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Avatar f tn I have just had the result of my contrast MRI scan E mailed to me. Apparently after 2 months there has been no change in the size of the cystic lesion and there is no contrast enhancement apparently suggesting this is a benign cystic lesion within the brain parenchyma. Although that is good news it doesn't explain why I have symptoms or presumed temporal lobe seizure activity if this is a lesion I have had for a long time? They have recommended a rescan in 12 months.
Avatar n tn my doctor said i need an mri scan as a result of suffering with many symptoms for many months- he said i will receive a letter. does this mean he will book it for me or refer me? i live in the uk. anyone know anything about this?
Avatar m tn Before he had the surgery, he had a PET scan. But the result looks a bit weird. The report indicates some low positive value at the neck and shoulder. He has another MRI but there is not indication of cancer spreading. The readings of ACT Standard SUVmax are 1.9 and 2.4 He may go for a series of radiation therapy and visited 2 specialists. One of the specialists are not sure why these 2 numbers though he think that it may be caused by the equipment being too sensitive.
Avatar n tn my wife had a mri scan on her neck the result came back as follows mri on the C- spine showd minor degenerative changes with a normal spinal cord there disc lesion at C6/C7 which corrugates the postrior longitudinal ligament by the spinal cord .
Avatar n tn After a really bad attack which lasted for 2 days I was sent for an ultra soud scan. The result showed {quote} a 22 by 20cm {i am guessing that must be a missprint} echo-bright lesion on the posterier border of the right lobe liver probably a haemangioma.No other abnormality was found.
Avatar f tn Hi, last year I had an MRI scan. I was having it as the Dr was looking to see if I had an AVM on the brain, I get a lot of headaches and have an AVM on my right forearm. When I went to see the Dr he told me my results, he said there is a malformation there but it isnt an AVM. He then pointed to the temporal lobes and said they are low. I should of asked him what that meant, but I never ask questions when Im there, I just say to myself I should of asked this and I should of asked that.
Avatar m tn What is the ideal time to take MRI during pain or after the recovery most of the time during pain i am not in a position to go to the scan centre
Avatar n tn I had a brain mri scan for recurrent 'auras' thought to be due to migraine. The result of the scan came back normal except for a few spots of plaques. I am 50, is this normal? I am concerned that it is indicative of early degeneration associated with dementia.
Avatar f tn Hi Thicked I had 2nd MRI scan last Feb.18 this is the result & my Doctor of Acute Gynaecology write a letter to my GP for request to sent me to endometriosis specialist to UCLH now I am waiting for appointment..
Avatar f tn Any way to tell? I have a cd with the MRI pictures on it at home. The CT scan was high resolution because they were looking for a problem with my superior semicircular canal, but that scan indicated the superior semicircular canal seems to be just fine.
956292 tn?1334054869 I appreciate you spent time on this and so sorry you took time away from your alloted computer time......Well, you got more than me..I searched and searched and got so confused and came up with similair stuff about children and development, ......"If I only had a brain".......that didn't feel like mush right now and could make sense of it. hehe Thanks so much for your means alot and glad you got something out of it..
Avatar f tn Are there other symptoms present? It is good that the CT scan result was fine and you were cleared by the ophthalmologist. It could indeed be due to neurological or muscle issues. However, the MRI would really be helpful in the diagnosis and provide us with a more detailed information of the anatomy surrounding the eye that could be responsible for your symptoms. Do keep us posted with the MRI result. Take care and regards.
Avatar m tn however two years back I started having more of this thumb tremors and again went to a different neurologist. This time I was suggested for a MRI scan of brain. the following is the report. I want to know what exatly this means as the doctor gave me Betasav TR 80 MG, Actapalm MD 0.5 and escatalent plus for the result. MRI report - Findings - There is evidence of few discrete ovoid areas of abnormal altered signal intensity seen involving the subcortical white matter of left frontal love.
Avatar n tn Should I have an MRI scan it will set me back a lot of money..... Could something really be wrong> I do not know wat was in my E even if it gave me an MDMA feeling. This is a never ending comedown. THROBBING in my head wont stop... I feel different... not the same. I'm sweating lots and not sure if that the heat or me.... help me someone.... how can I get better? Do I need amino acids or sumthin???
Avatar f tn I have recently had an MRI scan and the report has indicated that I have a L5/S1 circumferential disc bulge whih displaces the exiting L5 nerve roots bilaterally.. On the left this effaces the perineural fate and contacts the L5 nerve root. A neurosurgeon has apparently reviewed my scan and said there is no evidence of this disc bulge without even seeing me and suggested tertherd cord syndrome should be investigated..
11457696 tn?1418401657 my question pertains to what I capitalized, what is cavitation in terms of MS lesions, in my past knowledge cavitation was used when discussing tumors. I know that over time lesions from MS on the brain with go from the white areas visible on MRI to a black, dead area, meaning those spots will never be able to be repaired, is that what cavitation refers to in this report?
Avatar f tn Is it necessary to have more than one MRI scan done. I have only ever had the one scan, 15 yrs ago which was when I was given my official dx, despite having several episodes/relapses since. Initially told I had RRMS now being told I have SPMS with relapses.
Avatar n tn i had mri scan of my brian 3 weeks ago and now want me to have another with the dye injected first . does this mean they have found somehing wrong ?