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Avatar f tn Hi Thicked I had 2nd MRI scan last Feb.18 this is the result & my Doctor of Acute Gynaecology write a letter to my GP for request to sent me to endometriosis specialist to UCLH now I am waiting for appointment..
Avatar f tn two questions i wish to have a MRI or cat scan of my nose to access damage, and have an initial private consultation, i have been searching but can not find where or how i can do this, does any body have experience of this in london please? i have realised i am addicted, not going out seemed the only way forward, but then i impulsively do and end up using mostly, does anybody have advice of meetings in london please?
1386559 tn?1279618656 After a referral letter , from my GP ,i was referred to a pediatric consultant who examined me and then organised a blood test and a MRI scan.The results of the blood test were normal and the scan showed the same as the private one .[L4/5 prolapse] She then referred me[in 2014] to a specialist at the Royal London Hospital who would ***** e further and decide on treatment.
620923 tn?1452915648 E after several days keeping us in they carried out another MRI scan this time of the whole back which showed 3 areas where fluid is in her spine which is causing the nerves being irritated and causing all this numbness and pain. They also did a x-ray and a brain scan which was ok. Now the neurologist have advised that she takes several different pain killers along with morphine for the next 6 months and then will do anther MRI scan.
Avatar f tn i looked at my scan and i saw several black holes and i dont know where to turn for help im in the glasgow region and would be prepared to travel for help or if anyone could reccommend a radiologist or neurologist i would be so greatful. tghankyou in advance.
Avatar m tn My GP was unhappy about this and said I should make a complaint so I did To cut along story short I was diagnosed in London with POTS and hypermobility syndrome (2012) but because I had ataxia they sent me fro MRI .My MRI showed a couple of lesions in the frontal lobes.
Avatar n tn He is being referred to one of the best specialists in Ontario so we are told on Monday in London Ontario we are located in Muskoka ON so its about a five hour drive. The doctor has also put him on a antibiotic. I have read a few things that this could be a infection but he was on antibiotics after the scope for a few weeks. We are terrified that this is cancer and that the wait times here in Ontario are literally killing him since it's been 5 months now.
Avatar f tn Hi I am reese 29 I have some post to ovarian cyst & ovarian cancer forum I am diagnosed with 2 ovarian cysts 10&7 cm. last Dec. 2013 they are stick together my question is endometrioma same with endometriosis? my 2 cysts called endometrioma & endometrial polyp,what is the symptoms of endometriosis? I have pain for 2 months now, my symptoms are severe pain in my abdominal cramps,diarrhea, Dysmenorrhea,feeling bloated,sometimes heartburn I don't know if related on my cysts?
865683 tn?1240947458 hi i know you must be very busy so thank you for your message,.i am a theatre nurse for the nhs in london,so i no u must be a busy man! am i right in saying that there is no treatment? and that all is done is to keep having mri scans every year to see how big it is getting? if it gets big it can be drained?
Avatar f tn Hi.. First of all i would like to thank this forum to all the girls here sharing their story,I have few post here I am here again,still searching for the answer and still worried I don't want to think that i have a ''OVARIAN CANCER''no one like to have cancer, I have MRI SCAN & BLOOD TEST yesterday, my next apointment is Jan.16.. still have lots of pain nearly 2 months still waiting for 2 weeks to meet my Dr. my last period Dec.
Avatar n tn my doctor said i need an mri scan as a result of suffering with many symptoms for many months- he said i will receive a letter. does this mean he will book it for me or refer me? i live in the uk. anyone know anything about this?
Avatar n tn Should I have an MRI scan it will set me back a lot of money..... Could something really be wrong> I do not know wat was in my E even if it gave me an MDMA feeling. This is a never ending comedown. THROBBING in my head wont stop... I feel different... not the same. I'm sweating lots and not sure if that the heat or me.... help me someone.... how can I get better? Do I need amino acids or sumthin???
Avatar f tn I had been in the ER 2 times in one month because with this I experienced some tingling in my left side. I am a 67 year old female looking for answers as I do not know where to go from here.
Avatar n tn Hi guys I wanted to know if anyone knows where to get a private head MRI scan done in the Birmingham region. I've been suffering from this head related illness for almost 2 years and the doctor thinks it's depression which I disagree because the only thing that gets me depressed is the problem itself I'm suffering from.
Avatar f tn I have recently had an MRI scan and the report has indicated that I have a L5/S1 circumferential disc bulge whih displaces the exiting L5 nerve roots bilaterally.. On the left this effaces the perineural fate and contacts the L5 nerve root. A neurosurgeon has apparently reviewed my scan and said there is no evidence of this disc bulge without even seeing me and suggested tertherd cord syndrome should be investigated..
Avatar n tn I had a brain mri scan for recurrent 'auras' thought to be due to migraine. The result of the scan came back normal except for a few spots of plaques. I am 50, is this normal? I am concerned that it is indicative of early degeneration associated with dementia.
Avatar m tn I had a bad auto accident in Nov and after x-rays and CTon my neck A MRI was recomended. My family doc put me off work and told me not to put myself in any position to slip and fall ao hit in the head. The MRI results show the following. APdiameter of the canal at 2-3 is only 11mm. There is a reversal of normal Lordosis. moderate narrowing of the CSF space around the cord and all levels 2-7 have moderate canal narrowing along with foramina narrowing.
763362 tn?1236624790 I have been referred to Physio and had an initial assesment where the consultant said that it looks like Degenerative Disc Disease, he said the only way to determine this better is by having an MRI scan, on going back to my G.P.
Avatar f tn Hi, last year I had an MRI scan. I was having it as the Dr was looking to see if I had an AVM on the brain, I get a lot of headaches and have an AVM on my right forearm. When I went to see the Dr he told me my results, he said there is a malformation there but it isnt an AVM. He then pointed to the temporal lobes and said they are low. I should of asked him what that meant, but I never ask questions when Im there, I just say to myself I should of asked this and I should of asked that.
Avatar f tn Probably it does :). However, we're not doctors. You also haven't provided much information here. For instance, if you had the MRI because you have migraines, this would be a typical finding. If you are older, these might be due to ischemic changes. Feel free to share why you were referred for the MRI in the first place. Also, what did the "impressions" or "conclusions" paragraph on the MRI report say?