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Avatar f tn Hi I am going for an mri scan of my head and neck tm but I am very afraid of small spaces can anyone tell how long this takes to get head and necks hanks
Avatar n tn I get occasional pain down my arms and have an electric shock sensation when bending the neck. Also i have fluctuating extreme tiredness. I recently had an MRI scan for possible MS, which came back ok except for an altered intramedullary signal at C2, described to me as a 'shadow'. I was scheduled for another MRI of just the cervical spine area to investigate this, and it was ordered without contrast.
Avatar f tn Straightening of the cervical lordosis is a straight neck which is also called military neck or cervical kyphosis. If this curvature loss is significant you may experience neck pain/stiffness, shoulder pain and headaches. A traction neck pillow can help with neck pain. Degenerative disc disease (DDD) is not really a disease but this term is used to describe the changes in your spinal discs as you age. The symptoms of DDD vary from person to person and there may be no symptoms at all.
470162 tn?1285755313 Most places are trying to go to CD so if yours is on film you won't be able to do this. Typically MRI machines are 1.5T STRENGTH. Open MRI range from 0.5T to 0.7T STRENGTH. I'm not sure if it would be on your films or not. I would asked next time or I went to a website that told what strength it was. The problem is that the better machines (the 3T) are few and far between. Most hospitals do not have them. I will be soon going to a university hospital that advertises having a 3T, 7T, & 8T.
Avatar n tn Dear Doctor, I have been suffering from pins and needles in my left arm and tingling and weakness in my index, thumb and second finger for about 4 week after having severe neck and shoulder pain for 3 days. I would be very grateful if you would decipher the results of my mri scan as I have to wait some time for an appointment with a neurosurgeon. THERE IS A LOSS OF THE NORMAL CERVICAL LORDOSIS CONSEQUENT TO MODERATELY SEVERE DEGENERATIVE CHANGE AT C4-5, C5-6 AND C6-7.
Avatar m tn hello, will mri cervical spine also image vessels in neck to show possible injury?
1222962 tn?1268834130 ( The MRI I had done recently was compared to a CT scan of my head / neck several months ago. I was in a three car automobile accident in 1998, then drug down a 200 foot embankment behind my home (actually, hanging on to the car door while it drug me down the hill.
Avatar m tn The MRI scan results shows like There are multiple foci of altered marrow signal which shows hypointense signal on T1 weighted images and hyperintense signal in T2 weighted images and STIR images noted involving C7,T4,T7,T9,T10,L1,L3,L5,S1 vertebrae .There is associated pedicle involment at T4(Right),T7(Right),T10(Bilateral),L3(Right),L5(Left).There is compression collapse of T7 vertebral body.Disc desiccation involving L5/S1 disc.Posterior annular tear at L5/S1 disc.
Avatar n tn Hi I have been having really bad weakness and pain in my arms and legs when I walk i feel like im going to fall ,I am having trouble folding clothes, my arms feel so heavy and they start to hurt I also have pain in my finger tips where it hurts to touch anything I had an MRI , for my neck I was having neck pain and lower back the MRI said I have degenerative disk disease throughout the cervical spine at c4-5 there is mild diffuse posterior bulging of the disk at c5-6 it shows moderate size neu
Avatar n tn I was recently in a car accident and have had a constant headache and neck pain since. I have had X-Rays, a CT scan, and most recently, a MRI. The results of the MRI were normal, but it says that I have a perineural cyst at T2-3 that is 10x13 millimeters. What is this? I have tried to look up information on this, but everything I have found shows these in the low back area. I would really just like a little information about what this cyst is and what problems it could cause.
Avatar f tn Can someone tell me if this is a bad result? FINDINGS: MR images of the cervical spine demonstrate intervertebral disc desiccation at multiple levels. Intervertebral space height is relatively well maintained. Vertebral body height alignment well maintained. Bone marrow signal is unremarkable. Brainstem and cervical spinal cord signal intensity is unremarkable. C2-C3: Disc osteophyte complex results in right slight and left mild neuroforaminal narrowing.
Avatar f tn pain, trauma, weakness. Axial images were performed and reformatted in the sagittal and coronal planes. Findings: There is reversal of the normal cervical lordosis centered at the C3-4 level. Moderate disc space height loss is present from C3 throughC7. A mild diffuse disc bulge is present at the C2-3 level without evidence for neural foraminal narrowing.
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2212869 tn?1339205218 Can someone help me figure out my MRI. I had a neck MRI done June 28 2012. I have neck pain and my right arm is numb off and on. Here are the results of it. PROCEDURE: MRI OF THE CERVICAL SPINE COMPARISON: None. INDICATIONS: Cervicalgia. FINDINGS: Sagittal T2, T1 inversion recovery and axial T2 images of the cervical spine were obtained along with localizer images. The examination reveals the craniocervical junction is unremarkable.
Avatar f tn However, in March, I started having L'Hermittes Sign, (pain elicited with flexion of the neck). Another MRI of my spine was done on a different 3T machine. in March, within 4 weeks of the first. It clearly showed 6 OLD lesions, 2 in the brainstem, 2 in the cervical spine and 2 in the thoracic spine. Clearly all of these were "invisible" on the lower power 1.5T machine. The point to take home here is that your MRI of the brain IS NOT NORMAL.
Avatar f tn Hi I just saw my MRI scan (brain) at my neurology app. There was a thumb print size white patch which is apparently typical of mild MS. I'd really appreciate some of your opinions please. I'm having more scans, of my brain, neck and I think spine and a lumbar puncture. My question is how many of these patches are needed to diagnose MS so I won't need the lumbar puncture? I really expected to be told it's nothing and to go away.
700067 tn?1332992883 I went in to the PCP today because my pain has gotten worse and this morning I lost control of my bowels. (I am still waiting to see the Chiari specialist.) She sent me over to the hospital for a CT scan and it came back "normal." I know that most people have MRIs and the Cine Flow MRI. Can a CT scan really be helpful? I was hoping she would get me a MRI of my spine since so far I've only had my brain looked at. She did give me gab for the pain. We'll see if that does anything.
Avatar f tn She did not order an MRI of my lower spine, just my neck (even though I asked her to do that at my initial visit). She said it is possible that we missed some lesions in that area, but she doesn't really think that is the culprit because my numbness has been in my face too, not just my arms and legs.
Avatar m tn Iv had every test you can which of,they came back normal apart from a xray from a private chiro saying my necks not right. I got my mri brain scan from the hospital that i had done last year in april and it shows my neck.They seem to think iv had it since birth as i had foreceps,i havent had any accidents in my life that could cause this :S. not sure if i trust chiro as after a few adjustments they want me to do cranial therapy,which is ment to be aloud of kak.
Avatar f tn It is usually a definite diagnosis only when you have had at least two attacks, separated in time and minimum two areas of demyelination on MRI. MRI brain shows hyperintensities in the periventricular white matter, sagittal FLAIR images are the most sensitive. Sagittal FLAIR images distinguish between non-specific white matter changes like seen in hypertension, diabetes, age above 50, migraine, smoking and high cholesterol levels.
Avatar f tn T1 and T2 sagittal images with gradient echo axial images from the mid C4 level to upper border of T2. There is reversal of the normal cervical lordosis. As on the previous scan, there is a minimal retrolisthesis at the C5/6 level. There is now very minor retrolisthesis at the C6/7 level. This is associated with elevation of the posterior longitudinal ligament.
534785 tn?1329595808 Normal pituitary gland, no evidence of mass. --I'll be picking up the MRI images after work and I'll post some of them here...if anyone has looked at a lot of these before, please take a look at mine and post any feedback you might have! Bloodwork, 7/21/08 Follicle Stimulating Hormone: 3.8 (range: 2.5 - 10.0) Prolactin: 9.6 (range: 2.8 - 29.2) Hormone level: 16.1 (range: 8.
Avatar f tn My doctor called me today with the results of my MRI of the brain and MRI of the neck. She said the brain MRI was completely normal but the neck showed increased swelling on the right side and I believe she said the lypmp nodes were more swollen on the right than the left. I will go over these results with her next week.. I informed her that the PRednisone they had me take prior to the contrast seemed to help my pain immensely and she thought that was interesting.
Avatar n tn At first he was pretty sure that it was a herrinated disk in her lower back and neck that was causing all this pain so he had her get an MRI of both regions. All the MRI came back negative for a bulging or herrniated disk. At that he thought that it might be in her nerves so he refered her to Dr. Ospina a Neurosergon with Neurosience Consultants in Reston, VA. He Imediately wanted to rule out MS, Lyme Disease, and Lupus. She had Scans done of her Brain and lab work done.
1469703 tn?1372045076 I had a CT scan done on 9/3/2010 due to some bad headaches and vision problems I was having. The report findings on that day are : Examination with multiple transverse sections shows symmetrical findings with no mass, hemorrhage, midline shift, or extracerebral collections. The ventricular system is within normal limits. The calvarium is intact. There is no evidence of acute infaction. Impression : Normal findings.
Avatar n tn Different magnetic fields operate during the scan - the function of these differing magnetic fields is to acheive the correct signals from the body to be able to produce the MRI images in 3 dimensions. The noises are specifically made by the GRADIENT COILS, powerful magnetic fields that are 'ramped' up and down rapidly.
Avatar f tn The ventricles are normal in size and position without midline shift unchanged from the prior brain MRI study. Best seen on the FLAIR images there is again seen to be a rounded focus of increased FLAIR signal intensity in the inferior left cerebellum measuring 7 mm in size which is unchanged.
Avatar m tn · Diffuse disc bulge and marginal posterior osteophytes at C5-C6 resulting in mild narrowing of spinal canal and bilateral neural foramina · Diffuse disc bulge with marginal posterior osteophytes at C4-C5 resulting in mild narrowing of spinal canal and left neural foramen with other findings as described. Please help me in understanding this MRI scan reports and where all the problem lies as my Neurologist suggests that there is no sure cure for this problem.
Avatar m tn I have not had an MRI of the cervical spine, only an X-Ray. What could show up in a MRI scan of the neck that could be causing this?
Avatar m tn Sometimes a dye may be injected into a vein to highlight blood flow in your arteries and veins, CT angiogram and provide additional detail regarding appearance of brain aneurysm. MRI can create detailed images of your brain and show aneurysm’s location. Hope this helps. Take care.