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Avatar n tn White spots appearing on an MRI scan for an 18 year old, with severe stomach problems.
Avatar f tn Hello I had an MRI this week but report being sent to my Dr. I note white spots on my brain just wondering if this could be MS? Photo link
Avatar m tn had a mri last week of pelvic area and lower back, got a copy of the mri on a disc and took a look of it and was wondering what black spots and bright white spots mean in either are scanned?
Avatar n tn give a radiologists impression of whether they were soft or calcified spots. White spots come from neuron firing/stress/depression/hdaches/neuro problems. Why were you there & why were they ordered may help explain.
Avatar n tn Migraine is another cause of white spots in the brain seen on MRI. The headache and dizziness could be because of migraine, high BP, low blood sugar, poor eyesight and dehydration. Hope this helps!
Avatar n tn It is difficult to diagnose cancer without direct clinical examination, taking your complete medical history, and reviewing your MRI/ CT scan. The white spots in the brain may indicate old age or areas which have been damaged.Other tests may need to be done such as visual evoked potential, spinal tap with analysis of the fluid, and other blood tests. If you have them also on your lungs, have this evaluated further for proper management. Take care and keep us posted.
Avatar n tn I'm 50yrs old just had a MRI SCAN ON THE BRAIN and it showed large white spots should I be worry
Avatar m tn It was suggested that an MRI brain scan should be undertaken (presumably to rule out the remote possibility of a brain tumour). The MRI scan was more or less normal - except for some white spots (perhaps 10-20 on one of the "scan pictures") each measuring ~1 mm x 2 mm. The neurologist commented that these white spots probably arose from "exhausted/thrombosed blood vessels".
1070379 tn?1255313381 I had a seizer and went to the er. I have had an abnormal CT and MRI brain scan. There was white spots in my limphnods and a "weird" spot in my left frontel "white matter". The doc's said its not a tipical MS spot or toumer. I had blurred vission in my right eye for about 10-12 hours. I've had a headake since it happened on Sep 28. The doc's couldnt get a reflex in my right leg and ankel. I have slowed movement slightly in my right arm/hand/leg/foot.
Avatar m tn I have epilepsy. I did MRI and I found white spots on this image. What's this? On some images I see multiple black holes - what they are means?
Avatar m tn I had a MRI Brain Scan last week . There were 4 to 5 Bright spots in the SCAN Dr. told me nothing to worry. White spots , sometimes termed as UWFO : " Un-identified White Flying Objects " First she told me , I must have gone through few micro second strokes. But my ECG , ECO , All Blood reports Normal . No Sugar / No Collastrol / No BP . Looking at Flickering of my left hand Fingers and bit rigidity in my left arm , Dr.
Avatar f tn Hi, It all depends on what he meant by "a spot." If he was referring to a bright spot seen on the T2/FLAIR images, then yes, I have heard of such a thing. I wrote about all in my first journal entry, but when my right leg first stopped working, I saw an arrogant S OB of a neurologist who did an MRI. The radiologist noted that it was normal, but also there was this incidental, UBO, that was mentioned only for the sake of being complete. A UBO is an Unidentified Bright Object (Spot).
Avatar n tn she had only one drink and did eat so no hypoglycemia my first thought. second thought seizures?? but her doctor sent her for an MRI and it showed 2 white spots on her left frontal lobe. The written report said R/O MS. any thoughts??
Avatar f tn Went to the doctors they told me that they found white spots on my cerebellum. They ruled out MS, Anurisums, and Cancer does anybody have a idea of what this is?
Avatar n tn Without examining you, takin your history, and reviewing the MRI I cannot make a diagnosis. The white spots in the brain indicate areas which have been damaged. If the MRI was not done with contrast, it may be helpful. The visual evoked potential is another method to detect damage to the white matter of the brain. Another test which may need to be performed is a spinal tap with analysis of the fluid.
Avatar m tn This is the MRI scan There are numerous T2 and FLAIR hyperintense foci seen in the right periventricular white matter, both cerebral hemispheres white matter more to the right side, corpus callosum and in the left middle cerebellar peduncle, the one in the right periventricular white matter shoes perpendicular orientation to the callososeptal interface, compared to the old MRI (was taken about a year ago), the left cerebral peduncle lesion is more obvious on this exam, no significant interval c
Avatar f tn The MRI report is almost clear. The focus of the MRI sees to be the Cerebellopontine angle. The few spots / lesions in the white matter are probably normal or clinically insignificant. Do you have any imbalance or other symptoms ?
Avatar m tn hello hope I can get some help here I had a mri scan done and it showed that I have 4 white spots on my brain and was told it was nerve pinching brain disease and that he was not to worried about it at the moment but this was over a year ago and I am now starting to struggle with getting my words out can any one shed any light on this for me please thank you for taking time to read this x
Avatar f tn Concerning your question Hyperintense lesions are bright, white spots shown on certain types of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans. They can be found on the brain, spinal cord, and liver among other areas of the body and can be related to multiple sclerosis, dementia, diabeted and simple aging. Hyperintense lesions can also referred to as hyperintense foci, hyperintensities, or bright signals.
Avatar n tn It was late onset as I had my first seizure in 1999 and have had only 1 other one since. I am taking Dilantin (260mg). Well, the MRI showed several little white spots in my brain. My neurologist suggest they could be calcium deposits (can't find anything on line about this) so I had blood taken and she is looking for an infection that may have been present. I also have sleep apnea, diagnosed at the same time as the epilepsy.
Avatar f tn My question is what else can cause these white spots and are there specific places for the white spots if it is MS? Thank you.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have just had multiple tests (again) to try to decipher why I have progressive small fibre neuropathy. Two years ago I had an MRI scan which showed no abnormalities but recently another MRI scan says "MRI scan of brain showed only several smalll foci of non-specific signal change within the subcortical white matter". My question is why are the neurologists not concerned about the change in the MRI in only two years and in your opinion could this be significant.
Avatar n tn Hello kab365, It seems that you have been having multiple problems. How is the blood pressure, since how long have you been taking anti hypertensives? It is unlikely to be MS as it does not co relate with any of your other symptoms.
5335577 tn?1366586521 I'm incredibly afraid of MS and I'm just curious what your thoughts are with these white spots on my brain MRI. I had the scan done at 9am and a NS appt at 10, which the Radiologist had already read my scans, the doctor only looked at them to see my cerebellum and post-surgery area, not MS... so I'm just looking for some insight..
Avatar n tn she went to the neurologist and took some test and during a mri test they said there is little white spots in my moms head. What could the white spots mean? what is the cause of it and how can she stop having these bad headackes????????