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Avatar m tn You should always inform the operator of any metal in your body for an MRI scan. These work on a different principle and use very large magnets which can seriously heat up metal in the body, causing tissue damage.
Avatar f tn They now want to do another MRI scan to check out my back more and I am scared to death. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!
Avatar m tn Because of the metal in my body I was told a MRI is not possible. Can I have a MRI in the knee that has not had a knee replacement?
Avatar m tn Just keep in mind that MRI can sometimes show something that may scare a patient or a doctor and then they do CT scan and comes back clear.. The down side of a CT scan is higher radiation exposure then on a chest xray exam. But still it is within the limits of what you get from sun exposure in one year.. Low radiation CT scans are now coming into use, so those are about equal to 10 xrays.. so on the liver it is best to do them..
Avatar f tn The above link tells you pretty much everything you didn't want to know about MRIs. I had a brain MRI one time, I had to be sedated because I was afraid of it, they even have a little mirror in there so you can see out of it, sort of claustrophobic in the machine, and they had a microphone and radio in there so I could talk to the techs. When the machine started up, it was VERY loud, surprised me, kind of made a bumping racket.
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor because I was having sudden attacks that started with nausea and then what I decribed as metal kinda taste, then I itch, from my waist up and get flushed with red and jappear to have an allergic reaction. My head feels like it is swelling and I can only breath out of my mouth. It takes a couple of hours for it to go away. When I had the first attack several years ago, the doctor said it was my gallbladder, though they never could find gall stones.
Avatar f tn I have many neurological manifestations with normal MRI, CT Scan, blood tests, etc. I do not however, think I have been tested for heavy metal poisoning. All the docs I have been to say it's just Fibromyalgia or histrionics. Could this past exposure be to blame for my symptoms? Thank your for your consideration.
Avatar n tn Please help..I had an MRI today for my pineal cyst and by mistake i forgot to remove my metal house keys,an mp3 player -which was turned off, and my cell phone which was turned on from my jeans pocket which I was wearing. I had removed the gold chain which I was wearing and completely forgot about rest of the things in my pocket. I read in several forums that we are not allowed to take these electronic instruments to the MRI room.
Avatar n tn CT in general is more accurate for stones and bone diseases, otherwise MRI is more accurate. 2,3. There's no radiation in MRI and no known side effects, metal objects are not a problem in MRI. 4. CT represent the most danger for the sperm cells or eggs, and could lead to congenital defect in your next children. It's a pure speculation what dose of CT irradiation would be needed for this, but in general more subsequent CT scans, or scans of pelvic area are the most dangerous.
Avatar m tn Yes i am almost certain that your 2nd reason could be the problem. I have had an MRI scan on my knee and my consultant advised that my knee looks completely normal. All my tendons, ligaments etc look in perfect condition. From researching online, i have read that about 80% of people who have IM nailing done complain of knee pain, which is usually due to the incision that surgeons make through the patella tendon in order to put the nail in.
Avatar n tn I'm scheduled for a spiral CT scan for the research program and wonder, since techs always ask that you take off anything metal before a CT scan, if it is safe to have one with a mediport in place.
1142612 tn?1264071445 One would think that a cath would be in order to make sure the area hasn't occluded again. A CT scan or MRI might also help to make sure it's not causing problems. Best of luck.
1231656 tn?1284408285 I am so worried, I have had two mammograms showing clustered calcifications and then have since had two sterotactic biopsies with metal clip inserted, I was then sent for an mri and still dont know what is going and why did I have an mri after biopsy help! This have been going on for five months now This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/1031839'>High ast & alt & calsification on left breast</a>.
Avatar f tn had an xray but showed nothing. So doctor sent me for an mri scan which i had on 4/2/2012 and i get my results on the 6/03/2012. Since the day of my scan i have been 100% worse pain is so bad i can barley walk i am also having strange pains and weakness in my left hip and both legs.i have been given cocodamol for the pain but i dosnt help much. Is there any side affects from the scan that could make me worse?
148588 tn?1465782409 My problem with CT is the high level of radiation you're exposed to and I'm wondering if an MRI could give the same info and be less of a 'necessary evil'. The only thing I could think of that might preclude MRI, is the small metal clip that is a souvenir of my gall bladder removal and still resides in my liver. Any input from those with some imaging experience would be welcome. Thanx.
Avatar f tn Never put metal into MRI.
Avatar f tn This is because the pacemaker is made of specific metals, and the magnet from the MRI can heat up the metal, leading to burning. in addition, the signal from the pacemaker can be "scrambled" from the force exerted by the magnet. You are correct in stating that urinary retention can be the result of neurologic problems.
242440 tn?1264523444 I know that cardio/thoracic surgeons have to have a "target". I have 3.19 inches of my Lad stented starting at the beginning or ostial. So I have been interested in this subject. I think that anyone who is about to receive a stent or stents that will prevent bypass surgery should be told, while on the table. My cardio told me 6 weeks ago "no more stents for you, now we are trying to keep you away from the surgeons".
Avatar n tn 3 orthopedics may view the same film, and have varying opinions as to what they see. Also I beleive that Xray, CT, and MRI have different ways of projecting images, with MRI being the most sensetive. I am not certain if this is an option for you. I am sorry I cannot offer you more advice, I just wanted to offer you some support, as I know backpain can be horrible. You are not alone.
Avatar n tn I was referred to a neurologist this May because I was getting dizzy spells, was very fatigued, and feeling "out of it" a lot. He sent me to have an MRI, and it was clear except for one small focus ("which would normal be indicitive of ischemic disease but did not seem to have any clinical significance of a patient this age") - by the way, I am 24 :-) . I had a small seizure on June first, became ill for a couple of days and had several on July first.
Avatar f tn what is the difference between a MRI with contrast and without for spine and hip injury? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/894466'>MRI's with and without contrast</a>.
Avatar n tn Unless you have a WHOLE lot of metal in one spot, you are totaly safe. people with metal plates in their heads get them done.
Avatar m tn I've had 3 lower back surgeries, 1 neck with a metal plate and 6 screws from a whiplash... can someone please help...thank you Normal gray-white differentiation is present. There is no CT evidence of acute cortical ischemia. Subtle patchy low attention is seen in the left frontal sub corral white matter. Nonspecific by CT. Manifestation of migrainusus and other demyleinating processes remain amount the differential. Contrast-enhanced brain MRI should be considered to further characterize.
Avatar f tn They stopped the test and pulled me out and I told them what was going on. They asked if I was sure I had no metal in my body and I said no I had none. They said they had no idea what it could have been. I said ok let's try it again and when they put me back in it did not do it again. I had on no jewelry no metal on clothing and it was definitely an internal feeling. I am scheduled to have another MRI tomorrow but I am now concerned about having it done. Doe anyone know what that could be?
3072999 tn?1356418332 to see how it looks like 1 or 2 days post op.I couldnt have mri anyhow as for the metal staples.I got my first mri post op 3 months...did u have a scan or anything??? maybe they mixed up the words?
Avatar f tn hello, i went for an MRI of my cervical and thoracic spine w/ contrast last friday per my 2nd opinion neuro's orders. when i got there, the tech was about to lead me to the 3Tesla machine, but when he saw on my paperwork that i have an IUD, he said it wasn't safe for me to have the scan using that machine since the IUD can heat up and burn my insides. the tech said their 1.5T machine produced excellent images, and he also gave me the option to have the IUD removed and come back another time.
1231656 tn?1284408285 Then was called in for MRI scan and three days later for a ultra-sound guided core biopsy, when I was on the table the radiologist then proceeded to biopsy the other breast without saying a word.. When I informed her that it was the wrong breast she told me that the MRI had shown up 2 nodules on the right breast and that was why she was performing the biopsy. Yet again I have been told I have to wait another 2 weeks for the results for both breasts now....
Avatar n tn Neurologist advised us to go for an MRI and while undergoing the MRI procedure, he experienced burning sensation and the MRI scan was stopped immediately. Would like to know 1 whether MRI scan can be taken even in the presence of Titanium screws or not? 2 can we ignore the burning sensation and go ahead with the MRI scan if this is a normal one in all the MRI scans?
745975 tn?1258964522 They put a catheter in my arm and injected saline and first they did a scan with no dye injected and then after about 15 minutes, they injected the dye and did another series of scans for 15 mins. I do not know if it was dynamic or not? how do you know if it is going to be dynamic? Is it based on type of lesion they are looking for or does it depend on the machine & technician?