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Avatar n tn is there any treatment besides surgery for herniated disk in neck my mri report reads non contrast-cervical spine demonstrates reversal of the normal curvature of the cervical spine with degenerative disk signal at c4-5,c5-6,and c6-7 and central and left paramedian disk herniation at c4-5. this is a fairly broad-based area of herniation that is about 1 cm in width and about 4mm in maximum ap diameter. this does compress the thecal sac.
Avatar n tn In June of 2007 I colapsed at home with a herniated disc so bad that it required emergency discectomy and lamectomy surgery in L5/S1 area. My back area is great now and I was in so much pain before hand that it was impossible to walk. I physically crawled from my bedroom to the car to go to the dr's. The long and short of this is that everyone is different. Everyone's circumstances are different.
154876 tn?1420480636 The therapist is the one who told me allot of people including himself get a herniated disk from things other than an accident.The chiropractor says my posture is bad. I have read that with a herniated disk also comes pain or numbness in the arms and sometimes pain down the back thru the legs. I have none of that. I always thought my headaches were just coming from my allergies or stress in my home. Maybe an orthopedic Dr.
Avatar f tn my bottom of my legs feel heavy all the time and iv have sciatica pain all on the right side along with pain in my right side. I have had Mri scan and I also have a herniated disk but it is calcified lesion pressing on my spinal code t9 level. he does not want to operate at this moment in time because I can still get around. but I am starting to get upper back pain on the left hand side. plus I get like sharp pain across my left breast to sharp to breath it last a few minutes then it goes.
Avatar f tn i need a second opinion on my mri scan results. It is..there is straightening of lumbar lordotic curvature. Lumbar vertebral bodies show normal height and alignment with degenerative changes seen as small osteophytes at some levels. There is slightly reduced disc height and T2 hyperintensity at L4/5. At L4/5 there is central disk protrusion indenting thecal sac. At L5/S1 there is small perineural cyst associated with the decending right S1 root.
Avatar m tn At L4/5 There is annualar disk bulge with posterior focal disk protrusion in the left paracentral location impinging the origin of the left L5 nerve root as it merges fron the dural sac. at L5S1 Contcentric disk bulge again noted with a tear of the posterior anulus fibrosus in left paracentral location. it is in very close contact to the left S1 nerve root but does not seem to cause its displacement or compression.
Avatar n tn Could these symptoms be the result of the herniated disk or anxiety or both? I am a worrier and have been worrying a lot. Would both MRIs be normal (except disk) if it was MS?
Avatar m tn I've done every single test possible.. MRI with contrast and no contrast, cat scan, nerve conductive procedure. My problem is that the two surgeons I've visited cant commit to operating because they are not sure the disc is the problem.. I have nothing else wrong in my back but this, so everything points towards the disc. One of the surgeons had me do a transforaminal selective block to see if the pain will go away and then if it did, he will then operate the disk.
Avatar n tn hi i have a herniated disk from a car accident in 2006 i have pain every day even after therapy i feel dizzy some times i have panic attacks and i have to get up out of bed and sleep in a lounge chair my bed makes my neck hurt even more my herniated disk is located in c4 c5 my fingers and hands goes num all of the time house work is hard for me sex is hard for me carrying bags is a promble im suing the person that hit insurance company they offer me 8,000 dllrs are u kidding me this pain i have
Avatar n tn Dear Doctor, I have been suffering from pins and needles in my left arm and tingling and weakness in my index, thumb and second finger for about 4 week after having severe neck and shoulder pain for 3 days. I would be very grateful if you would decipher the results of my mri scan as I have to wait some time for an appointment with a neurosurgeon. THERE IS A LOSS OF THE NORMAL CERVICAL LORDOSIS CONSEQUENT TO MODERATELY SEVERE DEGENERATIVE CHANGE AT C4-5, C5-6 AND C6-7.
Avatar m tn Previously, I chipped part of my L5/S1 disk. It subsequently landed on the root of my sciatic nerve. Getting out of my car and standing up was quite a treat, let me tell you. On a couple of occasions, I almost had to have my wife help me put on my socks. Fun! Fast forward to now. Lots of core classes have helped my back pain over the last 6 months or so. But lately, low back has taken a turn for the worse. The nerve pain on the outside of my left foot is brutal.
Avatar f tn i had an ct scan and mri back in october 1989 when i first hurt my back
Avatar f tn In most people, the pain of a herniated disk (i.e., disc bulge) resolves over 4-6 weeks. The most severe pain actually eases up within 1-2 weeks. Only a minority of people ever require surgery. (Symptoms suggesting the need for urgent surgery include muscle weakness, loss of bowel or bladder control, loss of sensation, particularly in the pelvis and severe and progressive pain). With time, the amount of disk that has herniated shrinks and with time resolves completely in most people.
Avatar f tn I have been doing a lot of research about my condition which isnt quite specified yet but i do have a herniated disk. I previously posted on the neurology forum but havent poised this question there. Awaiting my MRI for more details on what is next. My question is does anyone know if Disk Replacement surgery is currently in practice in Canada? Any info i check into in my area doesnt say whether or not the current surgeons practice it.
Avatar m tn Srivastava, I have much of the same symptoms dent1039 describes. Diagnosed via MRI, CT and Bone Scan with, Herniated L5-S1 of which I have received nerve root injections, coccydynia of which I also received several injections (which actually helped that area a lot) and Chronic Non-bacterial Prostatitis (propecia as I'm allergic to Flowmax). For the Prostatitis I took all of the usual tests and antibiotics as well as the full scope (ouch) and multiple and regular PSA testing (1.
Avatar n tn I went thru a two level ACDF (C5-C7) in Nov 2006, due to herniated disk. I have a titanium plate and screws. I did not wear any kind of collar after surgery. Before my surgery I had some pain in my neck and pain and numbness in my right arm. I was able to control it with mostly over the counter pain meds. Since my surgery I am in more pain than before, My doctor says that my post-op MRI and ct scan are normal.
Avatar n tn Hello, I was recently (30 days ago)(via an MRI) told that I have a Large herniated Disk in the C-5/C-6 area which is pushing paramidline on the nerve. I did it by exercising of all things. My symptoms are slight neck shoulder, and right arm pain with some minor weakness in the right arm. My discomfort is worse in the evening but is treatable with a small dose of pain med when needed. I have even noticed some improvement over the last week or so.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with degenerative disk disease. What is the success rate of pain management techniques such as acupuncture, and how do I go about finding a reputable specialist in the field?
Avatar f tn but my low-back pain that persisted for months after my accident finally got my primary care doctor to send me for a CAT Scan and then for an MRI that diagnosed this moderately large central/slightly para-median disc herniation at L5-S1, as well as a large broad-based bulge as L4-L5. WHAT SHOULD I DO?
Avatar n tn The decreased signal appearance on the MRI is caused by 'dessication' of the disc This means that there is a loss of water content within the discs, which is usually normal as people get older The loss of water shows up as a loss of signal (or a darker area) on the MRI scan It can be a very early sign of disc degeneration, a slow process where the disc gets wear and tear over time PW
Avatar n tn herniated disk posted by Randy Taber on October 30, 1998 at 21:03:18: December of 1997 I was struck by a car while bicycling. I was taken to the hospital and was released-said I had a sprained shoulder (left) and knee (right), and 3 herniated disks in my back/neck-don't know the exact name of each disk. Since then I have had cronic back pain and have some stiffness in my neck.. Ihave received chiropractic treatment-still pain.
1831846 tn?1318382196 on the 18th of this month, where I will be demanding an MRI and referral to a specialist. But the CT scan states no evidence of intracranial hemorrhage, ventricular system is normal in size and configuration, withough evidence of hydrocephalus. No discrete parenchymal masses nor evidence of mass effect. There is a slight inferior displacement of the cerebellar tonsils, suggesting a mild chiari 1 malformation. No extra-axial blood or fluid collections are identified.
Avatar n tn I went to the rheumatologist and he told me I did not have rheumatoid arthritis. He ordered an MRI, bone scan, etc, and it was found that I had a herniated disc that was blocking my spinal canal. I had a laminectomy with lumbar decompression of L4-L5 area. This took place in Oct 1998. The neurosurgeon retired soon after that. I started having pain in the back of both of my legs, which continued until today, when I did any kind of physical activity.
233622 tn?1279338505 I got my result of my t-spine MRI and everything looked fine. MY c-spine was good too except for a mild bulging disk. I have a lot of trouble with numbness in my arms, neck, mid back. I was expecting something to show up. A pinched nerve or something. My MRI was done on a 1.5 t. I am wondering if something might show up on a stronger machine. It is odd that I'd have this numbness when my back seems to be in good shape.
Avatar n tn I'm 35 male, take Prilosec OTC, 75 mcg synthroid, and 162 mg aspirin (PFO). I have not has a stroke before or a DVT... In 2005, had complaints of numbness in my extremities. Had brain MRI, spine MRI, and spinal tap. Spine MRI and lumbar puncture normal, but brain MRI revealed small area in right midbrain that was suspicious, although it didn't show any effects of the contrast material. Followed-up with a Multiple Sclerosis doc who said he didn't think it was MS.
Avatar f tn But it does appear to have some cord compression noted above the disk involved. My remnants of my disk look more like fragments then of a bulge. I looked over the disk with my chiropractor. I have been noticing more recently tingling and numbness on my left side mostly.In my hand and my foot. At nite i feel a weird sensation in my legs that i cant describe but it is more a heavyness and restlessness in my legs.
Avatar n tn Before surgery I suffered for a very long time with shooting pain down my arm and eventually loss of feeling on the left side of my left hand and wrist. MRI showed a 10 milimeter blowout. By the time I had the surgery my pinky and ring fingers had dropped and I was unable to move them and the wrist the same thing. The disk was pressing on the spinal cord as well as compressing the ulna nerve. So it can get worse if not dealt with. I waited to long and surgery became an option I had to do.
Avatar f tn I have had no accidents or injuries and can only determine that the herniated disks are a result of the weight of my duty belt pulling on my neck. Workers comp has denied the claim and I'm paying for everything through my insurance. The first 2 weeks the pain was excruciating. It has ceased some but I'm walking around and now working with a stiff neck and a severe headache. If I bend over, cough, use the bathroom, sneeze, etc. the throbbing comes back.
Avatar n tn with regards to your MRI SCAN i cAN GIVE YOU SOME general you have a narrowing in your spine .in the bit where the nerves go {thats why you may have some leg pain].Also you have DDD this is simalar to Arthritus it may give you pain but not always. you have a small slipped disk ay L4/L5. I take it from your results you are 30 + in years? are you male? have you had an op yet? as a person who has had two ops on his back i would advise AGAINGT it if you can!!