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Avatar f tn If it is successful then ok otherwise it is certain that ACL or Meniscus or both are teared (as per MRI scan) which will be treated with arthroscopy. My queries- 1) Can above injury is cured with the help of medicines and exercise. 2) Is arthroscopy is the only solution for meniscus and ACL tear. 3) How safe is hroscopy and what information we should know to make sure that we are going right way.
1744364 tn?1311780484 I would like to ask an expert if he/she would recommend/perform knee arthroscopy on me based on the following information. I have had chronic knee pain for the last 16 or so months. My knees lock up and "pop" back out often and it is painful. An MRI of my left knee in June 2010 showed no evidence of a meniscal tear, which the doctor, upon examining it was quite certain was the case. The MRI just showed some inflammation. I got my first cortisone shot the same day.
Avatar n tn Hi there I had one done in July 2009 and looks like I may have to undergo another one on the same knee in a couple of months - what is the verdict on having 2 scopes done on the same knee within 2 years.
Avatar f tn I had a left knee arthroscopy today for a lateral meniscus tear. From the MRI the doctor said the location of the tear didn’t get enough blood supply so I decided to “cut” the problem area. After the knee arthroscopy today he told me the tear was larger than what the MRI showed and he didn’t suture it or remove anything. I was furious because I felt since he had me on the table he should’ve done something instead of closing me up and putting my body through another round of this. Any thoughts?
963902 tn?1248362004 doctor. i had underwent an knee arthroscopy..its 4 weeks now..but i stilll feels some pain in my knee ....sometimes its as it was before arthroscopy.....i m not feeling fully comfortable withe my knee..
Avatar f tn I have been to an Orthopedic and have had x-rays and MRI. Nothing specific was noted in the x-ray and scan. The Dr suggested orthoscopic surgery to see what he might be able to do. I have not had the surgery. He also suggested I may have osteoarthritis. The pain will come with walking, sometimes very quickly and sometimes not much at all. When the pain comes, I have a swelling on the outside of the knee joint about the size of half a golf ball.
Avatar n tn This is pain due to nerve irritation and could be sciatica though this travels from thigh to knee, compressive neuropathy due to prolapsed intervertebral disc, nerve compression at the hip joint. It is advisable to undergo an MRI scan spine to check for any disc lesions, bony spurs, spondylolisthesis etc causing compressive radiculopathy. You might need an MRI knee or an arthroscopy of knee to look for any bony spurs etc irritating the nerves.
634733 tn?1316625992 In September last year I had problems with my legs to the point of being unable to walk for a time, which ended in being referred to an orthopedic surgeon. An MRI on my knees in January this year revealed that the right knee has some reduced space, bits of bone / debris and a tear in the meniscus cartilage. This was anticipated as it has given me problems for approximately 12 years. An arthroscopy was recommended and is booked to go ahead on 1st May.
Avatar f tn is there any inflamation on joints in x-rays, any spinal MRI? spinal x-ray? what knee was her arthroscopy on? where is the back pain centralized? where are the knee pains(what part of knee)?does she experience pain in the chest at all(non-cardiac)? is there any sign of inflamation on her knuckles?
Avatar n tn MRI of knee shows "irregularity and hyperense signal in root of lateral meniscus , popliteal fossa cysts, small bakers cyst, myxoid degeneration in lateral meniscus and posterior horn of medial meniscus." ( also mild chondromalacia patella??) Physician is reccommending arthroscopic surgery.... does this sound reasonable??
Avatar m tn Below are the findings of my knee MRI please suggest in this case should i go ahead with the arthoscopy or shall take a treatment..
Avatar f tn I have a torn medial meniscus, a Grade 1 sprain of collatoral ligament, TRI-compartmental chondromalacia & joint effusion, synovisis & apop...(?) (Cell death.) in right knee based on MRI. I'm 58. Have travel plans this year. Can I wait until next year to get total knee replacement, which I am betting I need?
Avatar f tn Hi, I had R knee arthroscopy approx 4wks ago and am still having significant pain and swelling. Pain & swelling seem to be mainly on medial aspect of knee from quads/vastus medialis through to medial and anterior calf/shin. Significant swelling just above medial joint line to back of knee. I have a copy of my surgeons letter to gp and it says I have significant changes to patellofemoral joint, grade iv changes to the the trochlea & grade ii changes to the the patella.
Avatar m tn It is like a tear in a piece of paper and it continues to tear without intervention. An orthopedic sx preforms a knee arthroscopy and debrides or cuts out the tear/smoothing the area. Popping,clicking and pain are symptoms of a tear. OTC anti inflamatories and elevating the knee reduces the swelling and pain.but will not heal the condition. If tear/damage is severe enough arthritis develops as menisci acts like a cushion between the knee joint.
Avatar f tn I had a knee arthroscopy July '12. It didn't help and I developed an egg sized Baker's cyst on the inside of my r/knee. I continued with anti-inflammatories and swam regularly and the cyst has all but disappeared. A degree of pain persists and varies with activity. I am itching to travel this year but am concerned that travelling will aggravate the knee and I'll get stuck in a foreign land unable to walk.
Avatar n tn I had a arthroscopy done on my knee 7 days ago. I am having sharp stabbing pains in the knee when I walk. Is this normal and will go away in time. I have a follow up appointment next week.
Avatar m tn One of the most common injuries that arthroscopy can fix is a tear of the meniscus, the layer of cartilage in the knee between the thigh and shin bones and anterior cruciate ligaments etc. What is the reason of your arthroscopy? What is your age? The surgeon might have looked around your knee for problems. The surgeon may have put other medical instruments inside your knee through the other small incisions. The surgeon might have come to the conclusion that he may not fix the problem.
Avatar f tn Long story short, I've had knee pain since the end of last oct. I had a mri that showed a meniscus tear, a bakers cyst and some fluid. My dr. said they could all be normal and to do pt. in the end my knee never got better. and later got worse. I had a new mri which i have pics up. Thanks for any help anyone can give me. btw. my symptoms are sharp stabbing pain on the left side of my right knee.
Avatar m tn t understand any thing, they were saying every thing is perfect. Finally a consultant sugested that I need a knee arthroscopy as I have a cyst attached to my ligaments PCL and ACL. and I have plica symptom. I didn't want to have the arthroscopy because I was worried about the scar tissues on my knee post op. Finally, I had an Arthroscopy 2 weeks ago for removal of a cyst of 15mmx13mmx13mm which was betwenn PCL and ACL.
Avatar n tn I have just had an Arthroscopy after an MRI scan showed a problem with my meliscus. However after the op i was told that my meliscus was fine and that the main part of my upper anterior is very loose and not having any significant function. Should this have shown up on my MRI ? Also what is the best action to take so i am able to play football and snowboard again? Would building up the muscle around my knee be sufficiant?