaging place they said 8mm but that it was well rounded I looked at pictures and it is clear and some are rounded some are peg shaped?
Avatar n tn On 1-24-13 I had an MRI screening for pain and pressure on the left side of my face and head. My head was put in a cage (as I call it) and tilted back which that angle causes the pressure to increase. One tech said they only like to do 45 mins. at a time and what my Dr. requested was actually 2 45 min. sessions and then they rolled me in. No one ever spoke to me although I keep talking and trying to get a response.
Avatar f tn There seems to be a patern with people suffering from anxiety and MRI lol Me too i asked for an MRI even if my CT scan, x-rays and blood test came back ok i feel the only thing that will free my mind of this fear of having something bad is the MRI of everything where i experience symptoms ( neck, forehead, sinus, brain ) Hopefully i have insurance i heard MRIs can be really expansive if you scan a lot of thing.
Avatar f tn Neurological problems such as a tumor or brain trauma have been ruled out by an MRI and a CAT scan, and because the episode was a one-time event occurring at age 62, the doctors consider it unlikely that it represents permanent psychosis. My concern is that our friend seems to be caught in a downward spiral of overmedication, in which new drugs treat side effects of old drugs, but create new side effects.
230948 tn?1235847929 I know how nerve-wracking this could be. As Pat stated, I had my reports read to me over the phone, and a more decisive look at the films during my visit. I was able to call the doctor and have interpret the report for me, and then make an appointment with him to review the films themselves. I'm not sure how it works, there, but that could be it. Relax at the MRI, it doesn't hurt. I usually try to make up rithyms for the MRI machine sounds. It helps me.
3057101 tn?1360377709 My Doctor concerned with the sensxory disturbance and being unable to stand with my eyes shut, refered me the Neuro, and sent me off to get an MRI of my Brain. Here it goes . I apologize for all the grammar error and typos.. hard to concentrate.. Any help with the results will be of greatly appreciated. MRI/ without COntrast: T1 and T2 weighted images. Radiologist Findings and or/ Interpretations: ( quick Summary) Intracranial flow voids grossly normal.
Avatar n tn After going to two NS and they are both telling me its my sinuses and i really fustrated. I am going to my 3rd NS in two weeks, I am going to ask him about doing a CT head scan and a MRI of my spine. Why are NS so resistant to doing more research to find out what is going on....I am stuck with this pressure headache and facial pressure daily now. My ENT is the only one who thinks its neurological, and the NS and saying i should get a new ENT.
125112 tn?1217277462 It seems I recall having read that you had a reaction to contrast dye (CT scan) and if so, if you would share your experience? I mentioned this to my doctor recently and he said that he has never heard of anyone who had a reaction to it. The reason I asked him, was that last year I had a CT scan. I think I was already feeling abit nervous (feeling bad and not knowing why)but what would come after the scan...oh boy!! I would say that for a near month, I suffered from a chronic 24x7 panic attack.
667923 tn?1421466324 a day. That will wear you out. Now, to the Xanax. I only take it when needed. I have spasms/tremors that are so tough to deal with. My right shoulder will just lock up with my muscles so tight that I don't know what else to do since I am allergic to flexeril. I barf everytime I take it. It is funny I used to could take it, but I guess I developed an allergic reaction to it somehow.
Avatar n tn Impression - There is a cystic mass seen in the left cerebrum that may represent an arachnoid cyst extending from the fissure for the middle cerebral artery versus an epidermoid cyst. It's 10.4mm transverse x 7mm in craniocaudal diameter x 10.4mm in AP diameter. My second opinion: Neurosurgeon - very sharp. He dismissed the severity of this and ordered another MRI in 3 months. The results are as follows: There is a 12mm(was 10.
Avatar f tn I have been to several doctors who seem to want to treat my symptoms with meds, but I haven't taken any of them (Gabapentin, a muscle relaxer, Xanax). The latest drug was Clonazepam for anxiety. I was wondering if I could have had the MRI and EMG too early or something? I have been to 2 Neurologists with no answers. I have had blood tests as well and both came back normal. I still have strength, but my muscles feel fatigued.