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Avatar f tn Then your MRI showed a couple of punctate nonspecific foci of hyperintense T2/Flair signal the the left frontal subcortical white matter. These appear to be plaques or areas of demyelination in the white matter of brain. These if correlated point towards multiple sclerosis. this needs exclusion after a cerebrospinal fluid analysis to see for cells, abnormal proteins and oligoclonal bands and neurophysiological testing.
Avatar n tn I had a brain mri scan for recurrent 'auras' thought to be due to migraine. The result of the scan came back normal except for a few spots of plaques. I am 50, is this normal? I am concerned that it is indicative of early degeneration associated with dementia.
Avatar m tn Recently I went to the ER with ringing in the ears that lasted 24 hours and after a CT scan, the radiologist said to have found a mass on my brain. I am awaiting my MRI, but in the process I have taken my CT to two neurologists, both of whom have said that there is no mass on my brain and that I have nothing to worry about. "You have a completely perfectly healthy 23 year old brain. There is absolutely nothing on this scan to suggest otherwise.
Avatar n tn We have now gone for a MRI scan on the brain ans results show some small scarring on the side of the brain. She then had a second scan and the results showed the same scarring (although no change to the size etc) Is this good news ? After the second results we really have been told very little.........unsure of where we go next. She appears a little better and a bit more enery but we are talking a year and a half after the really agressive symtoms.
Avatar f tn Hi!! I had an MRI of my brain a few weeks ago. I've had a copy of the letter sent from the stroke consultant (was admited with possible stroke symptoms but they then thought it was a possible migraine) to the Neurologist. This is the report: "MRI of the brain showed an unusual lesion involving the right parietal cortical grey and sub cortical white matter and the vessel imaging was within normal limits.
1531068 tn?1297884489 HA Technique: Routine 1.5 T MRI of the brain without and with 16 mL of Magnevist, and routine noncontrast MRA of the head. FINDINGS: MRI brain: Brain signal, morphology, diffusion and enhancement are normal. The cerebellar tonsils extend to the foramen magnum, with small caliber is cisterna magna, though not meeting strict criteria for Chiari malformation. Ventricles and sulci are normal. No intracranial mass or abnormal fluid collection. Visualized skull base and calvarium are unremarkable.
Avatar n tn Just some ms type symptoms,(mood swings, fatigue, tingle, twindges,etc) normal Mri scan (scan was with contrast) Anyhow had a flue bug and about a month later things started, tingle, etc. Im excluding Gulliane barr, due to the fact things have been ongoing for a few (3)months. Have heard of viruses attacking the peripheral nerves, what type of symptoms would you have if this is the case? (do peripheral problems feel the same as central)? I've also heard LUPUS can create peripheral problems.
378673 tn?1211298497 Also, there are times when CT scan will not be able to detect a small lesion in the brain. That is the time when MRI is requested. Maybe your doctor is thinking of other disease conditions that caused your headaches and dizziness, that is why he requested for an MRI.
Avatar m tn Please answer me if you have any idea what those small 3 or 4 cists in my MRI scan could be along with all the other strange symptoms. Thank you very much to whoever answers!
Avatar f tn Hi! MRI findings could indicate small vessel ischemic disease or changes of brain blood vessels. These changes are seen in aging, migraine headaches, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's or Wilson's Disease,. Though they are of no immediate threat, all these causes, and the presence of ischemic changes can be a risk factor for future stroke.
Avatar m tn MRI For BRAIN:- >> MR imaging of the brain was performed in sagittal, coronal and axial plane using synergy head coil on 3 Tesla MRI. SE, TSE, and FLAIR sequences were used to obtain T1 and T2 weighted images. Post contrast scans were obtained after giving I/V Gd-DTPA. >> The brain parenchyma appears normal in the supratentorial compartment. There is no mass lesion or any active granulomatous lesion. There is no mass effect, no midline shift. No obvious vascular lesion.
Avatar n tn some friend advice me to take mri scan????? my question 1-what diagnosis of my case?? 2-what is important of mri scan ( i take ct scan) plz quickly answer fast you can.
Avatar n tn Hello Dear, The symptoms depend on the location of the cyst. CT and MRI scans are used to diagnose brain cysts. CT scans show the detail of the skull bones, and provides a visual image of mineral content in or around these masses. MRI scans complement CT scanning by providing a picture of the location of the cyst in relation to the blood vessels and vital structures of the brain There are specific types of cysts. They are named for the type of tissue from which they arise and for their contents.
Avatar n tn I a cat scan done because of dizziness and then a MRI was done because of something abnormal on the cat scan. The impression of the MRI said there are multiple areas of abnormal signal intensity in the cerebral white matter. A demyelination process would be a strong consideraton. Nonspecific nonacute microvascular changes with a vasculitis would also be in the differential diagnosis. Can you please explain what this means? My dr.
Avatar n tn I would recommend that your father be seen by a neurologist and obtain an MRI of the brain. It may also be of benefit to have neurocognitive testing performed to evaluate for other causes and also to evaluate the severity of the cognitive causes are post trauma. Thank you for using the forum, I hope you find this information useful, good luck.
Avatar n tn I have a son that is 36 that has MS. Our family is healthy other than that. What could be the other causes of this brain spot? I would appreciate any information that you can give us.
Avatar f tn But let us be hopeful, perhaps it is indeed a small tumor found early and is not cancer, and it will come out easy without injuring nearby parts of the brain, and she will never again have the risk of seizure or passing out, altho it sometimes takes a while for a patient to get over brain surgery. As for her job, those things can wait, which will probably be the case.
Avatar f tn Septum pellucidum The septum pellucidum (also called the septum lucidum ) is a thin, triangular, vertical membrane that separates the lateral ventricles of the brain. It separates the anterior horn of the left and right lateral ventricles. It runs as a sheet from the corpus callosum down to the fornix. When the hemispheres are cut apart, the septum remains on one hemisphere, usually the left. The septum pellucidum is currently believed to have no particularly special functional importance.
Avatar n tn sorry 4 distrubance as i saw u helped puneeta spo i am replying u with my prob , maim ui have clacification in my brain (a layar of white thing dense) i had a MRI and also CT scan , and i came to know when i was attacked by ( u can say parrellized ) but not as full my mouth was sturk and suddenly i stoped speaking now i have same prob with my voice i couldnt really speak , i struck in disscussion in a while .
Avatar m tn - Had a plethora of every blood test imaginable. - Seen several doctors. - MRI - ECG - EEG All tests have been negative and all the professionals are still to find out what this mystery illness is. It is incredibly frustrating because nobody else can see or experience how I feel and understand how upsetting it is to deal with a mystery illness on a daily basis. Symptoms; - Episodic random bouts of brain fog.
539549 tn?1315985262 So yesterday I was in bed when I recivedied a phone call it was my doctor cherol and she told me I still have high testosterone levels but that they noticed another homone level was high as well and they want to get to the bottom of whats causing it but that it might be my seriquil and that they want an MRI of my brain in order to figure out whats causing it I was woundering if there was more she could have told me but she wanted to speak with my mom about it so I gave her moms number.
Avatar m tn Recently I went to the ER with ringing in the ears that lasted 24 hours and after a CT scan, the radiologist said to have found a mass on my brain. I am awaiting my MRI, but in the process I have taken my CT to two neurologists, both of whom have said that there is no mass on my brain and that I have nothing to worry about. "You have a completely perfectly healthy 23 year old brain. There is absolutely nothing on this scan to suggest otherwise.
Avatar m tn Diagnosis can be made by examination, transillumination, xrays, a CT scan, or an MRI. The best way to avoid or get rid of a sinus headache is to treat the underlying sinus inflammation and, if present, clear any infection by using antibiotics. Treating the inflammation involves anything from using a humidifier to taking medicines to surgically drain of the mucous in the sinuses. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional queries.
Avatar f tn I had a 3T MRI of the brain. The report is as follows: Findings: There are no areas of restricted diffusion, no acute infarction. Small areas of high signal are noted peripherally near the gray-white junction in the frontal and parietal lobes, felt to be unchanged but better seen on this 3 Telsa examination. No new lesion, mass or mass effect.
Avatar f tn When brain tumors are treated with radiation therapy, there is always a risk of radiation-induced necrosis of healthy brain tissue. Insidious and potentially fatal, radiation necrosis of the brain may develop months or even years after irradiation. This poorly understood side effect can occur even when the most stringent measures are taken to avoid exposing healthy tissue to harmful levels of radiation.
Avatar n tn However, I have experienced the sensation of my brain shaking, long before I had ever taking any kind of prescribed drug of any sort, and i have never even once taken an AD drug. Though I remember is occuring before this, the first time I ever remember really acknowledging the brain shake was when i was kneeling down at a church altar. I had my head in my hands and it felt like someone inside my brian was shaking it back and forth, like a vibration almost.
220917 tn?1309788081 EEG which showed the same thing. He ruled out PFO and gave me an MRA, and MRI, both of which were normal. April 06 Had another episode. Doc actually saw me during episode. He was kind of stunned that it lasted for so many hours. He increased Topamax to 200mg twicw a day. I began having numbness in right foot, whch he attributed to Topamax. Summer -- Had about two weeks where I woke each morning with a migraine and vertigo at 4:30. Even on that much Topamax.
998545 tn?1249850830 Hello, I acquired a brain injury 9 years ago and recently had an MRI because I wanted to find solutions to ongoing difficulties and whether there was anything seriously wrong that I should be aware of. I had never had an MRI of my brain before and was never offered one. It was my own decision to have an MRI. A bit of background: - 14 years old at the time of the injury (23 years old now).
Avatar m tn No medications and healthy for 41 yrs, then one day I woke up with chest pain (later diagnosed as Pericarditis based on symptoms only) and had a vasovagal episode. Both of these were new for me. At the hospital ALL tests (Xray, EKG, Blood tests, and Echocardiogram) were ok but I was told that I had slightly elevated WBC and CK levels. The pain went away and I left feeling good.