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Avatar f tn Is Brain Cancer hereditary? I am not going to worry about this until I have the results, but would like clarification in regards to this.
Avatar f tn They transported her to hospital and ran some tests. and found nothing. 3 days later they did an MRI and found a 3 cm brain tumor which they removed a day later. Turned out it is gioblastomia. Right side near temple. She has been doing radiation and Chemo. She has 2 more days of radiation left. But will continue the Chemo pill. They will do another scan in 1 month. She says she feels fine, and absolutely refuses to believe she will die. How long do you think she has?
Avatar n tn He was diagnosed with Lymph node cancer and nasopharynx . Since two he is suffering from cancer on the Temporal bone area. Chemo and radio therapy was done since the diagnosis. After the last surgery 10 months back, Some fluid kept coming out from the hole punctured in the left temporal bone just above affected side. it stopped after 2 months, we were inclined to get the homeopathy treatment for last six months.
Avatar f tn People with migraine often have plaques on their MRI that are of unclear cause or significance. Other causes of plaques on MRI can usually be distinguished based on history and symptoms, such as symptoms of neurologic deficit (for example arm weakness or difficulty walking etc). These can also be distinguished based on the MRI appearance. These include, but are not limited to, multiple sclerosis, other demyelinating disease, and inflammatory processes such as vasculitis, etc.
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with a parafalcine meningioma after a MRI of the brain . I haven't seen the neurologist again yet - is this an abnormal meningioma rather than a benign one ?
Avatar f tn I had a brain MRI in July 2007 that showed a specific abnormality of the corpus callosum which my doctors attribute to an old stroke or head trauma. There are other white specks which they have not been able to explain. I have mildly elevated A.C.E. level (61). Spinal tap and cervical MRI were normal for someone my age (65). In 1990 I was diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer and my entire right lung was removed.
Avatar f tn Hi, The report of your mother-in-law's brain scan is not good. Basically it shows multiple metastases (cancer spread). The original site where this cancer began is not clear from this scan. Common tumors that spread to brain include breast and lung. She needs to get symptomatic treatment for brain metastases, including steroids and radiation therapy. She also needs additional investigations to identify the primary cancer and plan treatment accordingly. All the best, and God Bless!
Avatar n tn From what I understand the tumor was 13 inches. They did chemo and radiation and radiation on the brain. A scan was performed in May and there was no lesions on the brain. Now this past weekend they found three (10mm, 1.7 cm and 1.4 cm). We thought he had a small stroke and rushed him to the hospital only to find tumors instead. There is also water on the brain and swelling. I know it is not operable and we know the chemo and radiation was only to prolong his life and relieve symptoms.
Avatar n tn I need to know how you are affected when you have tumors on the brain and if you can tell by an MRI or a cat scan
Avatar n tn My grandfather has a history of lung cancer had an operation and now has no sign of cancer in his lungs. The other day he had a seizure so they performed an MRI Scan on his brain. The nurse handed the results to the family, but we've not seen a doctor to explain them... so I was wondering if someone could help me make sense out of it. FINDINGS: Again demonstrated is subchronic infarct in the right posterior temporal lobe extending into the adjacent parietal and occipital lobes.
Avatar n tn when I documented the first time I was limited to only 3000 words and eliminated some other symptoms that that I have also had including in 4/04 and 7/04 I had instances of vertigo, after the first instance I started having daily lightheaded spells. in April I did have a CT and an MRI of the Brain that were normal and and MRI of the neck that showed nothing significant. I continue to get tingling and numbness in my hands and feet (always thought to be from my diabetes).
Avatar f tn A month later she was in coma, because of increasing in brain pressure. After high dosage of steroid, she was ok. MRI result showed that there was no changes in tumor sizes. 2 weeks ago she was experiencing the same symptoms as before (stroke symptoms). MRI result showed that there are 2 other lesions less that 1 cm and the increasing mass of the tumors. The oncologist and the neurosurgeon said that there is no more that they can do, they can't do another radiation.
Avatar n tn This past March, two small cysts were confirmed on my brain in an MRI after one showed up on a CAT scan during an ER visit for a severe migraine. It was brought to myattention due to my skin cancer history since my grandfather died from a brain tumor and his mother (my great-grandmother had skin cancer). My primary doctor said they were small enough to be consider beneign and therefore unimportant.
Avatar f tn with my insurance i owe $1,828. now, i had a brain mri done at an mri place a year ago on a 1t machine and the cost before insurance was $1,400 and i paid $300. i called my insurance and they cant help...they said id need to check w the hospital on the cost. how could this be soooo much money!?????? it seems complelteyl insane. would love to hear what u all think could this be? could 3t cost like 10x a regular machine?
Avatar n tn he had a pet scan and the brain was clear but the cancer was in his lymphnodes just a little bit so he then went through radiation for 6 weeks then 2 months later developed staph infection that took over his forehead bone and the drs went in and removed the entire bone. then about 3 months later the cancer was back so he then did chemo 1 day every 3 weeks for 6 treatments.
Avatar n tn Bringing him to the emergency room seemed precautionary, but his ct scan revealed a 'mass.' He is now having mri, and a complete battery of tests. I am so devastated because the first (ct scan) result seems like obvious brain tumor. Can you give me not false hope, but some reason for optimism? Is it possible the 'mass' could represent something else? His basic neurological tests were all good, including movement and vision.
Avatar m tn Though I understand symptoms may vary from person to person, I know someone who had brain cancer and never experienced any seizures. Cancer is also hereditary in my family, I should have included that in my original post. I have already had a few benign tumors on my skin and one of them was suspected to be cancerous though they never tested it thoroughly, instead they just cut all of it off. I'm no expert but could this have spread throughout my body before it was removed?
Avatar f tn But on PET scan they caught a glimpse of what looked like a tumor in cerebellar area. Went for a stat MRI...7 tumors in her brain. Immediately started on steroids and whole head radiation the same day...what is her prognosis? She wants to get her life in order I, of course want her to live forever...does she have any chance of a cure? remission?
Avatar n tn I hit a new high score a little over a month ago with 210/140. It was not fun. Here is the kicker. I am 27 and I have had the Brain MRI, Neck MRI, cardiogram, more blood work than you can shake a stick at, a urine test to see if I have an Adrenal tumor and my doctors cannot find out what is wrong. My liver does screw up randomly also.
Avatar m tn I am guessing you had an MRI without contrast? Was it an open MRI? Do you know the slices (3mm, 5mm?)? Did you get a copy of the blood tests? It was just "a" test? Were they done at 8am fasting, and were they comprehensive? Also one set of many cannot rule a pituitary disorder in or out. Learned that one myself the hard way. You also need urine and sometimes saliva testing to help along the way.
Avatar m tn With regards the mri scan would any kind of bone cancer be seen on the scan or would this not show up on such a scan?
Avatar f tn Differential considerations include ischemia of unknown chronicity as well as a demyelinating process. Brain MRI imaging with and without contrast would be the best means of further evaluation. 7/31/12-Normal MRI. How is this possible? Does that mean nothing is wrong?
Avatar m tn To rule out brain cancer, imaging studies such as MRI or CT scan is usually indicated. The common symptoms for brain cancer include : headache, weakness, clumsiness, difficulty walking and even seizures. If there is no history of trauma in the past, the headache could also be due to primary headaches such as migraine, tension or cluster headaches. It is best that you discuss this with your doctor or be referred to a neurologist for proper evaluation.
Avatar f tn Any unusual pain such as what you are experiencing should be worked up with a bone scan and a head scan (either MRI or head CT scan although MRI gives more information.) Should those tests be normal, there are other reasons that you can have pain: Women who have gone through surgical menopause and chemotherapy are at higher risk for fracture (osteoporosis related). Additionally, women will commonly experience severe bone pain and joint pain after chemotherapy.
Avatar n tn I cannot give you the 'all-clear' on the MRI scan, but if I was reviewing an MRI scan without contrast and it was normal, I would exclude a brain tummor, unless there were specific other things concerning me such as a history of HIV, cancer, or previous brain tumor. Its different for a CT, where a noncontrast CT scan does not ruleout a tumor, but MRI looks at a lot more detail than CT and in different ways allowing a more accurate diagnosis.
Avatar f tn For a PET scan, they give you a tracer of some sort to make a tumor show up. I do not think the benign tumors take up the tracer like the malignant ones, hence why the PET scan works (or so how I think it works). The doctor will have to tell you if the lesion in her brain is related or not - but it may or may not be cancer. I hope not.