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Avatar f tn How long is a mri with ms protocol usually? I had one and it was 20 minutes without contrast and 7 minutes with contrast on a 1.5 tesla is this pretty standard?
Avatar n tn I cannot tell you exactly what the spots are without seeing the MRI scan small spots like you describe are common and non-specific, and can be cuased by a variety of conditions such as migraine, high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, among others. Grey versus bright is just a descriptive term of how they look on the MRI. Generally grey means it has been there a while and bright may mean that the spot is more acute. It does not sound like you qualify for any diagnosis of MS.
Avatar n tn Dear Roberta: A CT scan uses x-ray beams to create an image. It is useful to use to diagnose boney abnormalities, bleeds, gross changes in structure of the brain, calcifications, etc. MRI is based on radiofrequences and are useful to denote structure anatomy (much higher resolution than CT), blood flow, myelination, bleeds, etc. They both have their niches in neurological diagnosing.
Avatar f tn The CT scan was followed immediately by an MRI which showed everything as normal. I was treated for a migraine and sent home. I saw my primary doc 2 days later who confirmed that I probably had a migraine, but ordered another MRI with contrast, to ease my mind. The MRI that was conducted did not involve any dye. I was told that the computer hardware and software provided sufficient detail of the cerebral vascular system to not warrant a dye study.
Avatar m tn If my doctor thinks it might be, I'll ask him which is better -- cat scan, mri or ultrasound -- in terms of getting a bead on it. I'm a bit surprised about your schedule but perhaps there's different protocols for transplant patients. Is there any downside you're aware of with ultrasounds or MRI's other than the stress of too much information, too often? Thanks.
1252074 tn?1271545309 Other diagnostic considerations include demyelinating process, remotely low grade neoplasm, inflammatory process. Short term follow up MRI scan in 3 months recommended. There is no mass effect/midline shift. The right and left hippocampus appears symmetric, without evidence of mass/aabnormal enhancement. The right and left orbital contents are symmetric.
Avatar m tn These equipment use computers which uses the software that is supportive for the machinery.For .example if You take a CT scan to search for lung cancer the software system utilizes different angles to view the lung fields in many dimensions.3D lung reconstruction uses Improved Ray Casting Algorithm which provides information for diagnosing respiratory problems.
Avatar f tn 5 Telsa MRI machine. However, the strength of the machine isn't the only factor. The software used to obtain the MRI cuts is just as important. I am lucky enough to have most of my MRIs taken on a 1.5t but it has the best software in the area ,including the academic centers. It is at my MS Center and the director is always upgrading the software to latest and most discerning software available.
1896537 tn?1381903609 I had an MRI twice only two weeks apart and the radiologist reports from two different places are totally different! One says spinal cord impingement, the other says mild stenosis. I do know that when my reflexes when checked make me look like I am flying like a bird. When the surgeon and spine doctor checked them, My arms flop up in the air and I have no control over the jumping when someone even pats my leg.
645800 tn?1466864555 I have had several MRI done of my brain, but don't think I have had any truly MS protocol MRI done to date. In looking at the number of images on the CD of my brain MRI it seems like the slices have been larger than the 3mm that I have read about here. 1) side to side there are only 20 images. I am guessing that is covering about 5 inches which works out to 6.35mm per images. 2) Front to back 27 images which I calculate to be 4.27mm per slice.
541196 tn?1293556536 A dynamic MRI is when they give you the contrast DURING the MRI. In other words, they are not stopping the machine, giving you contrast, and starting it up. They are looking for the uptake of the contrast as in some cases, the pituitary and an adenoma will take it up at different rates, thus showing up tumors that were not showing up before.
Avatar f tn , will the Neuro typically follow up with an MRI of the spine or is the brain MRI enough for them to rule out MS? In MS, can you have spinal lesions and no brain lesions? I had MRI of the spine about 9mos ago on a 1.5T and it was normal, but showed a lot of artifact? If the doc does not suggest this, should I request a repeat scan of the spine? Sorry for all the questions. Since the heatwave hit my symptoms have been out of control and I am desperate for an answer.
Avatar f tn How long is a mri with ms protocol usually? I had one and it was 20 minutes without contrast and 7 minutes with contrast on a 1.5 tesla is this pretty standard?
Avatar f tn What do you mean when you say the scan was not levelled properly? (I paid a lot of money for this scan!) 2. Is the sigmoid sinus and jugular bulb responsible for my debilitating symptoms of hearing loss, headache, screaming tinnitus, imbalance etc. It seems too much of a coincidence that it is on the side causing all my problems? 3. Why did this area enhance with contrast on one side only if it is normal?
Avatar n tn Same areas on the correlative CT scan do not appear to show as areas of elevated signal intensity on T2 weighted pulse sequences or T2 weighted pulse sequences obtained with fat saturation. On T1 weighted pulse sequences these same areas of diminished signal density. This in conjunction with the non-enhancing on CT scan raises suspicion that it represents areas of focal fibrosis, scarring or cirrhosis. Biopsy recommended.
195469 tn?1388326488 And again my neck heated up terribly during the scan. I called the MRI place before my next MRI and told them I was a little uncomfortable because of what had happened before. She nicely explained stuff about the coils and how they are monitoring the "SAR" (specific absorption ratio? but don't quote me on that) for safety. I have since heard other stories of MRI heating, and even found some stuff on the Internet about it (long time ago). It does happen sometimes.
745975 tn?1258964522 My Doctor order an MRI scan on my head to check for a Pituitary Adenoma, but she told me to only go in when I was having headaches. I was having headaches all weekend but I feel better today, and probably wont be able to go in for a few days since I need to make an appointment first. Will it matter if I have a headache or not when I go in? If there is an adenoma, won't it show up regardless? I'm just trying to figure out why I should wait?
572651 tn?1333939396 5T and 3T is the time it takes to complete the scan. He told me the 3T takes much longer. This someone is an engineer working on a program to MRI image brains for schizophrenia. I'm just wondering if he has this right or did I hear him incorrectly. Waiting for an answer but don't know for how long!
1281603 tn?1283802299 I had mine done on a 1.2 open Tesla. The radiologist reported several periventricular white matter hyperintensities. The old neuro didn't even look at the films. My new neuro says the films are "difficult to read" and "blurry". I called the imaging place and asked about their strength of the MRI, software and how thin the slices were. I was met with great hostility. The only thing I did get was that it was 1.2 strength. Did they follow MS protocol on your MRI?
Avatar m tn I had an abdomen MRI/MRCP from the hospital and got a CD, which includes a viewer and images. Dr. showed me the very small pancreatic tumors (about 15 cysts) on the computer screen. I am able to view it on my computer, but can not see very clearly, I have two computer with the display resolution of 1440x900 and 1920x1080. Higher resolution showed better images, but not as clear as that the Dr's office. The computer at Dr's offcie seems a typical small computer with small screen.
751951 tn?1406636463 I want the best quality pix, software, radiologists, etc., and my wife is worried because we're still making payments on my last MRI. Did I mention I'm in north central Ohio? Who can help?
Avatar f tn Well after 4 long weeks of waiting for my MRI scan, i arrive at the MRI unit yesterday evening only to be told as im getting onto the scanner that my MRI has been requested without contrast. i did try to tell the radiographer that it should have been with contrast as it was to diagnose MS. The radiographer told me that contrast didnt matter and that MS would show on the type of scan they were doing (i know this not strictly true).
Avatar f tn More, actually, because the software provides for a great deal of detail, and software is just as important, if not more so, as the MRI magnet. At least that is my experience, but yours could be different. Brain MRIs are always ordered, it seems, but for spinal ones, that seems to be up to the neurologist. As has been said, the Health Pages will give you a great deal of info about this whole process.
Avatar n tn I see a couple of *tiny* hypointense spots, but then again, the images I have are also tiny, so it could just be the quality of the scan images that I got. I was also curious because I've recently gained about 30 lbs in 3 months without any changes to my normal diet or exercise levels (other than really *bad* and constant fatigue but that preceded any weight gain by almost a year), and was thinking maybe something hormonal might be going on.
405614 tn?1329147714 I think I covered all the steps. Of course, it may be different if your MRI is done with different software. See if that helps any. The question about my lesions, I guess, is if they are large enough and located in the right areas. The radiologist didn't mention the speck, so I figured it wasn't much, but I also heard that he's been in a foul mood lately, and he may have not seen on the orders that I've been experiencing visual changes, and may not have looked as closely.
Avatar n tn That was my confusion but, according to shell, it looks like the protocol was good even though it doesn't specifically say T1 or T2 was used on the brain scan. As for the dye, I called my PCP the next morning after my MRI was done to explain to her what the radiologist said and she still said she did not think it was necessary. The good thing is that she is sending me to a neurosurgeon because the cervical MRI did reveal that my c5-6 were protruding with a tear in the disc.
807129 tn?1245277127 (2007 and 2009) If this is the case it is most likely that they are more clearly seen due to changes in the MRI machine, its software (the techniques used in forming the images). Hospitals and imaging centers upgrade their equipment and software whenever financially possible. The technology is constantly improving. Even just an upgrade in the software will cause small lesions to be more highly defined or prominent.
1386048 tn?1281015933 i suppose i take them in combination with results forthcoming from the head MRI (monday) to the neuro...will the spine mri then atleast suffice to rule out back injury? or will she try and tell me my spine is just fine and doesn't need to be investigated any further? any advice welcome!!! so dreading seeing this neuro again--though i will this time plead my case a bit better and insist that anxiety is not an issue.
Avatar f tn I'm in limbo land and trying to justify spending more money getting an MRI done on a 3T. My MRI on a 1.5T was completely clear.
488264 tn?1226523907 You probably have different software on your MRI CD, but I'll tell you what I remember about saving my MRI pictures and posting them. I bring up the view I want to work with, and click on a little square in the lower right hand corner of the picure, which turns green. I then go up to the File menu, click on it, and select Save As or Save to, something like that, and a small screen from the computer comes up that lets me select where I want to save it, and what to name the file.