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Avatar n tn i had mri scan of my brian 3 weeks ago and now want me to have another with the dye injected first . does this mean they have found somehing wrong ?
Avatar f tn I don't blame you for being totally fearful of the gadolinium dye. If your doctor only wants the MRI scan done to prove that you have lesions, then you don't need the contrast dye. As is stated in other posts, the gad dye is only used to determine what are new lesions and current disease activity. Lesions will show up (if they are there) whether they use gad dye or not. If you are that uncomfortable using the gad dye, then wipe away your fears and not take it. I am sincere in saying that.
Avatar n tn They usually give you more dye for that. Very rarely someone has a reaction to the dye but not often. I had to drink some kind of radioactive drink before the procedure. Once they got me in the room and hooked me up to IV the test only took a few minutes. The dye is pumped in really quickly. The dye lights up abnormalities so radiologist can better see what he is looking at. Hope this helps.
620004 tn?1227828906 Gadolinium is the contrast substance used for MRI scan. Gadolinium is different from iodine in the sense that incidence of side effects is very less with it. Gadolinium is very useful in visualizing tumors, abscesses, disc herniations and other growths. Hope this helps!
Avatar n tn I had a bone scan with injection after 3 MRI with dye. What effect could this have on a baby that was conceived the next day? according to ultrasound my baby was conceived September 7, bone scan was September 6th.?? I wasn't supposed to ovulate until September 14-15 but ultrasound measurements predict I ovulated September 7th-8th.
Avatar n tn It is unusual and there is no reason for the MRI to cause this problem unless you had a dye contrast MRI. This is not an uncommon reaction to iodine contrast medium. It can also happen if you are a diabetic on metformin and take iodine contrast. Request a copy of all hospital records.
Avatar n tn I get occasional pain down my arms and have an electric shock sensation when bending the neck. Also i have fluctuating extreme tiredness. I recently had an MRI scan for possible MS, which came back ok except for an altered intramedullary signal at C2, described to me as a 'shadow'. I was scheduled for another MRI of just the cervical spine area to investigate this, and it was ordered without contrast.
Avatar f tn I am having an MRI of the brain on Wednesday but I think I am giong to reschedule my appt for after the holidays. I am nervous about the dye they use; but I have had it before w/a CAT scan. But that was before my panic and ALL of the symptoms came into my life. I am kind of freaked that the dye is going to do something weird to me. I already have PVC's and I don't want it affecting me in a bad way. I realize that I am being anxious about it but can't help it. Anyone been thru this?
212161 tn?1476095111 can anyone tell me the differences in the ct-scan and mri. they are going to do a ct-scan to see if i have a tumor in my head, can the ct see same as a mri. will it see all they need to see.
Avatar n tn I have had tons of ct scan with dye and a mylogram with dye injected in my spine. No reactions til today. I had to have a Ct scan to rule out pulmonary embolism. As soon as dye went in I had warm feeling like I was suppose too. Then I got burning itching in my neck and face. They ct people were great. They got me out and got bendryl and had MD in there ASAP. Got steriod injection also. I was so scared. They say u can have dye again with precautions..... I dont know.... I dont wanna die.....
Avatar f tn Over 6 months ago I had a contrast Dye CT scan which was 3- D to show the skull because of a facial pain problem. During the scan my heart started beating hard and rapid . My heart spasmed 3 times. The technician said it was nerves and sent me home. Next morning was rushed to emergency , I couldnt breath and had chest pain. My blood pressure was sky high. Got EKG and blood work and was given Ativan and sent home.
20102661 tn?1490228055 I've had a CT scan, and 2 separate MRI''s, the last being with dye....
Avatar f tn since I have had some tingling and numbness in my lips and I go back this coming monday (16th) to neurologist who will discuss the levels of my meds i am on and possibly up my dose and discuss when my re scan mri will be.
768754 tn?1373922337 I had the MRI with the contrast dye last fall. I was somewhat concerned about dye, but then did my own risk/benefit assessment since they were using it to rule out HCC based on an elevated AFP and needed to know this prior to me starting tx. With me, they did a regular imaging first, then they started the dye and I rested on a cot for a half hour or so for it to "take", then went back into the tube for the second imaging. Bring something to read and warm socks!
Avatar n tn Dear Roberta: A CT scan uses x-ray beams to create an image. It is useful to use to diagnose boney abnormalities, bleeds, gross changes in structure of the brain, calcifications, etc. MRI is based on radiofrequences and are useful to denote structure anatomy (much higher resolution than CT), blood flow, myelination, bleeds, etc. They both have their niches in neurological diagnosing.
Avatar f tn The CT scan was followed immediately by an MRI which showed everything as normal. I was treated for a migraine and sent home. I saw my primary doc 2 days later who confirmed that I probably had a migraine, but ordered another MRI with contrast, to ease my mind. The MRI that was conducted did not involve any dye. I was told that the computer hardware and software provided sufficient detail of the cerebral vascular system to not warrant a dye study.
1253197 tn?1331212710 Monday 5 March 2012 Left a little late for my appointment and the hit "timed speed limits" on the motorway with average speed limit cameras, and roadworks and then could not find a parking space at hospital. Thank goodness I had my disabled parking badge. Arrived a little late but not too bad and was taken straight in for scan. A very pleasant, nurse with a calm presence managed to put he canula straight into my first time (hallelujah!
Avatar f tn The dye that is injected during Ct scan examination is iodine based and rarely causes allergic reactions. As, you mentioned that you were premedicated with prednisolone and benadryl, these are the common precautions taken to avoid any reactions. The common reactions include hives, rash, itching etc. Severe reactions include difficulty in breathing, changes in heart rhythm etc. These are absolute contraindications for this procedure.
125112 tn?1217277462 There are 2 types of contrast that they use for CT, MRI, X-Ray, RAIU. MRIs and CT scans do not use radioactive dyes, but a non-radioactive contrast media, usually gadolinium. (Gadolinium has no iodine, so it causes few allergies.) While SestaMIBI, used for stress testing, thyroid scans and mammograms, is radioactive. To have a computed tomography scan (CT scan) done, you may need to have an injection of "contrast" or "dye.
Avatar m tn As a stage 3, my first doctor recommended alternating MRI's, Cat Scans and Ultrasounds -- one every six months -- for life in order to monitor my liver. A second doctor was concerned about the radiation Cat Scans produce, and since I'll hopefully be doing these for a long, long time, he suggested only alternating MRI's and Ultrasounds. No x-rays are used in an MRI. Wondering what everyone else has been told and is doing?
Avatar n tn When having a Hida scan, Do you lay in a machine such as the one of an MRI or what?
1253197 tn?1331212710 4th October 2010 I went to Frenchay Hospital Neurology Department today for my MRI brain scan. I had a canula put in my arm and then several scans done with and without contrast (when they inject the dye into me which I believe highlights the lesions). I was more relaxed this time and it did not feel such a big deal this time. My husband was able to take me which was nice as he has been away so much this year.
1253197 tn?1331212710 Friday 26 November 2010 I went to Frenchay Hospital today with my Mum and had my MRI scan with nurse T who I am getting to know well now. Usual problem with getting needle and canula in my arm and I have to say that this time it actually hurt when the dye went in and I panicked a bit in case it had missed the vein. However lay still and endured 25 minutes of "Heart" radio that would have been my daughter's choice..but not mine!!
Avatar n tn The neurologist was concerned about possible artery dissection,the results came back all clear but horrible symptoms continue.I also had an mri scan performed last year for different reason my question is if something serious like an embolic stroke or bleed into the brain had happened would c.t.a have picked this up(i also had fairly strong reaction to contrast dye with extreme body flushing and few heart palpitations that passed.
1253197 tn?1331212710 Friday 29th October 2010 I arrived back from lovely holiday on the Amalfi Coast, Italy last night just after 10.00p.m.. It was not very easy getting up to go for a hospital appointment this morning at 8.45am. My Mum drove me and it was the usual procedure. Unfortunately the nurse hit a blood vessel in my arm first time which really hurt so she took the little tube (forgotten what it is called...brain fog once again) out and tried the other arm. This time Ok.
Avatar m tn thanx for the advice. how often & why did they recommend you to have ct scan? an mri has no radiation exposure--did they suggest this?
Avatar n tn A few months ago I started experiencing headaches and as they didn't go away I went to the doctor and eventually had an MRI/MRV scan done, this was without contrast. I was since diagnosed with a clot in one of the veins, however since then the headaches became far worse and I got really scared. Then, last week, they stopped and have not come back, and when I was sent for a blood test to sort the clot out I was told that no clotting was showing in my blood.
1253197 tn?1331212710 Wednesday 23rd February 2011 I have just typed for half an hour the longest entry in my journal to date and was about to post it and I accidentally deleted the whole thing just before I posted it so now actually feel like screaming with frustration! Anyhow here we go again. I left home with my Mum at 8.20am and we hit a traffic jam and as there was an accident on the way. Luckily we arrived with one minute to spare and so were not late.
Avatar n tn Hi,I have had a series of tests for problems that my neurologist suspects is MS, Including lumbar puncture that showed no oligoclonal bands but marginally raised protein(0.66).Last week I had an MRI scan of the brain & neck as ordered by my neurologist but the following day I was asked to go back for the brain scan repeated with and without contrast dye and also a full spinal scan.When I asked why I needed the scans again I was told that the radiologist had ordered them.