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Avatar f tn I have seen others ask about specialists in Houston, TX and I found one that I'm 100% satisfied with. I have never come away from an appointment so happy and comforted in my LIFE. It is this guy: He took the time to go through my MRI slide by slide and explain everything to me.
Avatar f tn // They have an inpatient detox program, a residential treatment program, an IOP (intensive outpatient program), as well as a bunch of other stuff. GREAT facility, and I'd HIGHLY recommend to anyone looking for a treatment center in Texas. Their treatment program is great, but I think it's important to note that their AFTERCARE program is absolutely amazing.
Avatar n tn Do you recomend liver biopsey? I was told by my GI that it would be dangerous. I am having an MRI tomorrow for a second confirmation.
13089429 tn?1436037535 Im from Beaumont tx an hour away from Houston!! Hubby fam lives in Houston so we travel often to htown!!
Avatar f tn i'm also from texas about 100 from h town there is a place called the internet medical clinic there that you can get the lipo injections and the b - 12 and phentermine pills i'm not sure about the cost in houston it might be higher since it is in a city but for 2 months of the pills and 8 lipo shots and 4 b-12's i paid $220.