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Avatar m tn I had a bad auto accident in Nov and after x-rays and CTon my neck A MRI was recomended. My family doc put me off work and told me not to put myself in any position to slip and fall ao hit in the head. The MRI results show the following. APdiameter of the canal at 2-3 is only 11mm. There is a reversal of normal Lordosis. moderate narrowing of the CSF space around the cord and all levels 2-7 have moderate canal narrowing along with foramina narrowing.
Avatar f tn Of course any amount of radiation to an unborn child is a risk but if its just an MRI of your head and not a full body scan or even one of your lower limbs you should be in the clear.
Avatar f tn ve had this weird pressure in the back of my head and feeling dizzy and lightheaded. I feel it a lot when I close my eyes and when I open them nothing is spinning! I'm always nauseous and because of all this I've had an increase in anxiety as well. I've been to the ER twice and seen my GP more times that I can count and have no answer. It's ruining my life, I feel faint all the time, I've lost weight. I take .
Avatar f tn I went for an MRI of brain it showed a posible kink in blood vessel then they had me come back and did a coranary artery brain scan of neck and head. It showed nothing wrong no kinks no nothing. Are MRi's acurate? I have had this weird sensation on left side of head for 2.5 months. it's so annoying. iT's like a pressure feeling. Seems like it stemming from base of skull on left side. My jaws are tight too plus I get a twinge of pain in left side of tempe mostly when bending down.
Avatar n tn Is there a difference between an MRI on the head and MRI on the brain only?? Whats a cranial MRI??? Is it the same as a brain MRI??
Avatar n tn Shortly after using the machine, I twisted my head to the right and felt a severe wrenching sensation at the top of my neck/base of my skull. Within hours I had swelling and it was extremely painful to move my head up or down or left and right.
Avatar n tn i hit the top/back of my head yesterday off the ceiling hard yesterday afternoon, and i was dizzy and really tired and i have pain in my neck and head and my left ear is like clogged or losing hearing , i was wondering if this is something i should go to the ER for???
Avatar f tn t the cause of my pain. A subsequent MRI and CT scan of the cspine uncovered 3 mildly bulging discs (all leaning to the left) but those doctors say that this is mild and can't be causing my pain... yet I am in pain. My migraines are being controlled with Verapamil now because I continued to lose weight rapidly (30lbs) on topamax. My brain isn't scheduled for a scan until Dec and now the hematologist wants a CT scan of my chest and abdomen..looking for more lymph nodes.
Avatar f tn I was all ready to ask my neuro if I could get a CT scan instead of an MRI when I came across a bunch of literature about people developing cancer from CT scans. Does anyone know just how significant the risks are? Thanks.
Avatar m tn I suffered the same pain with severe pressure in my neck and head. They did a cervical MRI and found nerve root cysts which cause head pressure. They are VERY rare, but a MRI is the way to go.
Avatar f tn Thank you for your reply , I have had a MRI which just showed the arthritis at the top of the spine, and a ct scan of the head which was normal .. So im Continuing till i get on the max of my medication and see if i get any comfort from that, till i see my neurologist again. Im wondering why im getting these headaches now when i have had the condtion for years?
Avatar f tn I also notice that if I lay on my left side the left side of my face, neck, left arm and hand all go numb. I have had CT scan of head and MRI of brain (all normal) as well as thyroid checked, sugar, hormones etc. Tried Chiropractic, accupuncture and physical therapy. My neurologist says NDPH but I feel like we are missing something. Mainly because I have not had a MRI of neck as of yet. Have on scheduled finally after neuro finally agreed to order it.
Avatar n tn My doctor ordered a head scan with contrast. When I went, they did a scan without contrast then told me they were not going to do the one with contrast. Is that because everything looked normal or because they could already see an abnormality so didn't need to use the contrast?
Avatar m tn I had MRI on lower back and neck April 2008 which showed degenerative disc and 2 bulging disc in lower back and 1 in neck area. I had MRI on middle back area June 18th 2008 no results yet. What could be my problem (S)?
Avatar m tn Pain killers helped to release pain from right shoulder but left head pain which spread over to my face and upper neck and left jaw ( pain in teeth as if i have taken something very cold/hot) stayed little longer. Then next day on 21st I contacted Ortho specialist for any possibility of joint pain problems.
Avatar n tn I have 2 herniated discs in my neck I know, but I know there is something else going on. I am gonig to see a spine specialist and get a MRI done of my neck and back. I did a lot of research and many migraines come from the neck. I just hope there's an answer soon. Right now I am wearing a cerical collar also which I think is helping...
Avatar m tn It came out of on nowhere 2 months ago i was working away at my desk and i felt this pressure kind of feeling on top of my head in that one tiny spot top left of my head its like the size of a quarter. It has been on and off every day for two months sometimes it hurts but only for a second and the pain isnt severe but i notice its there and its annoying and due to my anxiety problems you can guess what goes through my mind>Any comments are greatly appreciated thank you.
Avatar m tn the pain is usually in the back or top of my head, and sometimes in the back of my neck. I have no other symptoms besides the head/neck pain, and the occasional flushing/burning of my face and ears. I have seen a neurologist, PCP, and orthopedic doctor. I have also been going to an acupuncturist for quite some time now, and I have also been seeing someone who does bodywork/myofascial release work. My neck muscles feel very tight but there is no way to loosen them up.
Avatar f tn I just had a mri down as well as i think they call it a BRE and VRE, its were they test my brain waives, one was were i layed there for 30 min with sensors all over my head the other also had sensors but i had to listen two so clicking sounds through headphones then i had to watch this video.
Avatar f tn I was prescribed anti-depressents which calmed me but the headaches continued. I was then sent for a MRI head and neck scan without dye which came back clear. I have also had a ct scan of bowel and several other tests which again have been ok. I am now feeling sick but my GP will not send me for any more tests. I have a fear of cancer after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer ten years ago which turned out to be a complete mistake.
Avatar f tn pains in top of head on same side, pain across same side cheek bone, upper jaw where tooth meets gum (only on one tooth on same side) pain from corner of sore eye down the nose (this nostrill is always blocked and i dont have any sense of smell when i get up in the morning) and deep in the back of my neck just behind my ear, i had mri scan which has come back clear, i got a nasal spray called Flixonase but when i sprayed it into the nostrill it caused severe pain in my nose the top of my head
Avatar f tn i have pain their that radiates down my neck so severe i went to my doctor and she gave me muscle relaxers and ordered ct scan. the ct scan showed some abnormalities around bony mass and signs that i have had a stroke at some point in my life . iam now scheluded for a mri ..............what do you think all this means?