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Avatar f tn Hi, last year I had an MRI scan. I was having it as the Dr was looking to see if I had an AVM on the brain, I get a lot of headaches and have an AVM on my right forearm. When I went to see the Dr he told me my results, he said there is a malformation there but it isnt an AVM. He then pointed to the temporal lobes and said they are low. I should of asked him what that meant, but I never ask questions when Im there, I just say to myself I should of asked this and I should of asked that.
Avatar f tn Can you please explain my MRI of the brain done with and without contrast please: On T2 weighted and FLAIR sequences, there are multiple subcentimeter round ovoid foci of high signal in the right frontal lobe periventricular white matter, in addition to several subcentimeter lesions in the periventricular and subcortical white matter in the left frontal lobe and the subcortical white matter in the posterior right frontal lobe.
Avatar n tn I am sorry to hear that you have been going through so much in life! As the differential diagnosis suggests the MRI findings indicate changes in brain that could be due to Lyme’s disease (because of Tick bite you had) or could be due to inflammation of brain blood vessels (vasculitis), degeneration or destruction of myelin sheath of nerves (seen in MS and autoimmune disorders) or due to narrowing of blood vessels causing poor blood supply and poor oxygen supply to parts of brain.
Avatar f tn Chadry, My daughter did have a brain MRI and a brain CT scan. She has seen 2 neurologists, both exams normal. Do you think they should have found "chiari 1" with those tests? ZanHan, how would what you describe be diagnosed? Do you think she needs her spine looked at? What is t spine, l spine?
Avatar f tn I to have been diagnosed with a brain cyst my dr found on a ct scan after i complained of headaches for years. He told me to come back next year and he will do another ct scan. I dont want to wait a year . I was told to see a neurologist which i cant afford (no health insurance) If u can see a neurologist/neurosurgeon you will get more answers.
Avatar n tn Hi, any luck with getting an MRI scan. Have you been back to the doctor to discuss your symptoms? Are you in the UK?
Avatar m tn Please go for CT scan or MRI of the brain and consult a neurologist for diagnosis and treatment. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!
Avatar f tn If it has been 6 months and the headache keeps getting worse, it is best that you have this checked by your neurologist for proper evaluation. A new CT scan or MRI, to be compared to the previous scan, may also be indicated to help with the evaluation. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn I'm 50yrs old just had a MRI SCAN ON THE BRAIN and it showed large white spots should I be worry
Avatar n tn i have had an mri scan as i was suffering with my left ear headaches and dizziness i have just got my results my ear is fine but they said i have white patches on my brain that would not expect to see in someone my age(49)they are referring me to see an neurologist do you have any idea what it could be
1243543 tn?1269124022 I went to the doc for it she said it was sinus pressure and stress but im wondering if i should demand a mri or ct scan ive already spent thousands of dollars on thinking i have a heart problem when i dont i just dont know anymore.Once i found out my heart was fine now i spend my time thinking i have a brain annerysm where does it end.Does anyone else get headaches like this too?If it was a brain annerysm would it be a horrible headache the worst headache in my life?
Avatar n tn Anyways in April 2010 I had a brain MRI with and without contrast that came back negative.... I went to see a neurologist because I thought I felt dizzy sometimes, of balance, forehead felt compacted..slight pain in head...etc... Anyways...I have a history with sinus problems.. post nasal drip, always stuffed up nose, and things of that nature... Right now I feel like my equal Librium is off balance, and feel stuff up in the forehead, just slightly dizzy a couple times...
Avatar n tn Daily Headaches what type of medical tests do I need to take. Had a CT Scan and MRI Brain Lesions was found but still have daily headaches after Multiple Sclerosis was diagnoised. What test should be done so I can find out why have constant daily headaches?
Avatar n tn I am also experiencing fatigue, nausea, memory loss, loss of balance, stiff neck, stiff joints in the right hand, dizziness, dilated pupils and a constant faint-feeling. I had an MRI scan a few weeks ago, which showed up normal. However, I did not have any contrast injections or anything. I've had a blood test since then which has also shown up normal. I am starting to get impatient - I'm not sure whether I can deal with any more waiting around and false hope!
Avatar n tn It is my understanding that the CAT scan can not pick up certain things and I am concernd about a tumor being missed because I can not obtain an MRI. Can you please comment on the differences between a CAT scan and an MRI and how concerned I should be about not being able to obtain an MRI? Can you suggest the best way to proceed with getting a diagnosis given the complications of having a defibrillator?
Avatar n tn In January of 08, went to another doctor who sent me for a CT scan. CT showed brain atrophy which was peculiar for someone at my age. I also went for an MRI, which also concluded brain atrophy. The neurologist suggested that there was nothing worrisome and that the headaches had nothing to do with this result. Head pain has never gone away, however last week I started getting dizzy spells and am extremely light headed, nausiated and sensitive to the light.
Avatar n tn Sensitivity to light, juxtaposed with headaches and speech difficulties are hallmarks of a slow bleed within the brain. While this may not be the case, it should be immediately ruled out. You require an MRA, with dye contrast, as of yesterday, as well as a blood work-up to include a ptt. An MRI is not sufficient, nor is an x-ray or CT. Do not allow a physician to set you up with an appointment "in a few weeks". You require an evaluation ASAP (as soon a possible).
Avatar f tn Go see a doc and get an mri scan. I am 24 and have had a headache for the last 8 + years and was finally diagnosed as tp having chiari malformation after years of being told anxiety.... Always push docs when u feel something isn't right.. they always try to pull the anxiety/depression card which may indeed be the case for most. But there is always the chance its not... I thought i had a brain tumor also lol... Alot of ppl do but don't worry. U won't have one..
Avatar m tn Hi All, 6 days ago I ended up in the emergency room - for the 4 days prior to that I was having symptoms such as light headedness, flashing ribbons of light in my eyes, headaches, a loss of balance. Over the several months leading up to this my eye sight as drastically changed (had perfect vision, now seem to be far sighted). Also, discovered my BP is elevated (when relaxed about 135 over 85 but at emergency last week it hit as high as 164 0ver 98).
Avatar m tn Manifestation of migrainusus and other demyleinating processes remain amount the differential. Contrast-enhanced brain MRI should be considered to further characterize. No intra-axial mass, global mass effect or midline shift is seen.ventricular morphology appears unremarkable. Benign Virchow-Robin spaces are incidentally noted. Suggestion of cerebellar tonsillar ectopia. In the clinical context of headaches, attention to this are on MRImis suggested.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have had daily headaches for the past 6 months about 6 weeks ago my GP ordered aCT scan they found a calsified meningnoma she referred me to a neuro specialist he did a MRI scan & found a calsified calcim lump & told me not to worry about & only gave me herbal tablets to take.I am still getting frobbing headaches in the front of my head & dizziness as well with my vision also affected.I feel I should get a second option?
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with a parafalcine meningioma after a MRI of the brain . I haven't seen the neurologist again yet - is this an abnormal meningioma rather than a benign one ?