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Avatar m tn I did a CT Scan and MRI in my pancreas and the results were inflamation but my blood test 19-9 came to 133. What does this mean? Cancer or infammation of the pancreas? .
Avatar f tn I did an endoscopy which showed no stomach problems. I did a CT scan which shows I have gallstones but no major problems with gallbladder. There is no pain on the left side of my abdomen. I continued to be in pain so I was sent for an MRI which also did not show anything alarming except that I have gallstones. The Dr says he does not see the reason for my pain.
Avatar f tn they needed to do an MRI to diagnose it as a hemangioma. There is a radiation risk with CT scan. Maybe you should ask if you could have an MRI, it is safer....
Avatar m tn Is it normal to have that much bowel gas that the abdominal aorta cannot be seen. I still have pains in my abdomen. Should I ask for a MRI or CT scan to further investigate my pain? I also had a Hida Scan of my gallbladder with the results being 90% ejection fraction rate at 30 minutes, and I am 43 years old. Thanks in advance...
Avatar f tn Could it be possible to have gallstones causing problems and not show up on tests?
Avatar f tn Endoscopy diagnoses was gastrits in 2008, then i had omperzole for 2 years, around 2011 i started getting mild pain on right side rib, the ultrasound diagnosis was no gallstones , but hida showed my gallbladder is working 0%,i started getting dizziness , spacy feeling from there on till now. From 2011 to till date i have a dizziness,spacy feeling whenever i walk in large halls, big stores,etc with severe bloating,belching and burping.
Avatar n tn Hi I am a 40 year old female,generally healthy...but the passed few weeks I have a feeling of discomfort under my ribs on the right hand side of my body...I have had a blood test which revealed a high level of something to do with my liver...I hardly ever drink alcohol...I'm not in pain...could I have gallstones? I'm awaiting an appointment for an ultra scan...also I don't know if there's a connection but I keep getting pains in both my legs at night in bed...
Avatar m tn I need to know if my daughter needs to have the gallbladder removed. HIDA scan test is normal.
Avatar n tn They have done an upper endoscopy, CT scan of the abdomen and MRI b/c they found a benign lesion on my liver during the CT scan. I started to notice my symptoms were cooinciding heavily with my menstral cycle. My doctor checked some hormone levels and low and behold there were abnormalities. My prolactin is 165, normal isn't above 29 and my cortisol is high as well. I just had a brain MRI to r/o a pituitary lesion/tumor. They did not find one....
Avatar n tn I had an MRI completed- everything looked good. I have gotten no results so far. Why am I having this pain? I have had the pain for a long time. My appendix was removed in 2007. The pain has recently gotten worse. I am having pain everyday.
Avatar f tn I had an ultrasound scan last week for possible gallstones, no gallstones were found but the scan showed up I have a liver cyst and now my doctor is referring me to a specialist. Why is he referring me if he doesn't think it's anything to worry about? I am in panic mode.
Avatar n tn Low ejection fractions can also be accompaned by gallstones in some individuals although in others gallstones can be absent. Depending upon what you're experiencing, your doctor may recommend the removal of your gallbladdder.
Avatar n tn My recent HIDA scan indicated a low functioning gallbladder. I also had an ultrasound which showed no indications of inflammation or stones. It could be that your gallbladder just isn't doing its job.
Avatar f tn pylori (which was found before the gallstones were). The first ultrasound showed innumerous gallstones in my gallbladder and 17% EF on HIDA scan. The second ultrasound showed no gallstones 6 months later and 64% EF on HIDA scan. I want to make sure that this is not a gallstone, so I can cross this off my list of possible causes. My gastroenterologist said it's probably air and to ask the radiologist, and the radiologist would not comment and told me to ask the gastroenterologist.
Avatar f tn Last ER doc said ulcer but could have been a gallstone stuck. However, none of these docs are sending me for MRI and/or ultrasound. Insurance covers both and I want the more definative to define sludge possibiilties (MRI) over the ultrasound.
Avatar f tn Wed eve I ended up in the er , thought I was dieing. My side was killing me. Turns out after a ct scan I have gal stones. The dr said I will prob need it removed sooner than later. I am getting ready to start tx just waiting for Rauche Pharm to finish up the ppwrk for meds. Has any one had a prob. like this? I am wondering if I should get this surgury than start tx or ride it out??
Avatar f tn Since 4 months ago, I started to feel liver pain and discomfort, however ASL/ALT are normal, Ultrasound is normal, DNA is negative. Wonder why I am getting the pain, really worried if there is a tumor or cirrhotics. Also did MRI scan, but waiting for the result. Anybody has similar symptoms? Appreciate your comments.
Avatar n tn Good question...when I had a CT-scan they never mentioned gallstones...but 2 days ago they did a ultra-sound after an incredible amount of pain and found that I had go figure.
Avatar f tn acute, which comes on suddenly, and chronic, which is longstanding and persistent. Gallstones are the most common cause for both types. Recurrent episodes of gallstones lead to thickening of the gallbladder wall and make the gallbladder less effective at removing bile and other substances. Ultimately, the condition may become chronic. I would suggest posting on the MedHelp "Gallbladder Community" where there may be people family with cholecyatitis. Good luck to you and your mother!
Avatar f tn been to the doctors they are testing my urine,then a possible ct scan on my kidneys,she dont think gallstones but maybe kidney stones i will keep you up dated thanks for the information guys
Avatar m tn Hi I'm 17 and i just recently had my gallbladder removed. Prior the surgery, I've been having on and off pain for over a year. I have been to multiple doctors with out any diagnosis. Prior to surgery I had a CT scan which came back normal, which i found strange. The doctor sent me home leaving me with out a clue. After a week i had another attack. I researched endlessly until i can across gallstones. When i returned to the doctor i mentioned an ultrasound to check for gallstones.
Avatar n tn I had an ultrasound which showed large gallstones. It was followed up with a HIDA scan which showed a normal functional gallbladder. I have a surgical constut in 2 weeks, which was set after the ultrasound and before the hida scan. Is surgery still a possiblitiy?
Avatar f tn There are multiple idiots across the internet that somehow think the problem is the gallstones rather than a sick gallbladder and give you the idea that you can rid your body of the stones and everything will be OK. Don't believe it. First, the stones are not the problem, they are the result of the problem. The trouble is having a gallbladder that doesn't contract well and bile stagnates there, allowing the stones to form.
Avatar f tn Hi. Had my scan today and it showed 2 relatively big gallstones in my gallbladder. The results will be sent to my doctor from the hospital, and I have been told to make an appointment with my doctor in 7 day's to discuss the results and options. I asked if everything else seemed ok and if my gallbladder was inflamed, she said it was difficult to really tell on a scan but it seemed ok.
Avatar m tn I had an ultrasound normal no stones ,mri normal no stones ,cat scan normal no stones .Still sick as all get out My GI doctor said lets try a hida scan .It came back at 12% he sent me to the surgeon that day three days later he did surgery .Not only was my gallbladder jam packed full of stones it was infected .He said if it had sat there much longer it would have started to turned gangrene.