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Avatar n tn I will begin by admitting how terrified I am that I have a brain tumour! I have had a continuous dull headache for two weeks now and no amount of medication seems to shift it. It seems to be worse in the morning, and I have a really stiff neck. Its there all day and worse when I do exercise or bend over. Im also pretty sure my vision is getting worse, although I went to the opticians who seem to think my eye sight is virtually perfect.
Avatar f tn Is this common with anxiety or does this sound like a potential brain tumour? I am besides myself with worry but too scared to go back to the docs. Please help!!!
Avatar f tn I had my first MRI scan today with contrast of brain and spine, suspected MS. Have been told results take about two weeks. If it was a tumour would I hear sooner. I live in Britain .
Avatar m tn im so worried i have a brain tumour.... i have had blood tests and my doctor gave me a neurological test?? can someone please help!
Avatar m tn It is difficult to go for surgeries involving brain and the position of the tumour in the brain makes it more difficult at places where it cannot be reached. You have to have proper diagnosis of the tumour and go for the surgery if only the tumour is growing or else neglect it. Take care!
Avatar f tn Could possibly be checking for a brain tumour. Or any kind of sign of brain damage. By no means am I saying that's what you have. So don't get all paranoid thinking you have a brain tumour. It is simply a suggestion to your question of why.
Avatar f tn In February 2015 I had both a CT Scan and MRI scan to check for scars and tumours on my brain/temporal lobe - both came back clear. Which meant that wasn't what was causing my seizures. I'm a 26 yo female - and I went from having a period every 35 days - to having 3 full periods in 41 days (one 5 days, one 10 days and one 7 days long). I went to my GP and she said it wasn't normal and arranged bloods.
Avatar m tn Do you think a disease of the cornea could cause the temporary blindness symptoms? My friend had the X-ray and has just been told that he has a minor brain tumour. I just don't see how this would explain the eyes watering and burning symptoms (could be unrelated i guess) and why it would cause the blindness just some of the time (mainly in the mornings).
Avatar m tn I just had an MRI on my eye due to pain.It ended up being a minor sinus issue. There was also mention of an "Artifact" on a single slice of the MRI. They have suggested a full brain scan as a precautionary measure. My Doctor say this is common and there is absolutely nothing wrong with me (no tumour or cancer) and I have no need to worry. Should I be? Could it be a tumor even thought it was only on 1 slice?
329165 tn?1515471990 With only that conclusion, hard to say but as a fellow patient, it is hard to not be nervous... at least there is no lesion (mass) found. Some people just are larger or smaller. Keep us posted after the MRI!
Avatar n tn My seventy year old father complained of headaches and some weakness. Bringing him to the emergency room seemed precautionary, but his ct scan revealed a 'mass.' He is now having mri, and a complete battery of tests. I am so devastated because the first (ct scan) result seems like obvious brain tumor. Can you give me not false hope, but some reason for optimism? Is it possible the 'mass' could represent something else?
Avatar f tn This can be ruled out by a CT scan or MRI. If TIA is suspected then all predisposing factors to TIA should be ruled out like polycythemia vera, sickle cell disease, diabetes, hyperviscosity syndromes, hypertension etc. You need to consult a doctor urgently to rule this out. The other possibility is a nerve compression high up in the cervical region. Also, please get your blood pressure checked.
Avatar m tn Let us know how the MRI turns out.
Avatar n tn The dr said everything came back fine and i may have migraines or need glasses. I do that a MRI is better but would a CT scan show if i had anything going on? I panic when it comes to my health and i was told that a CT scan is not a good tool to find Aneurysms or brain tumors. I still have a slight headache but not as intense as the last week. Do you have alot of symptoms of an Aneurysm before it pops? I know if it poped im sure i would be in the worst pain ever.
Avatar n tn Anyways in April 2010 I had a brain MRI with and without contrast that came back negative.... I went to see a neurologist because I thought I felt dizzy sometimes, of balance, forehead felt compacted..slight pain in head...etc... Anyways...I have a history with sinus problems.. post nasal drip, always stuffed up nose, and things of that nature... Right now I feel like my equal Librium is off balance, and feel stuff up in the forehead, just slightly dizzy a couple times...
Avatar m tn Please go for CT scan or MRI of the brain and consult a neurologist for diagnosis and treatment. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!
18015750 tn?1462374099 Hi I'm a 21 female and I have had MRI and CT scan and both are clear I have had blood test they are fine. I'm suffering with early morning headaches pressure waking me up and blurred flashing lights and I keep getting hot and cold chills and when I'm in the bath I can feel really hot overly.
456039 tn?1302660148 I was just wondering if anyone else has a child/ or themselves have been born with a brain tumour? I am asking for my Mother, as my younger brother was born with a benign brain tumour and had it removed at 8 weeks. He is now a healthy 13 year old. Was wondering if anyone else has a similar experience.
Avatar f tn full blood count and cpr i think there was another one too but cant remember,its not the fatique thats the worst part is the feeling in my head as its so strong when it happens and it happens about 5 hours a day it really feels awfull and when i read about brain tumours it says people have said they had a weird feeling thats hard to describe to the dr when they had a brain tumour,the dr i got at the moment i really doubt will give me a ct scan or mri scan as he only offerd me a blood test when i
Avatar n tn I do not want to scare you but the symptoms that you have mentioned- fullness in ears, Sinus pressure, Difficulty swallowing, slurred speech and dizziness suggest of a brain tumour. Unexplained chills without fever and hot flashes are due to a hormonal problem. The brain tumour could be the cause of this as well. If the tumour is compressing or affecting the Pituitary gland, hormonal imbalances may occur due to abnormal secretion of the thyroid stimulating hormones.
Avatar f tn Fear when you don't know what is going on fear is a natural response. At your age a brain tumor is very unlikely. Further the worsenning of your headaches with the change of position is consistent with what the doctors are telling you. Enquire about an ENT (Ear Nose Throat) referral and getting a CT, possibly an MRI. The headache itself may be causing/triggering the nausea and dizzy sensation.
Avatar m tn In Emergency had an EKG and blood work - all came back perfect. A nurse did some basic tests and I had a CT scan - came back with a small lesion in the right frontal lobe and stated its most likely calcification but could be a tumour. Now booked for an MRI in 5 days. After leaving emergency I was perfectly fine until yesterday - woke up with a bad headache, light headed, blurry vision, aching back (high up between the shoulder blades).