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Avatar n tn For weeks my back tried to break itself until a doctor found a brain abscess the size and volume of a golf ball on the left side of my brain. I was rushed to surgery which removed the majority of the abscess via a cranyotomy. That portion of my brain was damaged and said to have been destroyed by the abscess.
5531927 tn?1445274919 Anisocoria or unequal pupil size may be attributed to a variety of issues and warrants further evaluation. This includes aneurysm, brain tumor or abscess, excess pressure in one eye caused by glaucoma, increased intracranial pressure, infection, seizure, as well as migraine headache. To determine the underlying cause, complete physical examination as well as imaging studies such as CT scan may need to be done. Take care and do keep us posted with the MRI result. Best regards.
Avatar f tn Hi All, I have got a 4-5mm intersphincteric abscess which clearly shows up on an MRI scan. When i went in for surgery to cut it out, my surgeon said he couldn't find the abscess and that there isn't anything he can do to help me as he cannot feel it or find an internal opening from where the abscess is draining inside the anal canal, despite the fact he knows its exact location on the MRI scan! I was devastated when he told me this as this abscess is ruining my life.
Avatar f tn Can you please explain my MRI of the brain done with and without contrast please: On T2 weighted and FLAIR sequences, there are multiple subcentimeter round ovoid foci of high signal in the right frontal lobe periventricular white matter, in addition to several subcentimeter lesions in the periventricular and subcortical white matter in the left frontal lobe and the subcortical white matter in the posterior right frontal lobe.
Avatar n tn It is quite possible that what your girlfriend has are micro abscesses. Usually brain abscess respond to antibiotic treatment. This abscess can be a result of ear infection, dental abscess, paranasal sinus infection to name a few. It is very difficult to pin point the exact cause without the MRI findings and a clinical examination. Hope this helps!
Avatar m tn Feeling very unwell, sometimes unable to get out of bed, pain on left side of face and head. Had x rays, cat scan, MRI, blood work. All normal except for slight thickness on left side. Nobody can find infection, and yet I respond to antibiotics to the point I am able to function, ei. Get out of bed, shower, go for a walk. I am currently taking ibuprophen for pain. Outside of this, I was a very healthy, active person.
Avatar f tn Headaches after a brain injury can also be due to concussion, and normally CT and MRI are normal. However, yes, MRI should be done to rule out brain injury as the cause. Stress due to concussion and brain injury can also be the cause. Also get your blood pressure checked. Take care!
Avatar n tn I had a brain mri scan for recurrent 'auras' thought to be due to migraine. The result of the scan came back normal except for a few spots of plaques. I am 50, is this normal? I am concerned that it is indicative of early degeneration associated with dementia.
Avatar n tn His recent abnormal behavior could indeed be related to the periodic swelling that happens at the old halo site. In order to rule this out, hopefully you can get him in to see a neurologist as soon as possible. Could be he's had an ongoing infection there. A scan should be ordered of his brain, to see what it looks like, too. These things take up a lot of time, unfortunately, I hope you can perhaps speak to your own doctor about the situation, so he can try to speed things up for you.
Avatar m tn Hello, If you are having pain in the ischial region, then it is recommended that you get a CT scan or MRI o the area done to confirm the diagnosis. It does not look like an abscess which does not cause deep seated pain but confirmation should be done first. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor.
Avatar f tn Hi, last year I had an MRI scan. I was having it as the Dr was looking to see if I had an AVM on the brain, I get a lot of headaches and have an AVM on my right forearm. When I went to see the Dr he told me my results, he said there is a malformation there but it isnt an AVM. He then pointed to the temporal lobes and said they are low. I should of asked him what that meant, but I never ask questions when Im there, I just say to myself I should of asked this and I should of asked that.
Avatar f tn I had a cat scan and blood test that showed a lesion on my brain. My doctor the had me get an MRI brain scan which his nurse said came back normal. Then why do I still feel like my brain has been scrambled ,and I just don't feel good overall?
Avatar f tn I am now 48 and over the years have suffered chronic fatigue and permanent nubness in right hand and foot. I have had a recent MRI scan of my brain and neck that shows a 4th legion in the brain and since my last scan a year ago a syrinx in my spine between 5th and 6th disc due to a protruding disc that has got worse.
Avatar n tn The appearance of these tumors on MRI are distinct and can be differentiated from MS. Infections can also cause lesions in the brain such as cryptococcus, brain abscess, and tuberculosis. I suggest you discuss with your neurologist regarding the MRI findings to know if the characteristics of the lesions would point out to MS or any other conditions that I mentioned above. Wishing you all the best and hope that you and your doctor can get to the bottom of this. Regards and God bless...
Avatar m tn Hi I had a MR scan of my brain a couple of weeks ago as I had vertigo’s episodes some times . According to my doctor the MR results shows some unspecified gliosis. He said this is not a major problem, as it can be associated to some sleeping disorders and nothing with the vertigo. Do you agree with this opinion or I should check with a neurologist?
Avatar f tn A CT scan and MRI are pretty much the tests that will find a tumor- if you've had 3 scans that have been normal I would think everything is okay.
Avatar n tn It is true that chronic ear infections can sometimes lead to abscess formation that can extend to the brain, but the incidence of this is rather small. Upon your consult with the ENT, discuss with him the pros and cons of having this just observed or operated.
Avatar f tn I tolerated the symptoms until the last year and the have gotten worse, again The MRI scans I have show no brain lesions. Again I get lets wait and see. I am getting to old and to tired of these answers, can someone please tell me what my next step should be?
Avatar n tn I am sorry to hear that you have been going through so much in life! As the differential diagnosis suggests the MRI findings indicate changes in brain that could be due to Lyme’s disease (because of Tick bite you had) or could be due to inflammation of brain blood vessels (vasculitis), degeneration or destruction of myelin sheath of nerves (seen in MS and autoimmune disorders) or due to narrowing of blood vessels causing poor blood supply and poor oxygen supply to parts of brain.
Avatar m tn Although it is not usually a cause for worry, it is however, recommended that those who have mild atrophy should discuss these findings to their doctors, especially in cases where they also experience weakness and memory lapses. Some doctors may advise another MRI scan of the brain after several months to compare the results and evaluate if there is progression of brain atrophy.
Avatar f tn My stroke doctor has told me that my basal ganglia has been affected by multiple strokes. I have had 12 CT brain scans and one MRI brain scan. Now he says I am no to have any more and for him to be notified whenever I am taken to hospital. I read that basal ganglia problems can be caused by radiation, so I am thinking that this is the reason for my problems-which affect my brain activity and walking.