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Avatar n tn Hi My partner is a man of 45 years of age this last year he had a arotic valve replacement in his heart and this month he is due to have repeat operation as the previous valve has been leeking, before this He had always worked doing computers designing for the post office many travel agencies ect This heart problm is worring but our main concern at the moment is his mental state In January my partner collapsed while going up stairs worried it was his heart I phoned an ambulance the hospita
Avatar n tn I had menginima removed 3 weeks ago what is best MRI or ct scan i had 3 ct already dont want more radirion to me and how often need monitor for regrowth. Also mine was 2.7 cm surgeon said it was to big for gamma knife is that true? What's the maximum size to be able get gamma knife if it starts growing again?
Avatar n tn I had menginima removed 3 weeks ago what is best MRI or ct scan i had 3 ct already dont want more radirion to me and how often need monitor for regrowth. Also mine was 2.7 cm surgeon said it was to big for gamma knife is that true? What's the maximum size to be able get gamma knife if it starts growing again?
Avatar n tn I had a bone scan with injection after 3 MRI with dye. What effect could this have on a baby that was conceived the next day? according to ultrasound my baby was conceived September 7, bone scan was September 6th.?? I wasn't supposed to ovulate until September 14-15 but ultrasound measurements predict I ovulated September 7th-8th.
Avatar f tn You are correct. The risks from a CAT scan are extremely low. But they exist. The basic issue here is a sober unbiased evaluation of the risks of radiation. (a) There is the school of thought evidenced by every hospital in the world that "a silly x-ray is harmless". (b) And the school of thought that every x-ray exposure has the potential to inducing a malignancy or a birth defect. The answer is not "somewhere in between". The correct answer is (b).
Avatar n tn I understand these should be avoided while pregnant, but what if they are medically necessary? Has anyone gotten an MRI or Cat Scan while pregnant? What was the outcome, did it have an affect on your baby? Was it worth it? I have been experiencing agonizing pain in my left shoulder, neck, and arm, that sometimes radiates to my chest, making it hard to breathe. I am having a really hard time sleeping, and even functioning, and my quality of life has gone down because of it.
212161 tn?1476095111 can anyone tell me the differences in the ct-scan and mri. they are going to do a ct-scan to see if i have a tumor in my head, can the ct see same as a mri. will it see all they need to see.
1456473 tn?1365831055 9 and a half weeks pregnant and booking in for an MRI scan on monday, is it dangerous? i googled it and they say it should be ok as long as it is not before 12 week mark. Anyone been through an MRI whilst pregnant??
488264 tn?1226523907 Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, is a way of obtaining images of organs using a magnetic field without using harmful ionizing radiation. It uses a magnnetic field so there are some contraindications peculiar to magnetic field like metallic implants, cardiac pacemakers, cochlear implants etc. There is no risk of because of radiaition and is a non-invasive safe procedure. Most MRI exams are painless. Some patients, however, find it uncomfortable to remain still during MR imaging.
Avatar m tn Just keep in mind that MRI can sometimes show something that may scare a patient or a doctor and then they do CT scan and comes back clear.. The down side of a CT scan is higher radiation exposure then on a chest xray exam. But still it is within the limits of what you get from sun exposure in one year.. Low radiation CT scans are now coming into use, so those are about equal to 10 xrays.. so on the liver it is best to do them..
Avatar f tn At a follow-up appointment, I took a copy of the scan to my radiation oncologist who is with a different hospital. The nurse placed it in my chart, and the doctor completed his exam and started to leave without commenting on it. I brought it to his attention, and he said he hadn't seen it. After reading it, he was adamant that it was not from radiation and that if it were, it would be anterior not posterior. He said it had to be from something else.
Avatar n tn I’m 53 years old with aortic insufficiency and miral valve prolasp and I’m reluctant to have a CT Scan if there are alternatives. Would a Cardio MRI be at least as effective as a CT scan to help diagnose the following: Aortic valve condition, such as is it bicuspid, calcified, stenosis, and the extent of insufficiency? Aorta condition? Heart mussel mass? General cardiovascular condition (blockages)? Condition of the Mirtal valve?
Avatar n tn He also gave us the option of having an MRI or a Cat Scan done instead of the ultrasound. (Our daughter didn't have a problem with the test procedure itself, but had a very difficult time holding her urine for the duration of the ultrasound, and only made it through by the skin of her teeth). The endocrinolgist did not give us much information, and no guidance, on which test would have what strengths. Obviously, at her age, a transvaginal ultrasound is out.
Avatar n tn An MRI uses no radiation whatsoever. The scan in done by way of magnets creating the images. There is nothing to worry about when it comes to your baby.
Avatar n tn As doctors advise on taking CT Scan and MRI repeatedly for a children of 6 years old during diagonosis process, would there be any side effects to a child undergoing such exposures?
Avatar m tn Hello, I have been experiencing significant chest pain and other various symptoms for the past year and a half, I am scheduled to get a CT scan of my chest this week but am concerned about the radiation. Do you know if an MRI can provide the same graphics? Your answer would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn There is a well known entity called radiation necrosis that appears mass-like on an MRI after someone has had radiation therapy for tumor. It can sometimes be difficult to distinguish from recurrent tumor and if there's a question as to what the MRI shows, then special imaging studies such as PET or SPECT scanning may be needed to look for active components.
968809 tn?1288660510 For anyone that has had a PV ablation, did your doctor schedule at CT Scan or an MRI of your heart before the procedure? I was told I would have to get a CT Scan. I'm very concerned about the radiation and was wondering if anyone had an MRI instead.
Avatar f tn have long does the CAT scan take? I'm not big on MRI's and enclosed scans. I'll be doing 2 CAT scans a day for the 5 day duration. Does anyone know? Or anyone else have this partial breast radiation? Thanks so much!
443136 tn?1210539925 She also wants me to have an x-ray of my cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine. I told her I already had a CT scan and an MRI done, but she didn't seem worried about me having more x-rays done. She also thinks I should have a gastric emptying scan done (since I've gotten eggy burps, vomiting episodes, and dizzy spells since I was little). My GI doctor thinks I should also have an endoscopy and a colonoscopy done.
Avatar n tn Is an MRI generally more accurate for looking at the liver, gall bladder, stomach, intestines, etc. than a CT scan? 2) less radiation than CT scan? (none for an MRI I think) 3) are there no health risks from an MRI whatsoever assuming no metal objects are in the body? 4) If a CT scan is all that is available, is it worth the radiation risk? Would an abdominal CT scan be about #200 times the radiation of a chest X-ray, but about the same as a traditional GI X-ray series? Thank you.
148588 tn?1465782409 My problem with CT is the high level of radiation you're exposed to and I'm wondering if an MRI could give the same info and be less of a 'necessary evil'. The only thing I could think of that might preclude MRI, is the small metal clip that is a souvenir of my gall bladder removal and still resides in my liver. Any input from those with some imaging experience would be welcome. Thanx.
Avatar n tn When having a Hida scan, Do you lay in a machine such as the one of an MRI or what?
Avatar m tn Cat scan uses x-rays and therefore you're exposed to radiation. This can add up fast if you're doing them every six months for life. MRI uses magnetic technology, no radiation. Safer.
Avatar n tn I would try to monitor it and if you feel any changes or develop any new symptoms before the 6 months, or if the anxiety is interferring with your everyday ability to live life to the fullest, then I would express this to your doctor. An MRI, or I read where they are using PET scan which are much more sensitive when there is a question, can be done to insure all is well.
Avatar n tn 2 months ago my husband had upper GI done and now they want to do CAT SCAN on him.His primary care is very conserned about the radiation exposure,because his 1st X-ray was only 2 months ago. I called our CAT SCAN dept. and they said it's fine,but I don't want to make a mistake....