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Avatar m tn I had a bad auto accident in Nov and after x-rays and CTon my neck A MRI was recomended. My family doc put me off work and told me not to put myself in any position to slip and fall ao hit in the head. The MRI results show the following. APdiameter of the canal at 2-3 is only 11mm. There is a reversal of normal Lordosis. moderate narrowing of the CSF space around the cord and all levels 2-7 have moderate canal narrowing along with foramina narrowing.
Avatar n tn my wife had a mri scan on her neck the result came back as follows mri on the C- spine showd minor degenerative changes with a normal spinal cord there disc lesion at C6/C7 which corrugates the postrior longitudinal ligament by the spinal cord .
Avatar n tn I understand these should be avoided while pregnant, but what if they are medically necessary? Has anyone gotten an MRI or Cat Scan while pregnant? What was the outcome, did it have an affect on your baby? Was it worth it? I have been experiencing agonizing pain in my left shoulder, neck, and arm, that sometimes radiates to my chest, making it hard to breathe. I am having a really hard time sleeping, and even functioning, and my quality of life has gone down because of it.
Avatar f tn If the pain persists, you may ask to see an orthopedist and also have an MRI and/or CT scan. Xrays do not shwo everything and are not always reliable. The MRI and CT scan can show if it is a muscle, bone, tendon or ligament. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn Not likely. A CAT scan, or MRI would be more effective.
Avatar n tn I have been to an internal medicine and ENT doctor, and I have had an MRI and CT scan of my neck, and I was told that everything appears normal. The ENT doctor said my lymph nodes are swollen, but the MRI was normal. My thyroid is not swollen and TSH and free T4 levels are fine. The last few days my neck has been hurting even more. I couldn't even work today it hurt so much. I have trouble swallowing, and when I lay on my back, it feels like my throat is closing up.
Avatar f tn my husband's PET scan report shows SUV=3.9 to 9.7. In PET scan, there is a lymphnode in neck and some in chest. SUV of neck lymphnode is 9.7 and for chest lymphnodes, it is 3.9 to 6.4. Docotrs wanted to do biopsy of this neck lymphnode but it was found difficult to do. He said that there is also possibility of sarcoidosis. In sarcoidosis, may this SUV be too high? My husband has no symptoms of lymphoma. Now what should we do? Doctors suggested to take regular checkup. But I am afraid.
Avatar n tn In this case I can safely suggest reading about MRI scans on Wikipedia. I've had a MRI scan before, on the brain. The Wikipedia article should thoroughly explain the process for you.
Avatar m tn I do have a copy of my MRI. I also had a CT scan done, both of which I have copies of (the CT scan was because the drs thought I had a blocked sinus cavity). I have yet to have any type of scan of my spine though, just brain.
Avatar n tn I wanted to mention that MRI scan reading depends a lot on the training and ability of the Doctor reading them. I don't know what type of specialist you're seeing, but most of them look at the scans themselves and come up with their own conclusions, and don't generally go by the Radiologist's report. Judging from your symptoms, I think this one must have missed something.
Avatar f tn Straightening of the cervical lordosis is a straight neck which is also called military neck or cervical kyphosis. If this curvature loss is significant you may experience neck pain/stiffness, shoulder pain and headaches. A traction neck pillow can help with neck pain. Degenerative disc disease (DDD) is not really a disease but this term is used to describe the changes in your spinal discs as you age. The symptoms of DDD vary from person to person and there may be no symptoms at all.
Avatar f tn There is very little in the mroning and as i begin my households and return from office, the pain increases. I was asked to go through MRI scan. The results say that there is dehydration on all the six discs from c2 to c7. My doctor said there was no problem and i have to go through phesiotherepy. I would like to know what exactly is dehydration in the discs and how can i strengthen my neck. I developed this with the mouse usage and improper posture at workplace.
Avatar m tn I have done an MRI from my neck 2 years ago and a CT scan from my head (no dye was used). They both came back normal. I’m very worried about having a brain tumor. Does it sound like a brain tumor or could I just be suffering from tension headaches and tight neck muscles?
233622 tn?1279334905 The way I understand it is a CT scan shows finer detail that an MRI doesn't. I think the CT scan is good for small things like blood vessels and what your doctor was looking for. I do NOT know this for sure. I just remember hearing that an MRI looks at things in a different way than a CT scan. I would post this question under a new post so maybe others will see it and can answer. I have thought about seeing if there is a T3 in my area.
Avatar m tn You need to go for an X-ray and Scan and if required MRI to diagnose your neck problem. The pain might also be due to some other problem, Eg infection, Tuberculosis etc. A visit to an orthopaedician will help in diagnosing if you have any problem with the neck muscles. We advise you to follow up with a Physician for proper diagnosis. Take care!
Avatar n tn I have had ra tests, ulta sound, carpal tunnel, cat scan, mri, blood test for ra, and all say negative. He says it has to be arthritis. \\ So, why would I get this 3 weeks after surgery?
Avatar m tn I have had both an MRI and CT scan of the brain within the past six months, both without contrasts. I had the MRI to check for MS or other problems as I suddenly developed body wide twitching muscles. It came back normal. I also had a CT scan at the ER because I temporarily lost vision in my left eye. It came back normal and I was diagnosed with a migraine. For the past month or so, my neck has been sore and stiff.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know why this could be happening and if I should get an mri or ct scan done? I also get migraines mostly after doing any type of strenuous activity with back neck and head pain. Please help.
Avatar f tn I have severe neck pain as well on my left side. After an MRI of the cervical spine, it showed severe arthritis between my C3-C5. I have an injection done about a month ago and it didn’t do anything. Next step will be a procedure (not sure of the name) to where they burn the nerves.
Avatar f tn hi, ive just had the worst expercience of anxiety i have ever had, i was booked to had a MRI scan thinking, no problem ill manage that seen it being done on TV ill be fine, i had no idea i suffered claustraphobia, i was actually fighting for breath and felt like someoe was sittin on my chest i was shouting at the poor nurse guy to get me out, we tried a few times but to no avail, i was left a blubbering wreck, ay advice on what kind of sedative to ask for when i go for a re try and the dose, im
Avatar f tn I went and saw my family doctor about my migraines and he decided to refer me to a neurologist and asked that I get a CT scan. While waiting for the neurologist to get to me, now the nurse calls me and say that I need a MRI before going to see the neurologist. There was no mention of the MRI prior to this phone call and I wanted to make sure that this is necessary. I don't have money to waste! ;) Doesn't a MRI and CT scan basically do the same thing?
Avatar n tn the pain you get in shoulder area is from nerve irritation from disk prolapse.consult a doctor and do the MRI scan of cervical spine if the symptoms are severe .
700067 tn?1332989283 I went in to the PCP today because my pain has gotten worse and this morning I lost control of my bowels. (I am still waiting to see the Chiari specialist.) She sent me over to the hospital for a CT scan and it came back "normal." I know that most people have MRIs and the Cine Flow MRI. Can a CT scan really be helpful? I was hoping she would get me a MRI of my spine since so far I've only had my brain looked at. She did give me gab for the pain.
Avatar f tn hi, ive just attempted to ave an MRI scan done for ny neck, ive been in constant chroinc pain for months, i thought i would be fine having the scan..boy was i wrong, i ended up a blubbering mess, feel very foolish now, not being able to go through with it, i know i HAVE to get this done....or do I??