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Avatar m tn I had a bad auto accident in Nov and after x-rays and CTon my neck A MRI was recomended. My family doc put me off work and told me not to put myself in any position to slip and fall ao hit in the head. The MRI results show the following. APdiameter of the canal at 2-3 is only 11mm. There is a reversal of normal Lordosis. moderate narrowing of the CSF space around the cord and all levels 2-7 have moderate canal narrowing along with foramina narrowing.
Avatar n tn As in does it scan the areas above the neck inside the head below the brain.... Appreciate advice from someone who has done an MRI scan before....
Avatar n tn i hit the top/back of my head yesterday off the ceiling hard yesterday afternoon, and i was dizzy and really tired and i have pain in my neck and head and my left ear is like clogged or losing hearing , i was wondering if this is something i should go to the ER for???
Avatar n tn My doctor ordered a head scan with contrast. When I went, they did a scan without contrast then told me they were not going to do the one with contrast. Is that because everything looked normal or because they could already see an abnormality so didn't need to use the contrast?
Avatar m tn I have done an MRI from my neck 2 years ago and a CT scan from my head (no dye was used). They both came back normal. I’m very worried about having a brain tumor. Does it sound like a brain tumor or could I just be suffering from tension headaches and tight neck muscles?
Avatar m tn A number of things could show up on an MRI of your cervical spine; herniated disks, degenerative disease, pinched nerves, cervical spine straightening out, etc. Those were just some examples. That particular image will give a detailed picture of the lower part of the brain and the cervical spine/neck. You would be surprised the number of problems your cervical spine can cause. An X-ray really won't show alot in detail like an MRI.
Avatar f tn I was prescribed anti-depressents which calmed me but the headaches continued. I was then sent for a MRI head and neck scan without dye which came back clear. I have also had a ct scan of bowel and several other tests which again have been ok. I am now feeling sick but my GP will not send me for any more tests. I have a fear of cancer after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer ten years ago which turned out to be a complete mistake.
Avatar n tn finding it hard to turn my head numbness in my hands and fingers and just some really bad pain in my neck that radiates into my shoulders and down my spine. I got and MRI and was wondering if the finding here are normal just something that comes with age or do I have a serious problem.. I have yet to see my Dr. not for another 2 weeks. but the pain keeps getting worse I went and got a copy of the mri report. It states.
Avatar n tn I suffered a severe headache about 3 yrs ago after going to gym. Next day could not sit up due to sever pressure running up spine into head. Felt like my head was going to explode & my neck was in severe pain. Could not sit up without screaming from pain rising up spine into neck & head for a couple of months. More than a year could not bear the pain & weakness suffered in spine shooting into neck, shoulders & head. Battled to keep my head up.
1676453 tn?1304369181 and the bells palsy pain seems a lot more noticeable now... I dont want to have to get another MRI or scan so is there anyone who can reassure me that it'll heal on its own and go away???
Avatar f tn I went for an MRI of brain it showed a posible kink in blood vessel then they had me come back and did a coranary artery brain scan of neck and head. It showed nothing wrong no kinks no nothing. Are MRi's acurate? I have had this weird sensation on left side of head for 2.5 months. it's so annoying. iT's like a pressure feeling. Seems like it stemming from base of skull on left side. My jaws are tight too plus I get a twinge of pain in left side of tempe mostly when bending down.
Avatar n tn my wife had a mri scan on her neck the result came back as follows mri on the C- spine showd minor degenerative changes with a normal spinal cord there disc lesion at C6/C7 which corrugates the postrior longitudinal ligament by the spinal cord .
769745 tn?1345746412 I am having problems with my back neck and head, contant pain until dr gave me Gabapentin 3 3times aday now, iam sitll getting pain but its managable now. I have googled my sytoms and it came up with this: Everybody with MS is affected differently and your symptoms can vary from day to day. You may find they get worse with heat or exercise.
Avatar n tn Did you have an MRI or CT scan of your head done??? If not, you should have this done immediately. While it may be nothing, you should still have this checked out, given your circumstances. This is not to say that it's something you should begin worrying about--but you may have needed more than a neck brace following your accident.
Avatar n tn If I have the migraine one day in the month it might get better then hurt the next day and eventually go away all together for several weeks. I had an MRI and ct scan three years ago in relation to issues wi fibromyalgia. The only head issue since then is I had a concussion one year ago in that same area where I get the pain. I was hit with a full water bottle that was thrown on a soccer field. I just worry, is this possibly an aneurysm, would that pain come and go?
Avatar m tn I have had both an MRI and CT scan of the brain within the past six months, both without contrasts. I had the MRI to check for MS or other problems as I suddenly developed body wide twitching muscles. It came back normal. I also had a CT scan at the ER because I temporarily lost vision in my left eye. It came back normal and I was diagnosed with a migraine. For the past month or so, my neck has been sore and stiff.
Avatar m tn I finally have an appointment made with Dr. Ellis in Ft Worth on July 30. Headaches aren't occurring this past month but constant neck stiffness is definitely happening. Nothing debilitating, but enough to where it's painful having to turn my head or look up/down at something. I had X-Rays done on my neck to see if there was anything fractured/broken but all of my results came back perfectly healthy.
Avatar f tn I have been siffering from severe ear, head, & neck pain. No one seems to know what is cuaseing it. I have been going from Dr. to Dr. & they are all clue-less. It is not TMJ, the MRI was fine. I had a scope put down my nose & that was ok and now they put me on steroids. 15 years ago, I was diagnosed with Nasalpharangeal CA but they say this is not it. I'm worried because to me what else can it be. 1st they wanted to do another biopsy but now say I don't need one.
Avatar m tn Day 5 the morning was good but by noon things were like before he gets a head and neck pain any time he sits up or stands up. Day 6 same, day 7 his head sounds like its in a base drum and he hears rushing along with the head and neck pain when he standing or sitting. Day 8 same but were waiting to get into the ENT's office. Day 9 we see the ENT and he said no fluids in the ears and does a number of hearing test. Nothing found he said ENT are fine and the headaches must be neck related.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know why this could be happening and if I should get an mri or ct scan done? I also get migraines mostly after doing any type of strenuous activity with back neck and head pain. Please help.
Avatar n tn Hello, Numbness on one side of the brain along with headache, more with movement of the neck can be due to whiplash injury or cervical spodylosis. Diagnosis can be confirmed by X-ray, CT or MRI of the head and neck. You can use anti-inflammatory painkillers like ibuprofen, paracetamol. Muscle relaxants, or narcotics will also help. Use of soft cervical collars is also helpful. A good posture may help. Brace your shoulders slightly backwards, and walk 'like a model'.