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Avatar f tn Is it necessary to have more than one MRI scan done. I have only ever had the one scan, 15 yrs ago which was when I was given my official dx, despite having several episodes/relapses since. Initially told I had RRMS now being told I have SPMS with relapses.
1547916 tn?1294280611 The next I got directly from the company rep and cost $288, Then I found that they were selling me readypens, which were convenient but cost more than the kit form which only cost $255. They may have a similar deal in Malaysia. The ribavirin was free, and I got a free injection after every 7, so I only had to pay for 21. Do your homework there and you may be able to save some money. Roche cost more, and I didn't like the guy in the office anyway!
Avatar m tn I had an MRI of the brain back in May, to investigate various cognitive / neurological problems I've been experiencing since the start of 2009 (mild confusion, memory problems, muscle twitching, etc). This came back normal (I have neither copies of the scans , nor the radiographers report - just a letter from neurologist saying all findings were normal).
Avatar m tn Dear RAObserver, Thank you for sharing with me, a 30 days 50mg pill cost as much as the 100mg pill in my country, Malaysia. Splitting my pill will stretch up to 60 days for the same cost. It is interesting to know that the dosage of Lisinopril is only 2.5 and 5mg.
Avatar n tn An ultrasound and an uptake scan are different tests. :o) Didn't know FNA's were so expensive though...ouch.
Avatar f tn However because of history of cancer in your family, a cautious approach is advisable. Tumour markers, CT scan and MRI may be done for further assessment and to determine the nature of the cyst. Hope this helps. Take care and good luck.
Avatar m tn did they order a follow up with an MRI ? this usually gives a better picture on what it is. I can tell you that most lesions on the liver are hemangiomas which are benign and nothing to worry about.
Avatar m tn Hi. My name is Amanda. I'm sending this letter from Indonesia. I have some questions on behalf my Mom dental implant issues. Please forgive if I'm not writing it right but I do my best to make it simple. I hope you understand, I'll write all her symptom since the implant. It's been almost 2 years now since the implant. My Mom did her implant in local doctor here in my hometown, Medan, Indonesia.
Avatar f tn Other than cost, is there a reason I should have a CT scan instead of an MRI? I would rather not have the radiation exposure of a CT scan if an MRI will produce adequate data. Thank you!
987762 tn?1331027953 The MRI The purpose of a MRI or magnetic resonance imaging machine, is to harmlessly work out what internally is physically wrong with you, without involving exploratory surgery. MRIs have 3 types: conventional, open bore and fully open. In an conventional MRI, a long toroidal (Doughnut-shaped) electromagnet supplies the electromagnetic force, and the subject is put through a long 'tunnel', where a full-body scan is supplied.
Avatar m tn Can I trust all my tests preformed by this pathology named Gribbles from Australia? Because the test I took from local clinic, they just cost me Malaysia Ringgit RM35 (Just about $10 US Dollar). Why this HIV test is so cheap? Is this all tests are reliable and accurate because of the price? 4. What is means by this "HIV 1 & 2 Ab/Ag screening assay is performed based on CMIA Principle"? 5.
Avatar m tn It's not a cost issue. My doctor doesn't want to send me to MRI nor CT scan. She says that i don't need to do MRI, because CT didn't showed anyting abnormal, and that i am too young for serious disorders. I find this strange, because it was 8 years ago, and i assume that something could changed. Or maybe i'm wrong?
Avatar f tn is an MRI or an ultrasound as accurate as a CT scan in determining if the spot on my liver is a hemangioma and not cancerous? Other than cost, is there a reason I should have a CT scan instead of an MRI? I would rather not have the radiation exposure of a CT scan if an MRI will produce adequate data. Furthermore, should I see a specialist instead of my PCP about this? Thank you!
567677 tn?1246767776 One more thought about the cost - did they give you a price for the MRI test? See if you can get that negotiated rate like they do with the big insurance companies. I'm with Anthem and it seems to me they only pay about 20-25% of the rate that is billed for my MRI's. It would be great if you could get this worked out too.
Avatar m tn you can get a lot of testing done low cost/no cost at the local health department. you'll need to google the boston health department and see where any clinics are and make an appointment. they won't offer herpes igg blood testing there most likely though. you should be able to get chlamdyia, gonorrhea and ngu testing there though easily.
Avatar m tn ALSO - Any information or opinions on Peter Jovanovic at Ozone Hospital in Malaysia would be great. I have spoken with Peter and he has never failed to produce DNA negative results for herpes sufferers who completed his RHP and Clearwood treatment. He also eliminates antibodies so all tests come back negative. I have spoken to another MD who knows Peter and he concurred these results and spoke very highly of him. My only problem with him is the length, cost, and location of treatment.
765439 tn?1292960414 Nevertheless, if you feel strongly about not having a CT scan, you can call your doctor and tell him or her that you want an MRI instead of a CT scan. But be aware that your insurance may decline to cover the cost of the MRI since CTs are the standard for a 21 y/o male patient.
Avatar n tn As the CT scan report was normal and since there was no MRI scan facility in the hospital the patient was not shifted immediately to another one. The doctor of the hospital to which he was later admitted mentioned about the delay. that is why i felt so. Do you think that the CT scan report which mentioned "brain-stem normal" was correct?
Avatar m tn I just had my first abdominal MRI last week. No results back yet. I had just been getting ultrasounds every 6 mon. up until this point. After listening to a talk from the Liver Meeting about alternating with other methods, I suggested it to my doctor. He was fine with it as long as the insurance would cover it.
Avatar f tn I had a X-ray today and the doctor says my back is fine and suggested me to go for a MRI scan. Due to the cost of MRI scan, i am abit reluctant to go for it unless there is a problem with my back. I read the symptoms for Herniated Disc online. It says i will feel numbness on my back. But i don't feel any numbness at all. Pain there is, numbness nope. So Dr what do you think could be the reason for my back?
Avatar m tn It is my understanding that the SPECT scan is not the latest in brain imaging technology. For most conditions, MRI is a preferred technique. However, it is not unheard of to find a new application for an old method, and from what I have read, this is the case with SPECT scans for imaging the effects of Lyme on the brain. As of now, I don't have any laboratory evidence that my treatment is doing anything.
Avatar m tn asked my doctor for mri referral- was told cost would be $300, he advised cat-scan instead. asked about the difference and told mri gets to 4mm of target area, cat-scan 8mm. the cat-scan was done immeadiately at the medical centre, no mri facilities there and later thought if medical center patronage was foremost(due to money) rather than a better test at wollongong hospital(no money generated for m.