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Avatar n tn I am worried about cancer having been there all along and now spread. I did have a head and neck CT scan in September 2004 and a head and neck MRI in March 2005. Would cancer in my thyroid have shown up on those? Thanks for any help.
Avatar f tn The surgery really isn't that bad either. I've had other neck surgery (benign nodule removed from a salivary gland - my neck likes to grow nodules evidently!), and that was FAR more painful than this one. You tend to see more horror stories than not, but it honestly isn't that bad if that's the route you have to go.
Avatar f tn Hello Doctor, I was detected with thyroid nodule incidentally while conducting MRI scan. This was done to see if I had any problem in my spine & neck. I met an Orthopedic Surgeon for my neck pain. My X-ray report said that there is block vertebra in C6 & C7. My MRI report says Posterior central disc-osteophytic complex at C4-5 & C5-6producing mild impression on thecal sac. No focal root compression. Congenital block vertebra at C6-C7.
611254 tn?1223918441 with an endocrinologist and she did a full blood screening (all normal) and ordered an MRI of my neck and an ultrasound of my thyroid. Well I had the MRI earlier this week and they called me on the results today and stated that there is a 'legion' that measures 14mm but neither my Dr. nor the Radiologist can determine whether or not it is on my thyroid or if it is an enlarged lymph node. Isn't that odd? I would think that an MRI could decipher between the two?! Also, what is a 'legion'?
198419 tn?1360245956 Solitary Pulmonary Nodule, Lung Cancer, Head and Neck Cancers, Colorectal Cancer, Esophageal Cancer, Melanoma, Lymphoma, and Breast Cancer. Combining PET with CT provides greater accuracy for the scanning, thereby reducing overall scan duration and patient discomfort, and allows performance of a diagnostic CT exam during the same patient visit, if needed. The Siemens MAGNETOM Allegra 3T MRI system is the Ultimate Brain MRI Machine and includes innovative features for state of the art imaging.
Avatar n tn If this nodule is originated from thyroid and not a lymph node it should be biopsied according to the criteria. The ultrasound of the thyroid and near-by area is better then MRI scan to find if nodule is thyroid related. As aside note one patient with full neck was almost choked by inexperienced physician; latter ultrasound revealed that her thyroid was partly substernal due to anatomical variation and palpation was useless in this case.
Avatar f tn He sent me this time to endocrinologist and she determined I am hypo with 4 nodules 2 on each side right side larger which is where I have the problem in my throat. Apparently one of the nodules is pressing on a nerve in my neck. Would have been nice if the MRI had included my neck but it was confined to my head. After a FNA and taking synthroid for a few months I am scheduled for a TT tomorrow. Sounds like you are having similar symptoms. Have you had blood work yet? If so what is your TSH?
Avatar m tn I recently had an MRI of my neck because I am having a lot of neck pain and numbness. In the results and unrelated to my neck situation it reads: Partially imaged is a septated T2 hyperintense lesion within the right lobe of the thyroid gland, 2.2 x 2.6 x 1.6 cm in diameter. Septated lesion in the right lobe of the thyroid gland may represent complex cyst. Thyroid sonogram would be helpful for further evaluation. I have had minor thyroid issues.
1187318 tn?1266388082 Kate Having this dreadful disease understandably make you anxious when you hear or see anything abnormal. 1- The left thyroid nodule needs to be evaluated you should have your blood drawn for thyroid function tests(TSH). The next test you should have for that is a sonogram of the thyroid and surrounding neck. In this instance a sonogram is the more precise study for evaluating thyroid nodules.
Avatar n tn and my heart was fine and i hade bad disk in neck and thyroid had a nodule about 1.1 cm right in the center with smaller ones in both sides of thyroid. so the next step was a thyroid uptake scan ..hated it .. damn giant pill!! well it came back cold nodule.. next fine needle biopsy.. came back active cells for cancer or something like that i dont know the exact words of it i was in a fog after being put in to all the test so next step sent me to a surgeon .
Avatar n tn I had persistent itching and swollen neck lymphnodes so my doctor sent me to get an MRI scan of neck, which showed mildly enlarged bilateral lympnodes(the largest, 1.9cm). My mother has non-hodgkins lymphoma and her doctor suggested I do a repeat MRI scan, which I did two months later. It still showed enlarged lymph nodes of the same size. He was wary of doing a biopsy, so he sent me for a pet scan instead which was completely normal.
Avatar f tn I am concerned because they found prominent lymph nodes on both sides of my neck. Would this be more of concern to you? Also one of the nodule with internal color flow seen. From what I have read on internet, more color flow or vascularity could mean higher risk of cancer. Thyroid nodules were discovered on MRI of cervical spine and recommended that I have thyroid scan. I just got my results today and wondering about enlarged lymph nodes.
Avatar f tn I would get a ct done but have had 4-5 done in the past (for sinuses, neck and abdomen/pelvis) from 2001 to 2005. I also recently had heart ablation/fluroscopy two months ago and have had several chest x-rays in the past and am afraid to get more due to radiation exposure. I was unaware of this in the past but have recently done research. Can anyone help? I am a 32 yr old female. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Do you have primary hyperparathyroidism? You should have a Sestamibi scan. MRI is not reliable, it did not reveal my parathyroids at all. I have the problem that here it is not possible to have a Sestamibi scan if one has mild hyperparathyroidism. It is only for those who will have parathyroid surgical operation. Others, with mild hyperparathyroidism, are only controlled at 6 months' intervals to reveal possible high enough blood calcium.
138239 tn?1239928524 Our 18 year old daughter complained about a lump in her throat difficulty talking & swallowing back in January, we then took her to the doctor who did blood work & it came back as Thyroid Peroxidase @ 36H norm: 34, Antithyroglobulin Ab 773H norm:40 T4 & TSH where normal.
Avatar f tn 4.8 MM is a very small nodule -- too small for a nuclear scan to call "cold" or "hot" so we don't know if it's cold. It won't cause pain and usually there is no reason to remove these small nodules. However the pain w/ radiation to ear could be thyroid inflammation (not likely related to nodule). Would discuss this possibility w/ your endocrinologist as well as rediscuss indication for surgery. Of course if you mean 4.
Avatar n tn Hi, Long story short but a MRI of my neck (for a different problem) led to an ultrasound of my thyroid which led to a nuclear scan of my thyroid. Got a copy of the results at my doc's office but he didn't even make an appt. to discuss these findings with me just referred me to an endo and I can't see him for a month. I'm scared that this all means that I have cancer. If anyone can calm my fears at all, it would be a wonderful thing as I am freaking out here.
Avatar f tn In 2008 I had a liver resection from Hemangioma tumors on my liver and they did some exploratory insight and did not find the nodule then. I have had MRI and CT scan back then and it was not there. Chest X rays too showed nothing. Would the recent CT scan show anything in the throat or larynx, like it did on the Thyroid or do they have to do it again?
Avatar f tn I would guess that what you were experiencing was because of the position your neck/head was in during the scan. I remember when they did my flexion positioned MRI it was a real struggle. It was because my odontoid was pressing on my medulla or something. Do you have any MRI pics you could upload?
Avatar n tn About most doctors not being able to tell if a nodule is cancerous or not. My personal opinion: if any doctor can tell you conclusively that you DO or DO NOT have cancer based just off an ultrasound, run! FNAs are great if they actually hit the cancer and find suspicious cells but they have a high false-negative rate (they frequently miss the cancerous cells within the nodule).
158939 tn?1274918797 Instead of a flat view of the front of my body they ran the scan on the sides this time of my head and neck. The bright spot had worried them too and they needed to see if it was a lymph node or salivary gland. It's not. The "bright spot" is under my left eye, towards my nose. Apparently in my sinuses. They have me downing tons of water to flush as much background nuclear material out and see if they can get a better idea of the size of this "thing" in my sinuses.
Avatar n tn ALL ON LEFT SIDE...tingling on left side of face...i went to e.r. where they did ct scan of neck...this is report...cyst/polyp left maxillary sinus, and an 6 mm nodule in left lobe of thyroid, indeterminate. this occurred on 7/21/08. breathing treatment, and more steroids. i called the 8/07/2008 i had pulmonary function test. i am now asthmatic. i am former runner (on a national level)...2 yrs. ago vo2 46.1....after that appt. i had an appt. w/endocrinologist.
Avatar n tn I am 43yo male, and recently had US and CT scan of the neck to investigate two swollen lymph nodes which were present for longer than a year in my left neck. Several nodes were found on the jugular(mid) chain, many sub-centimeter and 5 >= 1 CM the largest ones were 2.26, 1.65 and 1.55 CM. They are on both sides of the neck and under my chin as well. Nothing else was found in CTs of abdomen and groin. I have a biopsy scheduled for next month, but have read myself into anxiety attacks.
Avatar f tn Solitary Pulmonary Nodule, Lung Cancer, Head and Neck Cancers, Colorectal Cancer, Esophageal Cancer, Melanoma, Lymphoma, and Breast Cancer. Combining PET with CT provides greater accuracy for the scanning, thereby reducing overall scan duration and patient discomfort, and allows performance of a diagnostic CT exam during the same patient visit, if needed.
Avatar f tn C5 = "the base of the neck" meaning where the neck joins the body. Conversely, the C1 bone = where the neck joins the skull.
Avatar n tn just checking back the pain did go away for a little while but is back about 2wks now i went to an ear nose and throat dr that would be a (hoof and mouth dr) which is sending me to get a cat scan w contrast who thinks it is a pinched nerve in the neck??????
Avatar n tn but her pain in the neck persisted and oneday we notice that she had this nodule on the back of her neck. At times her head feels like pounding and pain would radiate to her shoulders. She's very worried about this. Luckily my aunt from california, informed us that she had the same symptoms before having had chronic sinusitis for more thatn 30 years. She then recommended us the solution...My wife right now feels so much better and her nodules on the back of her ears getting smaller.
Avatar n tn She also recommended I come back after I get insurance so I can get an MRI. I saw an ENT who did a CT scan but found nothing wrong with my sinuses. So after having spent $800 on these doctor visits alone, I just don't know where to go next. I was trying to save money by skipping a primary doctor (that I don't have anyway) and go straight to a specialty. But now I don't know what specialty to go to.
Avatar f tn There was a prominent right cervical level ll lymph node in the right neck measuring 2.4 x 0.7 cm. Then the CT Scan showed the prominent right cervical level ll lymph node measured previously on the ultrasound actually measured 2.4 x 1.6 x 1.5 cm. This is fairly homogenous and of intermediate density similar to muscle. There are small submental lymph nodes that can be seen bilaterally measuring on the right and a 1 cm short axis on the left.
Avatar n tn I have had a lump, very small about the size of a quarter on the back of my neck on the right side. It has been there for 1.5 years. My doctor sent me for a CT - it turned up nothing. My doctor sent me for an MRI - it turned up nothing. My doctor can feel the lump and I certainly know it is there. It doesn't cause massive pain but, if I turn my head and talk to someone or look at something for more than a few minutes I have pain.