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Avatar f tn A grade II signal in the meniscus on MRI indicates an internal abnormality in the meniscus, but no definite evidence of a frank tear is seen on the images. Therefore, the definitive diagnosis must be made on the basis of all the clinical information and the MRI combined. The further information your doctor will use are the history: did you fall or twist your knee, or did it just started hurting after you got off the stepper? was, or is, your knee swollen? what makes it hurt?
Avatar f tn Hi...just a suggestion...u can request a copy of the MRI on disk...and a copy of the report....u will get it b4 u see the dr that rx'd it. Not that u can read it, but if u r sent to a specialist u will have everything u need!!
Avatar m tn I was advised with some physiotherapy exercise and the physiotherapist told that the noise in knee was due to weakening of knee muscles. But even after one year the noise in the knee and pain was not reduced. Noise and pain especially while raising the leg in sitting position and considerably less during waling. Now the normal left knee is also started pain. Please let me know the noise and pain the affected knee is sign for arthritis?
Avatar m tn m looking into include food intolerences, b12, lyme disease, metal toxicity and chronic anxiety/stress. Also getting an MRI of the rest of my spine as I have only done the head and neck. Let me know if you find out any more info.
Avatar m tn If your knee is locked it would be manipulated under anesthesia till the knee relaxes and then the torn menisci will fall into its place and the knee is unlocked. The knee is immobilized in compression bandage for 2-3 weeks and this is followed by physiotherapy. If you orthopedician wants to excise the torn menisci microscopically you can go for arthroscopic surgery. You should visit an orthopedician to go for the best course of treatment: conservative or surgical. Take care!
Avatar f tn Back at the beginning of december i injured my knee. I had been about to kneel down when my leg gave out and i landed on my knee with it bent in a very awkward way. I had swelling and great amounts of pain and dull ache and after seeing a doctor in A&E was booked for an mri scan and put into a lockable brace which i wore for around 6 weeks as he was sure i'd suffered mcl injury. The scan showed no cartilage damage and no real mcl damage which was suspected.
Avatar m tn I have been diagnosed (after three X-ray, two MRI scans, and one technnetium scan) a chondral lesion at the metatarsal / phalanx joint. This has been treated with ultrasound, condroitin sulphate pills for three months, anti-inflammatory drugs on and off, and an insole. The pain when I walk is still there and at times intense. I have two questions: 1. Several physicians have propose hyaluronic acid or cortisone injections. Which is recommended? 2.
Avatar n tn She said she will have a CAT scan on the 20th of August. She had physical therapists for a month at home and when she had these hip aches she stopped physical therapy and started only doing short walks once a day. How long and what kind of physical therapy activities should she be doing after the knee replacement? Thanks.
Avatar f tn i have seen several and they say there is noting they can do. i have to go to a pine clininc. they have done all test such as ct mri bone scan ultrasound, and nothing shows up. i dont know what do. im at a dead end. im looking at six months at the paine clinc. i would rather have surgry thean be away from my family for that long. im wondering if they missed something an all those test.
Avatar m tn my name is wishyiar// mri scan for left knee says /bony contusion at medial condyle due to associated degenerative changes anterior joint effusion is noted grade 2 posterior horn degenerative changes at medial meniscus noted with normal meniscus apart from anterior horn meniscal syst.
Avatar m tn It felt like needles poking far into my head. When they pulled me out of the MRI machine and took off all of the gear, my head was shaking uncontrollably. Have you ever heard of that?
Avatar n tn I have two questions can you please explain in laymen terms. 1. This is what was in the nuclear Medicene doctors finding report, "There is photopenic defect involving the metallic right toe knee arthroplasty hardware". I took this as meaning there is an issue with the hardware on my knee replacement which has cause scare tissue. What else are they trying to say?
Avatar f tn It was impossible to stop all other activity as walking was the way of life in this city and the nature of my job. My knee got worse without running. About a month or 2 later I went on a trip to Borneo and stupidly climbed the tallest mountain in SE Asia (a 2 day hike) mostly using the weight of my one leg. After this my other knee became as painful as the other and now they are very similar in pain. I now don't do much exercise except some yoga and even that gets too much for my knees.
Avatar n tn A tear in the ACL or a lax ACL leads to small tears in the posterior horns of the menisci. Do you have any previous knee injuries, especially the cruciate ligament tears? This figure shows types of a tear in the meniscus. If there was no previous injury, yur small tears in the menisci could be degenerative.
Avatar f tn Do I need to go and get MRI? Its a pain from driving then hopping out of the car walking across the road with stiffness..then slowly comes good for awhile..until sit again.
Avatar f tn I have no swelling and it is tender to touch the bones on my knee. The pain is over the outside of my knee cap not the bottom its more at the top and sides. Please please someone help. I am thinking could this be mild scoliosis, early osteoprosis or early osteoarthritus? My nan had osteoarthritus all her life and my dad suffers with reumatoid arthritus which i have already been checked for.
Avatar n tn I have for the last month developed inner knee pain. Feels like an electrical jolt at times. Is not a constant pain but wakes my up at night.
Avatar f tn One of the DOWN sides to our Canadian healthcare system is the amount of time we have to wait to have procedures done here. I have a girlfriend who lost her leg below the knee in a motorcycle accident last year. She and her fiance were hit by a drunk driver. She's having some complications with the recovery. Currently she's trying to learn to walk on her new prosthesis and it's not going well. There's some sort of issue in the "stump".
Avatar m tn I went to my PCP the second day for Xrays and they were fine, and the fourth day I had an MRI of my knee which was fine too. By the end of the 4th day, all pain left as suddenly as it came, thank God! I've experience natural childbirth without any medications at all, but I told my husband and Dr. that this was the absolute most painful thing I've ever experienced in my life! My doc is thinking nerve pain since there was no inflammation, injury, or joint pain.
1281296 tn?1271347164 My concerns are that when he had his previous MRI scan it took 3 doctors to detect the ACL damage in the first place. Should the knee be this swollen after nearly two months and why would it swell again once the initial swelling had gone down. Should he be exercising or keeping still?? Using an ice pack or not?? Sorry its just we keep getting conflicting information!! Any info will be really appreciated.
Avatar n tn In such situations it is best to discuss this with the radiologist about this view on the origin and the likelihood of the mass. In case the radiologist is unsure and the mass shows signs of increased growth or malignancy, it may be biopsied by your orthopedician. Worrying, without knowing the exact cause is not necessary. Hope this was useful. Take care!
Avatar m tn So gentle distractions of the tibia away from the femur and loosen the muscles of the calves, quadriceps, and hamstrings. Rest is helpful, so is proper exercise, but Type A go getters might take this too far and reinjure the area. If none of this helps then surgery may be an option, but wait as long as you can, nothing worse thana having several knee surgeries and then have to have a hip surgery later.
Avatar n tn He has had x-rays, a bone scan, and we are waiting for an MRI result. He shows one sign of hip displasia, the crease behind his right knee is higher then the left, but the x-ray and bone scan shows there is none. he has no bone fractures and the doctor is bafled by his limp. THe only reason the MRI is being done is because I insisted on it. Is there anyone else out there with the same problem or any other testing ideas to help find out what is wrong with my child?
Avatar f tn The pain will come with walking, sometimes very quickly and sometimes not much at all. When the pain comes, I have a swelling on the outside of the knee joint about the size of half a golf ball. When I rest the swelling and pain go away within 10 or 20 minutes. This doesn't sound like arthritis to me. A two-fold question, would these symptoms be consistent with AO? Or do these symptoms sound more like damage to the meniscus? Also...
Avatar f tn The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the four major ligaments of the knee, and resists forward movement of the tibia. If this is a new injury, treat with RICE -- rest, ice, compression, and elevation. NSAIDs can help with pain and swelling, although, always take NSAIDs with food. My son destroyed an ACL playing football -- he lives a normal life without one, but uses an orthopaedic knee brace when he runs or plays sports.