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470162 tn?1285755313 Most places are trying to go to CD so if yours is on film you won't be able to do this. Typically MRI machines are 1.5T STRENGTH. Open MRI range from 0.5T to 0.7T STRENGTH. I'm not sure if it would be on your films or not. I would asked next time or I went to a website that told what strength it was. The problem is that the better machines (the 3T) are few and far between. Most hospitals do not have them. I will be soon going to a university hospital that advertises having a 3T, 7T, & 8T.
1036535 tn?1278506199 I was in Emergency and had an MRI and CT scan that day. Recently I had an MRI ordered from an internists office and he wrote on the request that it was not urgent. I ended up paying for it privately, because the wait was going to be months. When I did go privately, however, it was only $800 My fatherinlaw just spent a month in hospital, a lot of it in intensive care. He had wonderful care at no cost to him at all. Our system is far from perfect, but it's there for everyone. I feel blessed .
Avatar m tn Hi again I would like to add that yes we have all see the posts about side effects that some people have experienced. Most if not all are related to treatment with interferon and while the problems those people have experienced are not good they are experienced by a minority of patients. Also I believe at least some of them had other medical conditions which most likely complicated their treatment or their livers were already in bad shape to begin with.
Avatar f tn Just to clear confusion from last comment, the scan 8 years ago didn't mention the cyst. But the one just over 4 months ago did.
Avatar m tn I'll end my participation on this thread (by the way THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the ones that helped me to understand my MRI Scan result) posting a couple of links with studies about the Vitamin D for the ones that say that there's nothing scientific related to its effect: Thank you all, all the best!
561470 tn?1253171713 I recently had a CT brain scan which showed a very bright white matter 12mm in size and have been recommended to see an MS specialist and another MRI with contrast. They did not use contrast with any of my previous contrast. Why does contrasting make a difference? I haven't as yet manage to find an answer to that one yet. My appointment with the MS specialist is on the 4th December, he is supposed to be the best in Australia. So fingers crossed, I may this time get a correct diagnosis.
Avatar f tn It was only at the beginning of this year that I decided to see my GP about it, it was very emotional for me to discuss but she advised me to have some blood tests and a MRI scan, which I did. I initially thought these could be absence seizures but they were ruled out when the MRI scan came back normal and the blood tests were fine, revealing only that I had a thyroid issue. The GP has recommended I see a Neurologist but am afraid of what it could be. I just want to stop zoning out.
Avatar m tn 5 Tesla and in report compared original scan in 09. End conclusion Normal brain. Full Spine MRI May 2012 for tingling hands and feet found multiple disc protrusions. NCS for lower limbs Found tarsal tunnel syndrome 2012 September burning hands and feet knees random prick sensations on and off. Was assessed by a Prof in Neurology that deals with movement disorders Ms etc. I asked for a 4th MRI he said no need and did a clinical exam which i passed.
1453990 tn?1329235026 The true cost of an MRI in U.S.A. on a 1.5T is around $400-$625 per scan in the Chicago area. My local hospital charges nearly $5,000 for same W/O contrast. It's kinda of funny the first Neuro I saw was my customer & she told my lesions were age related, I fired her once I found this forum & moved on.
1399496 tn?1282494734 Hi sorry to hear ur gp is so stingy not to give u a scan! I am in Australia and we seem to have no prob getting scans so not sure if ur under different rules or just a stingy Doc? I take Naproxen 1000mg daily so I know about that med, its an anti inflammatory med and can sometimes give u some stomach issues in long term eg ulcers etc. It's always good to check your meds and also check combining meds. You can find online sites that you can check eg medscape etc.
Avatar m tn I agree with John, shoot for an MRI of the brain, even if the doctor tries to foist a CT scan on you. CT scan is supposed to be good for heads and costs less, but the radiation is not helpful and too many CT scans can increase cancer risk, I believe. It sounds like from your valve description that he got an echocardiogram in the past, but they will probably want to run another with a complete cardiovascular work-up, given his symptoms.
Avatar f tn who say it could be lyme, and I'm going to see this Dr this weekend. Lyme is not recognised here in Australia, but reports are that some have been tested for it, and have gotten positive results for it, and I do believe that it is here in Australia, and at this stage will get tested for anything. What are the chances of a child suffering with ON at age 7??????????? And having ms at such an early age, and I do know it can happen. Any advice will be much appreciated.
Avatar m tn My GP was unhappy about this and said I should make a complaint so I did To cut along story short I was diagnosed in London with POTS and hypermobility syndrome (2012) but because I had ataxia they sent me fro MRI .My MRI showed a couple of lesions in the frontal lobes.
Avatar f tn Hi Melissa, I agree with Supermum, I have private health insurance and I used to see a private neuro, one in private practice and as you prob remember I live in Australia too, my private neuro sent me to both public hospital and private hospital for my MRI. None of them cost me a cent.
Avatar f tn normal, barium swallow: normal, ct scan: normal. I feel so bad for her because Doc. can't figure it and wanted to put her on antidepressants, I said no way of course. But reading symptons from the forum and researching sphicter of oddi dysfunction, sounds like what she may have. The only symptoms that do not seem to match is the weightloss and stomach popping. Are these also possible symptons of sphincter of oddi dysfunction. Any help would be great, I am desperate to help her.
8411000 tn?1464560311 Back in 2000 I started experiencing dizzy spells, head heaviness, trouble finding words, and fatigue. I had seen a few doctors without finding anything wrong. Two years ago I experienced my first vertigo attack. Since then the attacks have become more frequent and more severe. The last six months I have been experiencing vertigo, dizzy spells, ear fullness, hearing loss in one ear with more tinnitus, memory problems, headaches, fatigue, balance issues, and trouble finding words.
Avatar f tn I did write my endo and she said because the tumor was not there in 2007 the MRI this year would not be necessary. It is possible for me to be MRI-scan at a private hospital but i will cost me 7000 danish kr (1400 USD).
Avatar n tn i have been sent for a MRI by my doctor and am still waiting the results.
428185 tn?1203745389 Just diagnosed Feb. 15; Gleason 8, PSA 8.8, stage T1c, clean bone scan, MRI indicates contained in prostate, no seminal vesicle/lymph node involvement. I'm 61, ridiculously healthy and athletic, sexually active w/ my wife and want to stay that way. My problem: every treatment program has the same goal: kill the cancer by killing the prostate. Even proton beam with so much talk about targeting only the tumors and sparing healthy tissue - they don't mean healthy prostate tissue.
Avatar m tn previous to living in korea I lived in the UK, Thailand for 2 years, Australia for one year and I have only visited the USA once, almost 20 years ago. My symptoms really started about 5 months ago. It started with dizziness that alternated between a light headed feeling (similar to being mildly drunk) and a foggy feeling - like im hung over - i had this feeling pretty much constantly for 6 weeks. I also had occasional tingling in the face, on both sides.
Avatar n tn I have severe anxiety, which can frequently generate all kinds of symptoms. I had an Ultrasound and a CT scan both showed nothing (except Fatty liver). All my blood work comes up clean. I have no idea what to do at this point. I cannot afford to keep shelling out 200-1000$ per test and keep coming up with nothing the test the doctor has set up for me now is a gallbladder function scan. I would have thought that the CT would have been able to see this if it was an issue.
Avatar m tn My neurosurgeon also told me that my right hand may suffer permanent nerve damage if I do not go ahead with the ACDF surgery (judging from my MRI scan and symptoms during the consultation). But I am still a bit reluctant to give in to surgery too early. I am concern about the post-surgery side effect which would accelerate adjacent discs degeneration. I am scare to think about down the track there will be more ACDF to be done on the adjacent discs.
Avatar n tn I saw a neurologist a few weeks ago and he has said compression of the spinal cord in the neck area. I am waiting to go for an mri scan asap. I also have floaters in both eyes, vibrating L shoulder and R foot and sciatica down the backs of my legs. I wake up some mornings and feel like I have a hangover.
306827 tn?1279032340 I know they are expensive - but I am told cervical is one of the most complex areas to scan - CT or MRI. So why not thoracic? Mad. I do count myself as very lucky that my neurologist just said - we need to do the whole spine. And although I do not like what we found, yes I am glad we found the cause. I am interested in Copaxone. I believe though that depression is also an issue with Betaseron, but that is anecdotal only.
Avatar m tn He stated that he was about 95% sure that it was just irregular hard palate bone shaping (possibly torus) and said if i would like the extra couple of percent to take it to 98-99 then to take an MRI scan. I am going for this today, and we will discuss the results on monday which is 6 days from now. I will be quite worried up until that point. For me though, it doesnt feel like bone necessarily.
325086 tn?1217974780 contrast-enhanced MRI, diffusion-weighted MRI, and magnetic resonance elastography [Talwalkar et al. 2008]. The advantages are their assessment of the entire liver parenchyma, lack of an acoustical window requirement, and operator independence. The disadvantages are their cost and time-consuming nature. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.
Avatar n tn I remember reading about a woman in Australia (I think) whose radiation treatments would cost her $4000.00 and she couldn't afford it - I figure my chemo alone adds up to almost $20000.00 - that doesn't include my CT scans, Dr's visits, prescriptions etc. As hard as it is, I try now not to complain too much about my taxes - I do wonder why, though, they keep going up, up, up and we seem to get nothing back in return.
Avatar f tn The neurologist I'm questioning is the Neurologist who specifically said to me following this MRI, you have a few extra spots since your last Mri, I want to do lumbar puncture to rule in or out MS. Now the Mri he compared it to is my 2012 Mri. 5/6 high signal foci were noted on that report as too was my 2010 Mri. How do i know if an increase of 13 is not causing my symptoms? How do i know if the largest one isn't causing my symptoms?
572651 tn?1333939396 My diagnosis was fairly easy because I have a classic MRI with lesions/enhancing lesions in all the right places and a neurologist who doesn't believe in delaying treatment. Also, I am one of several co-community leaders here on the MS community and am passionate about advocating for all of us. Who's next?