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Avatar m tn I went to the doctor back in October I believe because I felt like I had something stuck in my throat and I had a very minute ammount of blood in my saliva when I spit. Anyway, he told me I have a sinus infection and gave me antibiotics. Now I have always had allergies and plenty of sinus infections and I knew this was no sinus infection. So I take the antibiotics and nothing changes. So I go back to the same doctors office to see a different doctor.
Avatar n tn Who all thought it was my T5 and T6 in my spine that I injured, so I went and had a Mri. again it showed nothing. And like most of you I am going nutts trying to figure this out. I have a question to some of you . Does any one have pain in cycles such as two weeks you can stand the pain and start to feel a little better and then wham your down with pain worse then before. Not that the pain or the lump or the shoulder pain goes away it just with pain killers you can live with it?
Avatar n tn However,a hearing test revealed loss of hearing in the high frequency in my right ear. So MRI was ordered. MRI appt was a month away. In the meantime, I bumped into a friend who recommended traditional Chinese medicine. I consulted this TCM practioner in Singapore who took my pulse, observed my external skin,etc and pronounced that 'I had a growth somewhere in my body' - frightening thought . 'However, Drs would be able to detect where even with all the tests.
Avatar n tn There is not a day that goes by when I don't feel something funny going on in there and it really scares me. Is there not some operation that can fix what is going on???? Since they have found all of these things that are happening (ie: the PVC's - approximately 10 a day, but really hard ones, svt and non-sustained v-tach), why do they tell me not to worry????? They have said I could go on an anti-arrythmic if I wanted to but it was not necessary.
Avatar f tn Only relief is ice. It started 10 years ago (was living in mountains of Colorado--sunny, but little humidity) in the summer. It comes back every year around July/August and lasts thru December, disappearing just as suddenly as it returned. Does your itch do this as well? I am awake every single night with this, although it also occurs in the daytime now. It started on my left upper arm, but seems to expand each year.