Mri scan time reduction through non uniform sampling

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Avatar n tn Real-time, color-flow, duplex and Doppler sampling was completed of the duplex and Doppler sampling was completed of the thyroid which confirms the presence of a hypoechoic nodule within the right thyroid lobe toward the upper margin of 4x6 mm and at the mid pole of the thyroid of 4x4.5 mm. Relative homegenous echotexture throughout the remainder of the right thyroid lobe as well as diffusely throughout the left thyroid lobe. Isthumus is not thickened. Left thyroid lobe overall measures 1.5x3.
Avatar n tn After many years of doctor after doctor, NTI devices (grinded through that!), mouth guards, medication (gabapentin!, anti-depressants, pain meds) physiotherapy (laser appeared to work best) and alternative therapies (shiatsu,yoga, reiki etc) pain still continues. Over time - jaw has continued to be sitting "out of place" , with extensive clicking, crunching and pressure.Sinus pain increased.
Avatar n tn A better test for malignancy would be a nuclear medicine scan - either a bone scan with technitium of F18. A DEXA scan would be useful for establishing or ruling our osteoporosis. All the best, and God Bless!
Avatar f tn I have the results of my CT scan, there are multiple ,irregular nodular densities in the right lung with somewhat groundglass appearence. These vary in size from 6 to 16 mm, are parenchymal and pleural based and in the upper and lower lobes. Patchy infiltrate is present in the right lower lobe. What means groundglass appearence. Also a couple of weeks ago I had bronquitis. Could you help me understand al of this. I have an appointment to a pulmonary doctor on February 25.
Avatar n tn Not sure where you live - I am in the US and I haven't had any problems getting copies of tests, MRI scans etc. Whenever I have an MRI, I am given the disc right then to take to my neuro's office. My neuro is sent the written report of the MRI results. When I see my neuro for follow up, I bring the MRI disc. He looks at it then, and reviews it with me. I only get a copy of the radiologists report if I ask for it. Sorry you are feeling stressed out.
Avatar f tn What prompted the uptake scan? Have you had thyroid function tests - Free T4, Free T3 and TSH? Have you had a thyroid ultrasound? Do you know if you have Hashimoto's or Graves Disease? Uptake is relatively uniform throughout the thyroid except for that lower left pole, which would be that possible hot nodule. It doesn't say if you have multiple nodules or just the one possible hot nodule on left lobe. Hot nodules are hyperfunctioning and non-cancerous.
Avatar n tn Bone scan (in acute phase), CT scan with 3D reconstruction and MRI, which is becoming the standard test because results are obtained quickly. X-ray's are also part of imaging study. If you have non-union or mal-union then probably the surgeon would decide regarding further intervention like open surgery, bone graft etc. Keep us posted if you have any queries. Bye.
Avatar f tn I have just had my appt through for a MRI with contrast of the head and spine. I am feeling very anxious as I am very clausaphobic and will be in the scanner for about an hour. If I get sedated my appt will be longer. How small is the tube?
Avatar f tn Liver biopsies are considered to be the gold standard in diagnosing liver disease. But biopsy samples are very small portions of the entire, very large liver, so sampling errors can happen. However, Fibroscan is also known for its degree of uncertainty as well. So, your doctor will weigh all the data along with your clinical/serum data to finalize the diagnosis. The good news is that you do not yet have full blown cirrhosis. But you are heading in that direction.
Avatar m tn I get a stinging pain on top of my head on right hand side about tree inches from my forhead. It feels like a blister under the skin. I have had an MRI scan and have a small Mengioma but that is on the other side. There was nothing to explain the stinging. I read elsewhere on this site that Clanzpine 2.5 ml should work for it but it didn't say what the complaint was. Any idea?
Avatar n tn To all: I am an active 30 year old male. In 2008, I came down with what seemed like a severe flu w/ strong fatigue, muscle, and joint pain. Episodic 'brain fog' and photophobia would accompany this. Blood test showed positive ANA (1:320); rheumatologist tested me for 'everything'. Abnormalities seen were consistently low WBC and a mildly elevated CPK; negative for RA, lupus, etc..ANA remains negative to this day. Have always had Reynaud's in my hands, as well.
Avatar n tn i had mri scan of my brian 3 weeks ago and now want me to have another with the dye injected first . does this mean they have found somehing wrong ?
Avatar n tn Biopsy of breast abnormalities (or any other abnormal lumps or lesions elsewhere in the body) involves sampling the lesion with the help of imaging apparatus. These imaging techniques can vary from ultrasound, Ct-scan, MRI, and stereotaxis. Stereotactic biopsy requires a specialized mammogram-like machine to view the lesion to be biopsied and therefore be accurate in getting a sample of the lesion.
Avatar n tn i have a small doubt. if the mri is showing mild demyleination when initially MRI brain was done without contrast and subsequently after treatment when the same was repetead, it was showing as little reduction. what are the effects will be.will i need to take the repetition of this after 6 months. if so can i do the contrast. what will be the difference.
Avatar f tn He was given an MRI scan because of some mild dizziness that lasted several weeks. The MRI scan showed non-specific high signal white matter and so a lumber puncture was taken to eliminate any autoimmune diseases. Most surprisingly, the CSF showed oligoclonal bands. Neuro says that the dizziness was not an episode of MS and likely to have viral infection but the abnormal MRI and CSF point towards MS. He can't diagnose MS as husband has had no clinical symptoms whatsoever.
Avatar m tn I can tell you in my experience that my adrenals showed up normal the day before my surgery, but my pathology showed them to be 2x normal size. I had a scan 30 days after my surgery, and they scan said my adrenals were normal. I just had another scan and it said my adrenals were atrophic. LOL. This has happened to others, in other countries as well - so imaging is just not perfect when it comes to the adrenals. Do a search and you can see there are even papers on it.
Avatar f tn Hi Suz! I was just wondering when you will get the results back about this MRI?? Didn't you say you'd have them this week some time? I really wish I could help 'read' these for you, but as you know, I have NO clue....LOL (I have no clue about much these days...hehe) Let me know if you hear anything, please..... HUGS!
1475492 tn?1332884167 I understand your frustration when you see "proof in the pudding" so to speak and everyone else (medical professionals) are just indifferent to the entire picture. One speaks of possible MS, the other speaks of nonspecific lesions although your lesions are in areas that do not belong in the areas of the brain in where you have them, the other says non-active MS. You want them to $hit or get off the pot....I do understand.
Avatar m tn Hi, I had a MRI scan a couple of days ago but no one has really explained to me what has happened, I will be reviewed by the spinal team as an outpatient. I have posted the results below and I would really appreciate if someone could explain in non medical terms what is happening. Here's some background info. I have had a recurring bad back for the past 10 years, but at the side of my back. Usually every six months for a couple of weeks at a time then back to normal.
Avatar n tn They can however, detect mental illness such as scitzophreneia which i know because i was diagnosed through an MRI. The only mental illness an MRI scan able detect is an actually different brain connections than that of a normal brain. Ive had one done for mental illess! Can you describe some of your symptoms, what you feel and how often yolou feel it? I know your question is based on needing to know where to get a private MRI scan, which i am unsure of!!