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Avatar f tn If you start having problems, your doctor might want you to have a CT or MRI scan of your kidney to see if the cyst is growing. Remember that most people with kidney cysts never have problems and never need extra CT scans. Most kidney cysts are harmless and don't need to be removed. ref:
Avatar f tn Some lesions are also hyperdense.I saw a kidney doctor today and todays scan shows I went from about 8 cysts in both kidneys combined to about 20 or more in 3 months.This doctor tells me they are simple cysts with maybe blood in them or pus.Some of these have increased in size from about pea sized to over a half dollar in size.He says I don`t need to see him anymore and I need no treatment.I also have right flank pain and and what they think is probable cysts in the liver and spleen.
Avatar f tn Hello, I stopped drinking alcohol seven years ago, i recently went to see a doctor the doctor had some concern because i gained weight, i had a ultra-sound done they found one cyst in the left kidney and one in my liver.I'm really concern can i get your opinion on it.
Avatar n tn Mine was diagnosed after I got septicemia. An MRI scan found it and the Urologist said it was a simple cyst and would not cause any problems. Altough in the end I was told it was the cyst that had got infected that caused me to get septicemia. I get alot of pain in my side due to my cyst. Does your daughter suffer with pain also? I am going back to my Urologist on fri to discuss it again as before xmas he wanted to drain it, but in the end it was too risky.
Avatar n tn I recently had an MRI due to back pain. This showed mild to severe narrowing in the lumbar spine. As an incidental finding it also showed parapelvic cysts or hydronephrosis. I then underwent an ultrasound, which in turn recommended a CT scan. The CT scan impression was "extensive parapelvic cysts bilaterally with no evidence of hydronephrosis". Since I am symptom free, is there any reason to seek further medical advice for these cysts?
974371 tn?1424656729 They found a I'll defined 9mm Hypodensity Within the left kidney aNd a 2mm left renal calculus. I am having an MRI tomorrow am worried.
Avatar n tn I had a CT Scan, and they found a 3.7cm cyst on my right kidney. I am in severe pain at times, feel sick at times, and am walking bent over. What needs to be done about this cyst? They called it a "renel cyst". My physician is out of town, and I just got the results today.
Avatar f tn After a renal ultrasound I was told they found a nodule on my right kidney. My Dr ordered a CAT Scan. They said they found a nodule on the right kidney & a fatty liver. My Dr said not to worry & have another ultrasound in 3 months to see if the nodule is getting bigger & asked me if I wanted a MRI to check on the fatty liver. Shouldn't he know whether that is needed? What are the risks of a fatty there a treatment or something that should be done?
Avatar f tn 24 hour urine collection for the volumn of protein 2. microscopic urinalysis ( first urine in the morning, mid stream, how many RBC/ hp?) 3. Kidney ultrasound scan. When you have got all these results,we can evaluate and decide if a kidney biopsy and treatment will be needed. It's shocking how many people have kidney diseases/ glomerulonephritis without knowing until their kidney functions start decreasing.
Avatar n tn My diagnosis is a parapelvic cyst left kidney. My CT scan and ultra-sound validated the parapelvic cyst. The parapelvic cyst is 3 cm in size. I have mild dull pain in my "flanks". My urologist stated: We will watch it" Do I need further work-ups ? Should I have a cystoscopy ? I am looking at what are the possibilites. I am a 69 year old male. I am concerend as to where to I go from here ? Note was also ade from the CT scan of a 'circumaortic" What is that ? 5333 N.
Avatar n tn To answer your questions: 1) If the cysts are due to polycystic kidney disease, 20 percent of these patients have complications due to stones. 2) You may want to ensure there is no stones present (which can be seen during a non-contrast CT scan). If the pain continues, you may want to consider higher resolution imaging - such as an MRI. 3) I would suggest a referral to a nephrologist or urologist. If the pain continues, a biopsy may be discussed and considered.
Avatar n tn It seems strange that your CT scan showed multiple cysts in liver and kidney and yet was reported normal at the age 30yrs it is a significant finding, if we take your hypertension into account it could be Adult Polycystic kidney disease with associated liver cysts. This is also associated with diverticulosis so that can explain ur GI symptoms, u need to show to an experienced urologist to evaluate further. Another association of this condition is intracranial aneurysms.
Avatar n tn (2) left breast cysts (1 large, 5 small) tha were U/S guided fine needle aspirated and proved to be blood-filled (no cell examination was performed or sent to pathology); (3) multiple left kidney cysts scheduled for U/S in a few days; and (4) a re-occurring left ovarian cyst that ruptured a month ago (blood-filled) and is filling up again. I am scheduled for a lap. salpingo-oopherectomy w/ biopsy in 3 weeks. Could these cysts be related to each other or be edometriosis?
Avatar f tn Hi there, Do you have a simple cyst or a complex cyst Simple cysts in the kidney are a common occurrence and do not need any therapy. Simple kidney cysts may be monitored with periodic ultrasounds. Simple kidney cysts that are causing symptoms or blocking the flow of blood or urine through the kidney may need to be treated using a procedure called sclerotherapy. Please discuss this with your doctor am sure he will provide further assistance.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am a 38 years old male who also has a hyperdense cyst in the left kidney. Mine is 1.8cm. It was detected last October during an MRI scan. After that I have had 2 CTs and one MRI and there was no change in the cyst, which means the cyst is stable. Hyperdense cysts are atypical kidney cysts which in CT has higher hounsfield unit measurements (>20). The important thing is to make sure they don't enhance after contrast administration. If they do, then surgical approach is taken.
Avatar n tn Hi. My wife is 47 years old. She had a CT scan done which showed Bosniak 2 Type cysts. The Urologist says that these cysyts are rarely cancerous. I need a second opinion.
Avatar f tn Finding on MRI recommendation follow up with MRI with contrast to further evaluate complex cyst versus mass if sufficient kidney function. Had blood work and received a go ahead for second MRI awaiting scheduling. Why are so many studies needed for a diagnosis and referral to urologist?
Avatar n tn A simple kidney cyst is not an inherited condition. They're often found incidentally on a CT scan, or MRI exam of the kidneys. Simple kidney cysts become more common as people age and most often, simple cysts do not cause symptoms or harm the kidney. However, pain can occur when cysts enlarge and press on other organs requiring surgical removal. With your other conditions present, regular visits to your doctor and the follow up MRI are important in monitoring the progress of your kidney cyst.
Avatar f tn He wasvtold scan also showed he has another 2 cysts on kidney but they are simple cysts they think as well as 2 stones. And scan showed cysts on liver.thanks for replying to me.
974371 tn?1424656729 The hypodense lesion could be a cyst. Simple kidney cysts are usually incidental findings. They more common as people age. An estimated 25 percent of people 40 years of age and 50 percent of people 50 years of age have simple kidney cysts. Now, the questionable solid lesion could also be due to bleeding into a cyst, it need not always be due to malignancy. Further investigations will help differentiate this. Your abdominal symptom may not be related the kidney lesions.
452332 tn?1329013113 Does kidney disease run in your family? I have polycystic kidney disease (PKD). This is an inherited disease that consists of multiple cysts in both kidneys. Although the cysts have probably been growing for a number of years, I was only diagnosed 1 1/2 years ago when I started having high blood pressure. As of right now, my BUN and creatinine are in the normal range. MVP is frequently found in people with PKD as is back or "flank" pain.
1187318 tn?1266388082 Kate Having this dreadful disease understandably make you anxious when you hear or see anything abnormal. 1- The left thyroid nodule needs to be evaluated you should have your blood drawn for thyroid function tests(TSH). The next test you should have for that is a sonogram of the thyroid and surrounding neck. In this instance a sonogram is the more precise study for evaluating thyroid nodules.
Avatar f tn I will make sure he gets an MRI since the CAT SCAN isnt as precise. Best Wishes to you !
Avatar m tn I am 58 years old and I have had quite a few x-rays over the years and I am concerned about continued exposure to radiation. Is an MRI or PET scan a better, lower risk alternative? I have not scheduled the CT scan yet as I want more information. Thanks for your help!
Avatar f tn Second, with regard to the renal cysts, the doctor is partly right about the wait-and-watch approach. Kidney cysts can be complex or simple. Calcification can occur both in simple and complex cysts. The area of concern is that though simple cysts would not become cancerous, a complex cyst could be precancerous or part of a renal cell carcinoma.
Avatar n tn I have a kidney mass and three kidney cysts. The cysts are not a concern to the urologist. The liver lesions are a concern. There are two of them. I have micro-blood in the urine for 3 months, pain in back and right flank for same amount of time. There are intermittent fevers. I have had a ct without enhancement, mri with enhancements, ultra sounds, and finally a ct with enhancements. Dr.
Avatar n tn Diagnosis is made with the help of CT scan or MRI. If the cyst is small and asymptomatic, then no treatment is required, your doctor will suggest to repeat the CT scan after 6-12 months to see if it is increasing in size. If it is increasing in size causing pain, fever, frequent urination or if the cyst is filled with dense tissue or calcifications then open surgery is required. Consult a urologist for further assistance. Best.
Avatar n tn This year the radiologist was concerned that the ultrasound isn't showing everything due to the large amounts of cysts and the density of the right breast. She is recommending that an MRI Might be best. My gyne is leaving that decision up to me. He says that the MRI will show a lot of stuff that might freak me out but could also show something that needs to be taken care of. I get the feeling that whatever they do find will end up with a trip to the surgeon regardless of what they find.
Avatar n tn I have had a CT scan, then a sonogram and then my urologist after being away for a week sends me out for an MRI and a kidney function BUN Creatine blood test ( Which came back normal) If they found a cyst on my kidney, why is he sending me out for another MRI? Are they not telling me something? I feel like my doctors are holding back on something yet my GP and the radiologist have looked and said it was a cyst.