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Avatar n tn my doctor said i need an mri scan as a result of suffering with many symptoms for many months- he said i will receive a letter. does this mean he will book it for me or refer me? i live in the uk. anyone know anything about this?
Avatar m tn This is a copy of the MRI Scan results which i was sent. Can anyone tell me what some/all what this means? Findings: There is a very unusual anomaly affecting the left paraterminal gyrus and subcallosal area. These are enlarged and project down towards the left side of the optic chiasm. The medial portion of the anterior perforated substance is also affected. The sella is large and substantially empty. The remainder of the brain is normal.
Avatar m tn however two years back I started having more of this thumb tremors and again went to a different neurologist. This time I was suggested for a MRI scan of brain. the following is the report. I want to know what exatly this means as the doctor gave me Betasav TR 80 MG, Actapalm MD 0.5 and escatalent plus for the result. MRI report - Findings - There is evidence of few discrete ovoid areas of abnormal altered signal intensity seen involving the subcortical white matter of left frontal love.
Avatar m tn This was found in an MRI recently could someone tell me what it means in laymens terms thankyou There is a tiny nondescript subcortical focus of hyperintensity with in the right frontal lobe There is a a Pineal Cyst noted, as a likely incidental finding, measuring approximately 7mm maximally anteroposteriorly Thank You for you time BEE1980
Avatar f tn Can you please explain my MRI of the brain done with and without contrast please: On T2 weighted and FLAIR sequences, there are multiple subcentimeter round ovoid foci of high signal in the right frontal lobe periventricular white matter, in addition to several subcentimeter lesions in the periventricular and subcortical white matter in the left frontal lobe and the subcortical white matter in the posterior right frontal lobe.
Avatar m tn Hi guys. I finally convinced surgeon to send me for a second opinion, since burning nerves didn't help at all. It's been over a year since last mri, so new Dr asked for new scan before seeing me. I have two weeks to wait for visit but I got report and copies of the scan today. Need some help interpreting results. C5-6: Abnormal signal is noted extending posteriorly from the disc to the right of midline impressing upon the thecal sac and effacing a portion of it.
Avatar f tn Hyperintensity means that it showed up darker on the scan. Depending on which scan it is, the docs look for things that are darker or lighter to show up and there you go. Oedema means fluid. Gliosis means an area of damage. It sounds like they really could not tell what this was - so they may order follow up scans like CT, PET and maybe other tests to see what is going on.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know what it means when the intracranial flow voids are symmetrical and also what is well aerated paranasal sinuses mean?
Avatar n tn I had a brain mri scan for recurrent 'auras' thought to be due to migraine. The result of the scan came back normal except for a few spots of plaques. I am 50, is this normal? I am concerned that it is indicative of early degeneration associated with dementia.
Avatar n tn They can however, detect mental illness such as scitzophreneia which i know because i was diagnosed through an MRI. The only mental illness an MRI scan able detect is an actually different brain connections than that of a normal brain. Ive had one done for mental illess! Can you describe some of your symptoms, what you feel and how often yolou feel it? I know your question is based on needing to know where to get a private MRI scan, which i am unsure of!!
Avatar n tn my wife had a mri scan on her neck the result came back as follows mri on the C- spine showd minor degenerative changes with a normal spinal cord there disc lesion at C6/C7 which corrugates the postrior longitudinal ligament by the spinal cord .
Avatar f tn Is it necessary to have more than one MRI scan done. I have only ever had the one scan, 15 yrs ago which was when I was given my official dx, despite having several episodes/relapses since. Initially told I had RRMS now being told I have SPMS with relapses.
763362 tn?1236624790 I have been referred to Physio and had an initial assesment where the consultant said that it looks like Degenerative Disc Disease, he said the only way to determine this better is by having an MRI scan, on going back to my G.P.
Avatar m tn i have had done mri scan done it shows one small disc is moved but doctor said to me is not worth to operate he recommend massage of spine and back gp will send me to neurology to check nerve system but im still concern about doctors in uk .
Avatar n tn Should I have an MRI scan it will set me back a lot of money..... Could something really be wrong> I do not know wat was in my E even if it gave me an MDMA feeling. This is a never ending comedown. THROBBING in my head wont stop... I feel different... not the same. I'm sweating lots and not sure if that the heat or me.... help me someone.... how can I get better? Do I need amino acids or sumthin???
Avatar n tn i had mri scan of my brian 3 weeks ago and now want me to have another with the dye injected first . does this mean they have found somehing wrong ?