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Avatar n tn Hi guys I wanted to know if anyone knows where to get a private head MRI scan done in the Birmingham region. I've been suffering from this head related illness for almost 2 years and the doctor thinks it's depression which I disagree because the only thing that gets me depressed is the problem itself I'm suffering from.
1218873 tn?1300091216 Over here in the UK, we generally don't know what the cost of tests and drugs are, as they are covered by the NHS. But over the past 12 months I have started to learn a bit of what thing cost, and it appears that even if you go private they are considerabley cheaper than in the US which to me dosen't seem quite right.
Avatar f tn Hi Thicked I had 2nd MRI scan last Feb.18 this is the result & my Doctor of Acute Gynaecology write a letter to my GP for request to sent me to endometriosis specialist to UCLH now I am waiting for appointment..
8793709 tn?1409594060 here in the UK, NHS arranges the scan and midwife appointments for free with your nearest birthing center / maternity hospital. When it comes to birthing and hospital stay, what part is free and what expenses do i have to bear from my pocket? I don't have medical insurance here in the UK. but i have a house and medical insurance (which covers my pregnancy) in Switzerland, where i'll be provided with various comforts and medical attention if i give birth there. so ...
Avatar f tn If you go to see a private neurologist, they will want a copy of your MRI anyway. Why not, as a first step, get your MRI CD which shows all the images, plus you should get a copy of the report as well. Reading through the report a few times might help you decide on a direction. I've learned that keeping a copy of EVERYTHING is really important, whether you go private or public. I actually was less than confident in an MRI I had, and got a second opinion online from a radiologist.
2021910 tn?1339896686 as far as im aware from reading other post medicade doesnt cover the cost, but as i live in england and have the NHS i havent had to look into it myself.
Avatar f tn thanks for your response im currently going private as the nhs havent been of much help to me. ive just sent my scan pics to a radiologist in london so fingers crossed they will offer me some advice. i dont know where else to turn.
865683 tn?1240947458 he said that the nhs were unfair to discharge me with just painkilers just because my mri scan came back ok..he thinks i my have a prob with a disk in my back that is afecting the nerves.,this wunt always show up on a mri scan..he thinks it cud be a leak or spit..his plan is to help me with my mobility and to stop me limping put then to refeer me to my gp so that he can then refeer me to a special spine doc at a differant hospital..
5894884 tn?1386969571 s it now, did you get anymore after the 20 week one? Would you recommend getting a 3D one and if so how much does it cost or do the NHS fund it?
Avatar n tn im not an expert, but assuming that you are a brit and on the NHS, i dont think so. but im sure your mum would rather know than not. you should tell her and get it sorted right away!
Avatar f tn Is it necessary to have more than one MRI scan done. I have only ever had the one scan, 15 yrs ago which was when I was given my official dx, despite having several episodes/relapses since. Initially told I had RRMS now being told I have SPMS with relapses.
Avatar n tn umm in the usa without insurance, n im chronic.
Avatar m tn What other tests has she done besides the MRI? If you are not functioning completely, you don't want to be deployed anyway. It would put you and the people you are serving with at greater risk. MS is exacerbated by stress, and being deployed is definitely stressful. What on earth is your neuro thinking with this reasoning? The UK does such a better job of supporting MS patients than we get here in the states.
Avatar f tn Now I only have to wait for 2 weeks to get my NHS scan.
Avatar m tn Im still waiting as to when i can get to see a neurologist and my mri scan. I was told this could be about 2 months or so as it is under the NHS in the UK. I hope they hurry up as i am desperate to know what may have caused these symptoms to arise. Im hoping tommorow all goes well. The GP said usually if there is any problems with my eyes the optician can spot this through certain tests.
Avatar m tn I had an MRI of the brain back in May, to investigate various cognitive / neurological problems I've been experiencing since the start of 2009 (mild confusion, memory problems, muscle twitching, etc). This came back normal (I have neither copies of the scans , nor the radiographers report - just a letter from neurologist saying all findings were normal).
488264 tn?1226520307 The doctor who ordered the scan never mentioned this and I am not due to see them until after the scan. So my question is whether an MRI of the hips can show whether the cauda equina nerves are damaged or can it not view them? I am in severe pain in the pelvic, back and leg area. My doctor wanted to give me a steroid injection to relieve bursitis, but wanted to assess the MRI first. I am not entirely clear what they are looking for.
1386559 tn?1279618656 hey i am 17 years old and ive had back pain for 3 years now, after going through the NHS or chiropractors and many physio's one of them finally ordered a MRI after an X-ray showed nothing, it showed i had 3 slipped discs and one is pinching a root nerve. im in the process of seing a back surgeon to see which surgeory is the best for me.
1976117 tn?1332027070 i really hope you can get your finances ready but be careful the cost can spiral for each and every scan etc..
Avatar f tn i have had pain in my lower back for 5 weeks and when i walk the pain goes down my hips and my groin and legs and painkillers do not work neither does physiotherapy doctor wont send me for x ray or scan i suffer from sciatica but this pain is so different does anyone think it could be a slipped disc
Avatar f tn Does anyone know how this will come in the post? Will it say it's just from the NHS on the envelope as I don't want my mum to guess from the front.
Avatar f tn My doctor has now referred me to a rheumatologist as it is only them who can decide if I need an MRI scan because I insisted to my doctor that I must have an MRI scan to get to the bottom of all this. Arnica gel seems to help, in the meantime I will keep you informed, but greatly appreciate your views on this latest development, thanks, Jojo.
Avatar n tn An ultrasound and an uptake scan are different tests. :o) Didn't know FNA's were so expensive though...ouch.