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Avatar n tn 2 year neck pain and shoulder area lost some motion in left arm This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/898547'>Numbness in finger tips</a>.
Avatar n tn But the severe neck and shoulder pain is not. This pain you're having in your arm, shoulder and hand, is this on both sides of your body, is your neck pain on one side or both? Are you getting stabbing electric type pain, where exactly is the numbness, which fingers?
Avatar m tn I had headaches/neck stiffness/nausea back in January/February and had an MRI with the radiologist pointing out a chiari malformation of less than 5mm. Neurosurgeon told me that there was no way that I had chiari, so I started seeing a plethora of different doctors all having their own idea as to what caused my symptoms, all of which ended up being wrong after running tests to check their ideas. The only thing that has yet to be tested for is chiari via the cine MRI scan.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have severe neck pain which radiates into my shoulder, it stops me from sleeping, also have limited movement in my neck - side to side, up and down. I recently had a mri scan which did show "pockets of inactivity" in my neck. I have since had a lumbar puncture to exclude MS, the doctor did say that all my reflexes etc were good and also said the scan is not typical with an ms patient. I did have a disc removed 15 years ago, L4 L5, and know that my posture is not good.
Avatar f tn I have consulted ortho and neurologists, carried out blood tests, MRI scan, Xray of neck, nerve conduction test and thyroid test two year back and the result was normal. Doctor prescribed some steroids and painkillers for few months. For time period i had relief, but the trouble started again after few months. Again i conducted another MRI on dec 2012 and the result showed the following: 1. Mild disc bulge at c3-c4 level indenting thecal sac. No e/o significant neural foraminal encroachment 2.
Avatar n tn I went to the er once and they wanted to do a cat scan or mri but because i was pregnant they wouldnt. My obgyn said if necessary i should get one, what good is a healthy baby without a healthy mom. I am just worried about the effects on the baby. I am 27 weeks, work full time, and have a 2 year old. I am just so conflicted with what to do, not sure i can last another 13 weeks with this kind of pain. Tylenol does not help.
Avatar f tn If this curvature loss is significant you may experience neck pain/stiffness, shoulder pain and headaches. A traction neck pillow can help with neck pain. Degenerative disc disease (DDD) is not really a disease but this term is used to describe the changes in your spinal discs as you age. The symptoms of DDD vary from person to person and there may be no symptoms at all.
470162 tn?1285755313 As I live in Australia I checked on the web to see what hospitals have the 3T, there are a few interstate and one a the University in my capital city and there are other hospitals with MRI scanners but it doesn't say what sort. I think I will ring where I had the scan and ask them. It will probably take them a week to find out, they are fairly hopeless. I will talk to my GP and see if she can find out and send me somewhere that uses the stronger one.
Avatar m tn Hello, I am facing neck and shoulder pain after bike accident from last 5 yrs. Visited Physiotherapy, they suggest me for MRI. But it shows only mussel pain coz of accident. Having pain in my left side. I am not be able to hold my hand up for 5mins. Can any one help me out?
Avatar f tn I was involved in a traffic accident five months ago and have had constant pain through my neck,shoulder and arm with spasms and limited use of my hand ever since. I finally had an MRI scan but need help interpreting them and would also welcome any advice on treatment i can expect and what my prognosis for full recovery is, the result as follows: There is minimal disc height reduction at C5/6.
Avatar n tn Hi. I am a 28 year male. I developed neck, shoulder and arm pain about 5 months ago (last week of Jan 2011). I lifted a 80 lb weight in gym I think that's was the cause. In Jan, i had lot of pain (9/10 on scale) while standing and setting in the chair (for 2 weeks) my doctor looking at my MRI scan which showed little bit of bulge in disc in between C5 & C6 - referred me to Physio therapist eventually the pain reduced but didn't become zero...
Avatar m tn I must admit i reading up lots and lots and not sure if i'm worrying myself or not. At the present time i have aches and pains in my neck and shoulder. I also seem to have numbness and sort of tightness in my hands. All of these pains and sensations seem to come and go. Presently i can manage the pain however it does at times get me down and disrupt my sleep. I'm in the UK and will have to have the treatment on the NHS so no doubt ill have to wait a number of months for my neurologist.
Avatar f tn i have 2 tears in my shoulder and a pinched nerve and artheritis traveling i'm 43 did you have a cat scan or mri? lots of times you have a bad habit sleeping or pc habit which is aggervating your neck ?
950941 tn?1246128108 no doctor i have seen has conected any of these issues, my recent neck x-ray and mri results have come back normal.... what course of action should i seek and what if anything should i say to my new doctor who i'm seeing on monday for the first time? any help anyone can give would be immensely appreciated, thank you.
Avatar n tn My specialist advised that my neck pain is caused by arthritis (i am 28) brought on by years of sitting at a computer and the shoulder blade pain from a damaged ligament and has recommended exercise for my neck and a cortisone injection for my shoulder blade. Is there anyone that can offer an opinion about what it wrong, if the two problems are connected to one another and how to go about easing the pain? I have has Chiro, PT treatment and acupuncture in the past which has not really helped.
Avatar f tn CT scan of the neck can show your bones in more detail and MRI is better at looking to see if soft tissues (such as bulging disk or herniations) are the cause of your nerve compression. Im unsure how long you've had this, but majority of radiculopathy will slowly get better with time, but there are nonsurgical options you may want to try. Physical therapy can strengthen the neck muscles around that area so you're not putting strain on your neck.
Avatar n tn I recently had X-Rays of my neck and spine and an MRI of my back due to neck and back pain. The results were disturbing: 1)Osteoporosis 2) straightening of the cervical and lumbar spine, and 3) degenerative arthritis and degnerative disc disease with prominent bone spurs. I cannot understand why I have osteoporosis because I have been on estrogen therapy for over ten years, exercise moderately,drink plenty of milk and take a daily multi-vitamin supplement.
1081074 tn?1256130532 I have a lot of jaw and shoulder pain (as well as other areas) and suffer from anemia. Good luck and please let us know how it goes.
Avatar f tn i didn't say anything about my neck at first. when he asked where my arm and shoulder was hurting i showed him. it is my whole arm now with shooting throbbing pain. i can not even find a comfortable position to ease it up. he asked if i had done anything to my neck because he thought it was a nerve pain. then i told him about my neck and he said well that explains it. he did an xray of my shoulder and he said my xray was good. nothing he could see to cause the pain.
Avatar n tn Has anyone ever heard of shoulder pain within the area of the rotator cuff causing neck pain and or extreme stiffness. I had adhesive capulitis years ago Had MRI done of neck and everything looked fine according to orthopedic doctor so he put injections in both shoulder and neck. Neither one worked very long to subside pain.
Avatar f tn I did intensive physio. which helped with certain movements but I was still left with a frozen shoulder. An MRI shortly after the accident indicated that my Biceps tendon appeared to be divided in two (in Sulcus) which they said could be normal.No further tests were done. Have had a great many "strange" things happening since then (pains across my chest, throbbing in my neck, memory issues, dizziness, etc.).
Avatar f tn t sleep on my side cuz i ge stabbing stiff pain in back and shoulders feel sore and so do hips knee and ankle.. i am going for emg tomorrow and then a cat scan of my head.. what the heck could this be?? my doc says my blood work shows inflammation ..he thinks its some kind of auto immune disorder.. and is sending mr to hemotologist/onocologist..hopefully this isn't permanent..any ideas??
Avatar f tn Total body bone scan, MRI neck, CT scan of head, neck and chest. I go back to my PCP Monday morning and I just want some ideas that I can discuss with her. Thanks so much everyone!
Avatar n tn He has had an MRI and CT scan but nothing abnormal was present. He is self-employed but unable to work properly and function in his every day life because of these headaches. We are not receiving help from the NHS (national health service), he is on the waiting list for an appointment which could take several months to come through. We are absolutely desperate..any help/suggestions would be much appreciated.
Avatar n tn He has had an MRI and CT scan but nothing abnormal was present. He is self-employed but unable to work properly and function in his every day life because of these headaches. We are not receiving help from the NHS, he is on the waiting list for an appointment which could take several months to come through. We are absolutely desperate..any help/suggestions would be much appreciated.
Avatar m tn I also have had same tests. You would think cat scan and mri would show pinched nervev in neck. I would love to hear how things turned out.
Avatar f tn The symptoms are pain on his neck, shoulder, arm, headaches, left eye redness, and weakness on the left part of his body. He went to several doctors and did a lot of exams, but no one had said nothing. He thinks that the problem is in his bones, and also he thinks it might be cancer. Could someone give me some advice to what kind of doctor should I take him to? Should I take to a bones doctor, what kind of exams should he take. Please help!!!
Avatar m tn just releases from the hospital with severe headache and neck pain with sweats, chills and some vomiting. nothing hsowed up iin mri and cat scans. what could be the cause.