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Avatar m tn lesions, but because of continued unexplained mildly elevated AST/ALT (and Crohns disease), they are ordering an MRCP and liver biopsy presumably to rule out PSC. I understand that MRCP allows visualization of the bilary tree, but wouldn't a regular MRI pick up a hint of a problem? Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.
Avatar f tn only test that showed something for me was my HIDA scan which showed a normal EF of 52% but i had severe biliary dyskinesia (so took my gallbladder over 2 hrs to drop down the ducts into intestines) my GI thought Gallbladder should come out, surgeon said no that he thinks it might be a problem with the ducts... they are now sending me for MRCP tomorrow... can there still be stones or something blocking the ducts even though nothing showed in previous tests?
418191 tn?1205199121 Routine MRI of the abdomen with double dose Eovist (15 mL) and routine MRCP. The use of Eovist (gadoxetate disodium) a liver specific MRI contrast agent was used in place of traditional gadolinium based contrast agents. Findings: The gallbladder is surgically absent. The common bile duct measures 7 mm and is within normal limits without stricture or CBD stone. The intrahepatic ducts are normal.
Avatar m tn ] On the other hand, I don't want this CBD dilation to go unnoticed because it could be lesion and suggest cancer of the CBD or pancreas. Has anyone undergone MRCP with comprosied kidneys?
Avatar n tn Firstly, the technician can move the arms out of the field of imaging. Secondly, the only metal that interferes with the MRI is metal that is mobile and not metal that is firmly implanted in muscle. Examples of metal which would not allow an MRI to be performed are pacemakers or surgical clips in the brain. I hope you find this information helpful. This response is being provided for general informational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice or consultation.
Avatar n tn I had wrote you a few days ago about having pancreatis from the ercp I had ran a few weeks ago and stated about my intern wanting to do a MRCP and I appreciate the help you have given me about my condition but my question this time is. I had an orif on my right arm in "92 and I have a plate and 4 screws in my arm. I thought with an MRI that they could not do it if you had any medal in your body. Am I right? If this is true then where can I go from here?
Avatar n tn I recently had a CT scan of my pelvis and abdomen due to unexplained swelling of my left leg and foot. Here are my results. I could really use some answers. Here are the areas of concern. Everything else was fine. **Liver appears normal in size and contour. Prominence of intrahepatic ductal system is visualized of unknown etiology. **Heterogeneous enhancing left adrenal mass measuring 1.7 x 2.7cm is identified. **A 2.8 x 3.4cm cystic lesion visualized in the left adnexa.
418191 tn?1205199121 MRI of the liver with and without eovist. Technical Factors: Routine MRI of the abdomen with double dose Eovist (15 mL) and routine MRCP. The use of Eovist (gadoxetate disodium) a liver specific MRI contrast agent was used in place of traditional gadolinium based contrast agents. Findings: The gallbladder is surgically absent. The common bile duct measures 7 mm and is within normal limits without stricture or CBD stone. The intrahepatic ducts are normal.
Avatar f tn But it is not, in my experience, a proof of cancer - a biopsy is needed to confirm the status of the suspicious growth. Maybe needle biopsy can be performed. In my experience this is a same day and painless procedure. I comment on painless based on what my wife said about a needle biopsy she underwent because of active nodule activity in her lungs.
979080 tn?1323437239 It can be done at the time of MRI of Liver but adds time in the claustophobic MRI environment. MRI is less useful for bowel (duodenum and stomach) than CT. Best to all, Robo229 to Medhelp moderator, I am aware that previous MD posts have been pulled/edited pending review of crediatials. If contacted, I will be happy to provide any info required. I am a board certified radiologist in NY with fellowship training in body imaging.
556383 tn?1215562439 Well, you should find gallbladder...MRI should show it for sure. Ask if MRCP (MRI investigation of biliary tree) would be appropriate in your case.
Avatar m tn I had an abdomen MRI/MRCP from the hospital and got a CD, which includes a viewer and images. Dr. showed me the very small pancreatic tumors (about 15 cysts) on the computer screen. I am able to view it on my computer, but can not see very clearly, I have two computer with the display resolution of 1440x900 and 1920x1080. Higher resolution showed better images, but not as clear as that the Dr's office. The computer at Dr's offcie seems a typical small computer with small screen.
436191 tn?1256649906 And what does this cyst consist of? Who knows! It seems that regardless of the results of a HIDA scan, the majority of persons with symptoms consistent with acalculous gallbladder disease who had their gall bladders removed saw their symptoms markedly improve or completely relieved. You have symptoms and an 8mm cyst. Skip the HIDA scan and schedule a LC! I had a HIDA scan and my ejection fraction was 17 and I just felt a bit of gas with the CCK.
Avatar m tn Also, I see that there is a great deal of good CT data, but enhanced MRI/MRCP imaging should be used as well. Especially wrt the liver tumors, the MRI imaging uses the dual blood supply to provide unique imaging data and insights. Let us know how things are going and when the doctors are able to start to finalize the true nature of the tumors and have a working diagnosis.
Avatar f tn On the matter of stones, there might indeed be stones that don't show up on the scan. In fact, up to 50% of cases show stone formation in patients where none was seen before (conversely, up to 10% of cases where stones are "seen" there really aren't any). No way to tell if symptoms were caused by these unseen stones, however, though they're obviously suspect. (Some contend that dyskinesia can expedite the formation of stones.
Avatar f tn his partner who performs the ERCP's refused to do the procedure atm due to the high risk of pancreatitis but there is an alternative an MRCP its like a MRI and non-invasive. My GB was revoved last July after I started having issues but I have to tell you that it now appears to be of my own making by going on a shake diet and lost too much eight in a short time, (not recommended to anyone).
Avatar m tn Basic ultrasound was done by the radiologist at Child berth center , but nothing unusual was detected. Later on they suggested us to refer Gastro. Next test advised us is go for MRI scan for the liver part. Shall we go for MRI scan or for Ultrasound first, at good radiologist? She is having severe itching problem as well, for which doctor referred us to Dermatologist, who told its some kind of allergy. I am getting too much confused, and don't know whom to follow..
Avatar n tn 1) There has been a comprehensive evaluation of the GI tract. If you are concerned about the pancreas, an MRI (seperate from an MRCP) or an endoscopic ultrasound can be considered to further evaluate this. 2) MRCP evaluates the biliary ducts. An MRI of the pancreas can provide more clarity. Anti-anxiety medications will help if anxiety is causing your symptoms. 3) It is possible for a pancreatic tumor to cause such pain.
Avatar f tn This is typically evaluated by repeating your liver function tests and obtaining a MRCP - a specialized version of a MRI which does not give the baby or you any radiation exposure. Your surgeon needs to know about your symptoms. Regards.
Avatar n tn I had every test know to man from Endoscopy,ultrasound,small bowls through, MRI, MRCP, cat scan upper GI series, 24 ph study, mamaothery, breath test for glucose, blood work for h.pylori. chest xrays and gastric emptying study and everything is negative. Pills from reglan to domperdome to surfaclate, librax. Anit-dpression pills for lexapro to another pill but can't remember it at this time. Nothing worked. Try taking regimint but that is not working.
Avatar n tn Common tests used for diagnosis are fecal elastase in stool, serum trypsinogen, CT scan and ultrasounds (which often come back normal), MRI, ERCP and MRCP (all of these imaging studies are more conclusive). Treatment is by analgesics and antioxidants. You will need to avoid alcohol until the inflammation settles down. If the above two conditions are ruled out, then possibility of inflammation of gall bladder, Crohn’s disease and IBS should be looked into. Also keep a food diary.
Avatar n tn He ordered many, many blood tests (13 tubes worth) and and abdominal MRI. Suggested Spinster of Oddi Dysfunction. Perscribed Nitroglycerin for the pain and told me to take 2 Nexium vs. 1 for 30 days. He told me he would get back to me if anything else showed up in the tests. Blood tests 5/1 MTI 5/6. To date I have not heard a word from my Gastro. Doc. However; my GP(also received copies of all tests) called yesterday and asked if I was taking any kind of iron pill or suppliment; I am not.
Avatar n tn I a CT scan done of the stomach a few months back. it showed dialation of the duct. The Radiologist told my gastro lady to order an MRCP/MRI of the area or an ERCP. She chose the MRCP. That showed negative. She told me that of it had shown something she would of referred me to a Biliary expert. Apparently general gastroenterologists do not treat this condtion and besides, this is such a delicate would want to see a good biliary doctor anyway. Good Luck to you.
338985 tn?1304317802 I don not have previous imaging for comparison,but I assume that an isodense stone in the lower end of the common bile duct has been excluded with MR scan. In this setting the possibilty of a tumour of the duodenal papilla or at the distal end of the common bile duct becomes the most likely cause,an ERCP may be needed..... That is it!!!! hard to understand but i doubt they will do another ERCP as they said they dont want to...
Avatar n tn I live in Houston where we have the world famous medical center. But, still waiting for my reuslts of the MRCP/MRI/MRA of the tummy. I too have had elevations of liver tests, mainly the ALK Phos? My cholesterol is always around 205-215. I cannot ever remember it being under 200 where it should be. ~~~sigh~~~ The very best to you.
Avatar n tn the CT Scans I had they were looking for fluid build up. I did have an MRCP which is an MRI of your billiary system. This would have shown a blockage. Another test they can do is an ERCP where they put a scope down your throat and check things out. You can search on the web for ERCP and MRCP and it will give you info about both. The downfall to the ERCP if you don't have any stones present, the chances of getting Pancreatitis increases. My gastro doctor told me this.
Avatar f tn STILL couldn't have any pain meds, AND they wanted me to drink the barium thing for my CT scan which was next. I got a little of it down, and promptly threw it back up. They decided to just take me for the scan anyway. That went really quickly and I finally got back to the room where they FINALLY gave me some more demerol. 20 minutes later I was still in pain. So they came back and gave me some dilauded. Normally dilauded knocks you out...I was in so much pain it barely did anything.
Avatar n tn I have NOT DONE the CT scan yet. The Pathologist asked me to go for a CT Scan but after reading a few of the articles re Tumour Markers, I was trying to seek medical advice from professional medias and I was fortunate to read some of your valuable articles re this Tumour Marker. Until todate I have NOT GONE FOR ANY CT SCAN YET. I am feeling normal and I do not have any symptoms. I CASUALLY went for a helath check and was surprised that my tumuor marker level was 51.7 .