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Avatar m tn Because of the metal in my body I was told a MRI is not possible. Can I have a MRI in the knee that has not had a knee replacement?
Avatar n tn Unless you have a WHOLE lot of metal in one spot, you are totaly safe. people with metal plates in their heads get them done.
Avatar f tn Every place I have called has a policy whereby they will not perform an MRI less than 8 weeks post op if there was any metal ( even titanium) hardware placed. A (seemingly) knowledgeable staff person at one of the facilities explained to me that it is risky because the plates haven't had enough time to fuse to the skull yet, and even though they are not "metallic" materials per se, the titanium still has enough other materials/alloys that could still be sensitive to the MRI magnets.
Avatar f tn No doubt, the screws and plates used in your previous surgeries were titanium. The alternative to MRI for those with metal in the body is CAT scan -- it uses xray instead of magnetic energy, and is also high-resolution (unlike straight xray).
Avatar f tn If the metal you have in your body is not close to the pancreas, they can do a CAT scan, which is radiation like X-rays rather than a magnetic field of MRI, so metal doesn't goof the whole thing up. They can also do a needle biopsy, too, the CAT scan guides the surgeon to the correct place, but the amount of tissue that needle can take is sometimes too small to be sure if the mass is benign, but if it shows up as a cancer, well, they will likely want to do surgery and so forth.
Avatar n tn Pain or sensory symptoms that shoots down theleg can be indicative of compression of a nerve root to the leg. MRI can still be done although there may be artifact from the metal obscuring detail. THere are other ways of imaging the spine and nerve roots that are not affected by metal such as CT myelogrsphy - in this test some dye injected into the spinal fluid space and a CT scan is taken - this can be a very sensitive test for diagnosing nerve root compression.
Avatar m tn My fiance had a horrible car accident when he was 13 years old now 32, he was pinned under a car and a tree and as a result he suffered a basular fracture, a severed left optic nerve, leaving him with 28 metal plates and screws in his face, his sinus cavities were crushed and had to have a complete facial reconstruction. He has frontal lobe injury and was just diagnosed with RSD, his nose was reconstructed with part of his skull bone.
Avatar n tn In a car accident 6 yrs ago i had a left medial maxillary fracture, a left zygomatic fracture and complex frontal fracture. immediate reconstructive surgery was performed and several metal plates were incised. Over the years, i ahve often felt pain in my head at the site of surgery, feel teh screws popping out in a subtle way. It feels like a sharp sensation constantly emerging out of that point(screw). Talking of frequency, i would say everyday. sometimes this pain becomes unbearable.
Avatar f tn I now refuse scans that I don't believe are necessary. I can't have MRIs because I have a lot of metal plates in my ankle that often do not provide for a clear MRI picture. However, the likelihood of me needing x-rays or CT scans in the future is pretty minimal. If anything, I'll need a couple more x-rays, but I doubt CT scans will be in my future. Should I be exceptionally worried about this?
155056 tn?1333642288 Before my surgeries I had an MRI and I had metal clothes pin clips on my tubes from my tubal ligation.. they are METAL.. I was even told oh look at your clothes pins... Before the MRI they asked and I told them and they said NO PROBLEM and they were put in over 32 years ago...Now I of course have nothing... and no staples I am aware of..
1116236 tn?1258858611 brain scan with contrast showed damage mylein sheath (I do not know how many are damaged?) I have been to a Neurogist who did a lot of testing: spinal tap; EMG and NCV and the other test and several blood studies & more, A MRI was not done. Only negatives found was elevated white count; slight kidney ; and ammonia in my blood (which is now being help by me taking 'Lactulose 10GM/15ML SoLuThiT - taking 3 ts 4 times daily since Oc t 28th I am age 68.
586360 tn?1218462461 In my dog's case, surgery was necessary to fuse the joint with metal plates and screws. That surgery is called TPLO, and is done on hind legs. I don't know if it's done in the front or not, but I haven't heard of it. Because her ligament was completely ruptured, there was no other way to repair it. It was either let her face years of pain and being crippled vs. $4,000 to return her to normal life. We gave her a normal life and took the hit to the bank account.
Avatar f tn No dr I ever went to would do a MRI because of metal plates and I also have bullet fragments in my head I've always had ct scans. I have had so many different medications prescribed to me over the past 10 years and nothing seems to work for the burning pain. Has anyone ever experienced this? Does anyone know what I can do to stop this burning pain or a medication that would work? I really need some kind of advice from someone I am in constant pain.
Avatar n tn can you tell me why this surgery is so controversial? and yes i have the MRI n XRAY in hand. can i scan this n email you? maybe you can tell me better than my doctor. my doc doesn't tell me anything... every time im in his office, he only see me for about 2min tops, throwing medical terms n i have no clue what he's talking about?
Avatar n tn My first doctor alternates ultrasound, MRI and CatScan, every six months in my case. One is not better than the other, but each gives a different "look" at the liver. They are used primarily to dx liver cancer and only can suggest cirrhosis. The only definitive test for cirrhosis is liver biopsy although many doctors can diagnose cirrhosis based on other symptons (varisces, etc) and blood markers. My second doctor takes CatScan out of the mix because of the radiation.
Avatar n tn The answer I got was that an MRCP or MRI can still be performed with metal plates and screws in the arm. Firstly, the technician can move the arms out of the field of imaging. Secondly, the only metal that interferes with the MRI is metal that is mobile and not metal that is firmly implanted in muscle. Examples of metal which would not allow an MRI to be performed are pacemakers or surgical clips in the brain. I hope you find this information helpful.
Avatar f tn One doctor sent me to ENT, who then sent me for a CT Scan on my head, they wanted to do an MRI, but as I have 3 metal plates in my face after a car accident some 10 years ago this was not possible. As I am still getting these horrid feelings in my head, which are very worrying and affect my life so much, slight blurriness on and off in my sight also.. not good for driving.. I went back to the doctor who said without doing any more tests not even blood pressure..
Avatar n tn Allergy to the metal parts of the implant has occasionally been reported. People who know they have metal allergies should be tested with extracts of the various metal components of the implant prior to surgery. You should notify your doctor if you believe you have a metal allergy. Metal allergies are rare and the tests are not completely reliable, so they are only performed if a metal allergy is suspected. Allergy to the plastic parts has never been reported.
Avatar f tn Exercise makes all of the symptoms worse, as I experience severe aching and muscle twitching after any kind of physical activity. A MRI of the brain and neck revealed increased areas of signal in the brain not consistent with ms. Blood tests suggest autoimmune disfunction (positive ana, antithyroid antibodies, high IgG for parvovirus and EBV and CMV without being conclusive of connective tissue or thyroid disease.
Avatar n tn Good luck Elaine. I had a fusion at C4-5 and 5-6 on Oct. 1st. CAT scan showed more problems than a previous MRI. My pain began oveer 10 years ago with a worsening the past 2. I had been to several chiropractors, massage therapy, neurologist, orthopedic surgeon, pain clinic for epidurals, many drugs, and finally a neuro who ordered the CAT scan (after I had been told the MRI was more accurate). The disks I had removed were calcified. My neuro only uses donor bone.
Avatar f tn I was treated with RAI (radio-active Iodine) and just had my first clean scan in Oct. So I am officially in remission. Well of course during this year of taking care of the thyroid issues, my neck and the pain and the numbness has gotten worse. My nuerosurgeon recommends I do this quick because I will have to go back for a low dose RAI a year from now and apparently the radiation can affect how the bones fuse. So my question; Has anyone had a similiar situation?
1269714 tn?1274224588 If they did, they too are probabley taking a more conservative route with your treatment as can be seen with the meds you are on and the action as to diagnosis and treatment performed thus far. Have you had an MRI or CAT scan. If so , what was the impression? Which disc level is at question? How long has this been of issue? Short of having these and answers to other questions, I would first look at finding a spinal surgeon to speak to evaluate your condition.
Avatar m tn BUT--CT/MYLEGRAM does NOT show any leak (I had a 9 hour spinal cervical surgery 2/08 with metal plates , screws,. rods from C3 all down to T1) HAD MRI WITH GALLIDIUM with PRe medICATION FOR ALLERGY and my HEART rate went to 140 bpm and I needed to be hopsitalized CREATINE was elevated--I have a history of Kidney stones in 2008 due to being placed on TOPOMAX HIGH Gluose in bLOOD---- yet test for Diabetes was negative ANY HE:LP where I can do for diagnlosis..
Avatar n tn saw a spinal surgeon with the Steadman-Hawkins group that took x-rays and saw that the fusion didn't take and is sending me for a CT scan as well as an MRI with 1mm cuts to confirm his findings. He stated that I will have to have undergo another surgery whereas he will go in through the back of the neck this time and insert two rods and pins. My questions are as follows: 1:) what is the recovery time from a surgery where he has to go in through the back of the neck?
Avatar f tn MRI of neck - protruding disc at C5-C6, slight impingement on spinal cord. June: On the advice of my doctors I stopped working. The neurosurgeon put me on darvocet, told me not to read, watch TV, drive, etc. and prescribed 3 weeks of daily physical therapy. For several months, I had been having incidents where I felt I might pass out. It was like blackness coming over me. In late June, I passed out after I got home from physical therapy.
299940 tn?1192322967 had an MRI(normal) and just had a CAT scan. This showed I had a nasak cyst..which also showed up 2 years ago.BUT..the AT scan showed that I have Eagle's Syndrome...a very rare disirder. I see my neurologist next week to discuss blood tests...and the ENT in 3 weeks to see about the Eagle's syndrome...something to do with an elongated ligament or bone???This all started with several sinus infections that would not go away...the headaches are at least 2 times a day..
Avatar n tn I eventually went to a Neuro in Rapid City, SD but it appears that there is not a problem. I have had another MRI. No problem. My new Neuro is doing an Intrathecal CT on Jan 3, 2007. My guess is that he will not see anything. The pain that I feel, generally a "burning" sensation in between my shoulder blades, along with headaches, upper neck pain, and nitetime pain in both the left and right neck is becoming debilitating.
Avatar n tn after all that and muscle relaxers, well you know an xray reveiled that i had two broken screws, wich led to an mri wich is useless to anyone when you have metal in you neck, then it led to a ct.scan wich reveiled the total truth. I have 100% zero fusion in neither disc and two broken screws.So what i have now recenty been told from a 2nd opinion is that my surgury 3 years ago was a total failure.On 12/29 it will all be done again in an extremely complicated surgey.