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Avatar m tn about 10 years ago i was lifting a heavy item when i felt a pop in my neck just behind my right ear then i felt a throbing banging sensation in the same position i sat down and after a while it calmed down after that i felt very dizzy for a few weeks but every time a strained i got dizzy and if i stained really hard i would get the same banging feeling in my neck i also get a grinding in neck around the same pos as initial injury since then it has just been a down hill slope ive had constant s
Avatar m tn I had headaches/neck stiffness/nausea back in January/February and had an MRI with the radiologist pointing out a chiari malformation of less than 5mm. Neurosurgeon told me that there was no way that I had chiari, so I started seeing a plethora of different doctors all having their own idea as to what caused my symptoms, all of which ended up being wrong after running tests to check their ideas. The only thing that has yet to be tested for is chiari via the cine MRI scan.
Avatar m tn I originally started with shoulder/neck pain, and doctors couldn't figure it out. Turned out it was my C6-C7 nerve being pinched due to degenerating discs. It's possible yours could be from something similar, ask your doctor for an MRI.
Avatar f tn If the pain persists, you may ask to see an orthopedist and also have an MRI and/or CT scan. Xrays do not shwo everything and are not always reliable. The MRI and CT scan can show if it is a muscle, bone, tendon or ligament. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn I seemed to be making an excellent recovery but since early January 2011 the pain in my neck and shoulders has returned with a vengeance. Have to get MRI scan of complete spine and CT scan of lower spine on 4th March then see Spinal Surgeon on 11th March for outcome. Also had PLIF operation in December 2008 which Surgeon says has put undue stress on top of spine! Hope it is not another herniated disc around C7 area.
Avatar f tn I have consulted ortho and neurologists, carried out blood tests, MRI scan, Xray of neck, nerve conduction test and thyroid test two year back and the result was normal. Doctor prescribed some steroids and painkillers for few months. For time period i had relief, but the trouble started again after few months. Again i conducted another MRI on dec 2012 and the result showed the following: 1. Mild disc bulge at c3-c4 level indenting thecal sac. No e/o significant neural foraminal encroachment 2.
Avatar n tn I went to the er once and they wanted to do a cat scan or mri but because i was pregnant they wouldnt. My obgyn said if necessary i should get one, what good is a healthy baby without a healthy mom. I am just worried about the effects on the baby. I am 27 weeks, work full time, and have a 2 year old. I am just so conflicted with what to do, not sure i can last another 13 weeks with this kind of pain. Tylenol does not help.
Avatar n tn My specialist advised that my neck pain is caused by arthritis (i am 28) brought on by years of sitting at a computer and the shoulder blade pain from a damaged ligament and has recommended exercise for my neck and a cortisone injection for my shoulder blade. Is there anyone that can offer an opinion about what it wrong, if the two problems are connected to one another and how to go about easing the pain? I have has Chiro, PT treatment and acupuncture in the past which has not really helped.
Avatar f tn ve not had an MRI before, anyway the MRI will likely not show up all that can cause neck and shoulder pain but at the very least it will help rule out a lot of causes if your results are not abnormal. Hope it helps.....
Avatar f tn It feels like the pain is starting from neck or shoulder, and it goes stright thru my shoulder and down in my hand and fingers. They are all pins and needles and a throbbing pain. It is unbareable at this point and i can t get into my orthopedic until next week the earliest. What can i do and what does this sound like. I have not been in any car accidents are anything of that nature. It has just come on out of no where.
Avatar f tn I did intensive physio. which helped with certain movements but I was still left with a frozen shoulder. An MRI shortly after the accident indicated that my Biceps tendon appeared to be divided in two (in Sulcus) which they said could be normal.No further tests were done. Have had a great many "strange" things happening since then (pains across my chest, throbbing in my neck, memory issues, dizziness, etc.).
Avatar n tn 1.) A hemangioma is a primary, benign tumor most common in the thoracic and lumbar spine. Most don't cause any symptoms. Do you have localized pain at T2, it would be just below the C7-T1 bump at the bottom of your neck? 2.) Says everything's fine with your spinal cord. 3.
Avatar f tn The symptoms are pain on his neck, shoulder, arm, headaches, left eye redness, and weakness on the left part of his body. He went to several doctors and did a lot of exams, but no one had said nothing. He thinks that the problem is in his bones, and also he thinks it might be cancer. Could someone give me some advice to what kind of doctor should I take him to? Should I take to a bones doctor, what kind of exams should he take. Please help!!!
Avatar f tn I have headaches everyday! For 7 yrs now. My pain start's in my neck and shoulder area, and moves quickly to my head, but the pain stay's in my neck also. Light hurt's, noise, lifting my head up - down- sideways hurt's and makes me very sick. I get hot all over. I cant work, I am scared. I have been to Mayo clinic- I have had everything done, I have a icecream pale full of medicine's that didnt help. I am 5'7 and 200 # I try to walk and bike but the pain is so bad.
Avatar f tn I have had problems with my neck and R. shoulder area mostly feeling tense and stiff. Pain does radiate into R shoulder as well. I had CDT Scan showed nothing.. Thank god! Had an MRI of neck which showed a very minor bulge about 2 mm which the dr said was not anything to worry about and more than likely would not be causing all the pain i am experiencing. I have a few knots in neck and shoulder blade area with the tingling down the inner part of arm and pointer and ring finger...
Avatar n tn Hi , I have been out of work now since the end of Aug. with severe neck and top right muscle/shoulder pain. Doc. said it was Brachial Nueralgia. Had x-ray done by Chiro.-3 IVR encroachments ( pinched nerves?). MRI showed nothing. I will be seeing an ORTHO this Fri. I am in a cervical brace, and sling as needed and on 3 meds. Has anyone ever has this same problem. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn I wouold strongly advise you to see your Doctor and possibly ask for either an x-ray or MRI. I am not a candidate for an MRI since I have metal in the back.
Avatar n tn My wife had observed that the pain starts from right hand just below shoulder joint and slowly upto shoulder area and then to neck area to back side of head whenever she lies down on back ( 15 to 20 minutes after lying down).Apart from the neck and shoulder excercises she started doing steam inhalation as advised by Physiotherapist and heat therapy for shoulder and neck muscles.
Avatar f tn The tingling is provoked by neck movement and neck stiffness. I seen a neuro, she did a ton of blood work, and thoracic and another brain MRI, they were normal, theonly thing that showed was the bulging disk that my PCP sent me for, I also had a lumbar MRI, it was also normal. I tried trigger point injections, and also PT, it didn't seem to help. Everything that I have read says that the disk problem wouldn't cause the tingling in my face.
774736 tn?1311331385 I went to the ER back in January with these complaints and had a CAT scan of my head, and xray of my neck and they said there were no visible abnormalities and that I should follow up with my primary care doc. My primary care doc said that judging by the results of the tests that he sees no reason to be evaluated by a neurologist.
Avatar m tn About 2 years ago, I fell down the stairs and hit my head on a tree. They took me by ambulance and hospital did a CT scan and said I was okay. Ever since, I've had migraines, severe neck pain, bad vision, and the last year has developed into extreme back pain, upper and lower, my hip feels like it will fall out of its socket and has been hurting so badly that I cant lie on my right side anymore and my shoulder on right side also severely painful.