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Avatar n tn my bf has been having pain in the back of haid, it's always there, in the last 9 days he's been feeling mild pain in his left arm and when he goes to sleep he feels that there is something wrong with his heart, he went to the doctor who told him to do a blood test and told him that he has a virus that is affecting his haid and muscels, but nothing has changed, he went again today and the doctor told him that after a while if nothing changes he's going to do either a CT scan or an MRI
495035 tn?1221753092 Thanks for the post hunny, he did say that he would write to me after the scan is done and tell me the results , maybe I should of kicked him lol...
Avatar m tn During my 10 day hospital stay the did another CT scan, MRI of the entire spinal column, every possible blood test and a repeat spinal tap. MRI showed that the swelling of the meninges was the same as the first MRI and even across the brain. All other tests came back normal or negative. By this point the Dr's have no idea what it could be or how to treat it. The last test that was done was a biopsy of the meninges.
Avatar n tn Did you did any Brain MRI or Angio CT scan ? that would be for example on of the best things to asess the ponto-cerebellar angle.
Avatar f tn I'm waiting for an MRI, I did get a CT scan back in November for my head and neck which came back normal. However I didn't have as much issues then as I do now, just the vertigo.
Avatar f tn No they haven't mentioned anything about this joint. At the moment I'm concerned about the conflicting statements the report from my MRI scan and the surgeons views. I don't k ow which opinion I should be relying on. Can any make any suggestions?
763362 tn?1236624790 I have been referred to Physio and had an initial assesment where the consultant said that it looks like Degenerative Disc Disease, he said the only way to determine this better is by having an MRI scan, on going back to my G.P.
502693 tn?1249151446 I went back to the hospital to day for my ultrasound scan for this large lump on my neck, the lady who took the ultrasound said she could not see anythin and that i might need further tests done such as an mri scan, I wonder what this could be, could it be curvture of the spine a dowagers hump does that show up on an ultrasound?
Avatar n tn I have noticed recently, that when i lower my head and turn it left or right, there is a very unusual clicking nois coming from the back of my neck, when I put my fingers over the back of my neck and turn my head, I can feel it, and it sounds and feels like i am cracking my neck, or like something is getting trapped somewhere.
Avatar n tn from few months, I have numbness on the back of my head and it becomes hot. the frequency has become more day by day. had MRI scan and nothing found and the results are all normal. A nerulogist suggested to have Sarotena 25 mg and Lonazep 0.25 mg daily.
Avatar m tn Any herniation, degenerative changes or traumatic damage to the soft tissues may be best picked up on an MRI scan of the spine. Consult a neurologist as soon as possible for evaluation to enable time appropriate intervention and prevent deterioration. Management would be according to diagnosis, painkillers, hot fomentation, epidural injection of steroids and physical therapy if disc pathology is diagnosed. Wishing you all the best.
Avatar f tn My recent brain-spine MRI was just over an hour. The power of the unit is important. You can study the types on the net. Most hospitals claim state-of-the-art for all their equipment, leaving patients pretty much in the dark. Even well-known centers can be weak in some areas. If you aren't satisfied with your improvement, learn more and keep looking for better treatment.
Avatar n tn It could be described as a good deal of pressure at the back of my head that intensifies when I strain. When I walk, the impact of my feet on the ground makes my head and teeth hurt...I can no longer exercise due to this and the quality of my life has been greatly affected by all this. I have constant head pain...The worse part one can give me an explanation for this.... Please help if you have an answer or the type of medical professional I should consult with..
Avatar n tn However, ever since then i have been feeling pressure in the back of my head. I had a CAT scan and blood test they said everything seems fine. However I know that is not the case. I am greatly concerned. I seem to be unable to feel emotions...and unable to may all be do to the pressure..plz help...thank you.
Avatar m tn i have had done mri scan done it shows one small disc is moved but doctor said to me is not worth to operate he recommend massage of spine and back gp will send me to neurology to check nerve system but im still concern about doctors in uk .
Avatar f tn I just received my report back on my CTA from my neurologist and he said that everything was normal on the report. The report states that I have mild hypoplasia of the right A1 segment. I went to a neurologist due to the fact that I have been having dizziness for short periods of time. I had been in the ER 2 times in one month because with this I experienced some tingling in my left side. I am a 67 year old female looking for answers as I do not know where to go from here.
Avatar f tn THe knots are hard and at times more tender than at other times. They seem more tender around my periods. THat is when my body seems to flare which sets off the Sjogrens. These knots could be glandular related b/c with Sj that is what is being attacked. I have an appt with a Neurologist tom. I will ask him about a cranial CT. I recently had an MRI of the neck and throat area because it swells up too, inwardly. For now I am just trying to find out what can relieve the pain it causes.
745783 tn?1267545626 Hi, It is difficult to comment without knowing your complete medical history and looking at the test reports. The report reflects loss of brain tissue in the frontal region along with the cerebellum. Scatty results on EEG indicate minor changes in the EEG which may or may not indicate seizures.
17490356 tn?1457283801 There is asymetric perfusion involving the basil ganglia specifically hypoperfusion of the left putamen. Perfusion to the head of the bilateral caudate nuclei appears normal.
Avatar n tn Shortly after I began suffering headaches and pain traveling up from the bottom of my neck. I went to my doctor and was told the headaches were from back spasms. I also would occasionally get a shooting pain down my right leg from my lower right side of my back when standing up or walking, but this happened so infrequent back then that I did not seek treatment. In 2005 I began having much worse pain and the shooting pains down my leg became more frequent.
Avatar n tn had a mri that showed abnormality on t9 had bone scan and blood test show no cancer what could the abnormality be
Avatar n tn The result of the scan came back normal except for a few spots of plaques. I am 50, is this normal? I am concerned that it is indicative of early degeneration associated with dementia.
Avatar f tn I figured it was because the test was for my ears and nerve endings. The second MRI was the first week of January, and the MRI center called me the next day to inform me that I needed to come back because the doctor reading the images would not issue a report without further images. I went back Friday. I asked the gentlemen who was assisting me where they were focusing this time.