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541953 tn?1262589826 Many even prefer to give dilaudid (hydromorphone) or morphine or methadone, over oxycodone for this very reason. So, yes, your 30mg of oxycodone is very, very powerful... and to compound the problem (making it worse) is that it ruins it's OWN tolerance, too! before you know it, that 30mg just won't cut it. There's something about that leap, going above 10mg. That's why so many doctors refuse to give more than 3 percocet a day.
Avatar m tn Anyways, right now I am running 2 separate prescriptions, 1 for 60x40mg OxyContin (prescribed 1 pill twice daily), the other is 240x5mg Pms-Oxycodone (prescribed 2 pills 4 times daily). I REALLY NEED to stop taking this stuff...I'm sure this has been said before, but I do have legitimate pain that many neuro-orthopedic surgeons say "will never fully go away." First off, I want to get back to 1 prescription only, due to the potential legal consequences of "double doctoring.
Avatar f tn The Fentanyl, which I'm on for my Long-Acting Med, is approximately 80 times stronger than Morphine. The Oxycodone (I use Percocet 10/325's for my BT Pain) is not as strong as the Fentanyl. Which meds are you on for your pain? As I said above, I'm very happy that you have found this site and I hope that you will enjoy the support that we offer here for you!! You might also, enjoy the Cancer Forum's. Here's the Link: http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn Oxycodone (contained in percocet, roxicodone, oxycontin) is about 2 times the strength of morphine (i.e., 10 mg of morphine equals 5 mg of oxycodone). Therefore, 5 mg of oxycodone is about 16 mg of hydrocodone so oxycodone is about 3 times stronger than hydrocodone. However, geminigirl is right in that everyone is different. I have read that some say hydrocodone works better for their pain than percocet and viceversa. For me, percocet works a lot better for my pain.
Avatar f tn Tylenol 3 w/Codeine then Vicodin then Percocet from low to high on the strength scale. The morphine has been great for me, but I've developed a tolerance to the 60mg pills so I'm being moved to something else. In the beginning I had trouble sleeping, mostly because my thoughts were racing. After a month or so it became normal, and that "rush" went away and it managed the pain quietly in the background. Let me know how you do!
175688 tn?1297560247 It is a narcotic, opioid (morphine-like) medication. Animal studies indicate that oxycodone is unlikely to cause birth defects.   It is important to note that oxycodone is available by itself or in combination with one or more other active ingredients. The other active ingredients (which vary, depending on the particular product) may have other pregnancy Category ratings and may cause other problems when used during pregnancy.   Pregnancy Category B The U.S.
Avatar n tn Oxycodone (no, not oxycodeine, as that doesn't exist) is an opiate analgesic with similar strength to morphine. Oxycodone HCl is Oxycodone Hydrochloride, or the salt, which is suitable for ingestion, injection, insuffulation, whatever you prefer. CL stands for controlled release, which is commonly known as a "Contin", as in OxyContin, MS-Contin, etc. So, what you have my friend, is 10 mg. Controlled Release Oxycodone Hydrochloride. OxyContin, or a generic equiv.
Avatar n tn At the top click on clinical information. Scroll down to morphine vs oxycodone vs the patch. This should help out with the comparisons of the pain meds.
Avatar n tn 30 mg of Opana ER is roughly 60 mg of oxycodone or 90 mg of morphine. 10 mg of Opana ER is roughly 20 mg of oxycodone or 30 mg of morphine. You are actually getting 5 mg less of oxycodone through the switch from percocet to Opana ER. However, since Opana ER is an entirely different opioid formulation. There is probably some cross tolerance and your doctor applied a 20% cross tolerance factor when converting you from oxycodone to Opana ER.
Avatar n tn One is a derivative of morphine and the other a derivative of codiene which also = well sh*t... codiene is only 1/3 the strength of morphine. So let me break it down like this: oxymorphone is about 2 to 3 times stronger than oxycodone. Also, oxymorphone, especially in its instant release package, has a considerably stronger punch than hydromorphone. Honestly, you probably couldn't even get diacetylmorphine(HEROIN) on the streets that is more potent. Money rules the world people.
688620 tn?1227381884 The strength is higher than you former extended release morphine dose. There is some very good information on the Internet concerning Fentanyl Patches. There have been several recalls of the patch that contains the gel. There are new patches that do not have the gel encapsulated in primary location. They appear to be safer, though some patients claim they are not as effective. Many patients of the patch claim they have changed their lives and provide excellent pain relief.
Avatar f tn Fentanyl every 48 hours ... went from the Fentanyl to the morphine ER along with the oxycodone. Then switched the oxycodone for the morphine IR, 15 mg.) I was afraid then that I'd end up in bad withdrawals because it seemed a big drop. Now the doctor has decided (and me) that the morphine is not tolerable for me. But because I still want to taper and get off, she's put me on 10 mg. oxycontin, 2 every morning and 1 at night along with 10 mg. oxycodone every 4 hours.
Avatar m tn I decided to taper down, since I started messing with oxycodone 40 mg for a few weeks and liked it way too much. Haven't taken the oxy in 3 weeks and started my taper today at 30mg. I am already cranky and have anxiety. I guess its mostly mental of me just used to having pills to wadh down before a ballgame or movie, but I don't even get high anymore and im quitting before I get worse and up the dosage. This group looks cool and I hope my taper goes well.
176495 tn?1301284012 When calling them in over the phone, the doc is seeing a bunch of other patients and doing a million different things so when a refill is asked for they just fill what you had or something like that vs. talking to him face to face and asking him for what you would like to do. Since you can trust your wife with the pills this makes for an ideal tapering situation so she can give you a certain dose each day at a certain time and gradually lower the amount you are taking.
Avatar n tn , I would either cut them up or place them intact inside my mouth, and then. . .over and out (to the point of underestimating strength once and almost getting killed several times while driving home). As I understand, medical fentanyl can actually be stronger and more "pure" than garden-variety smack, especially the way I took it. Any other opinions/experiences would be interesting to hear. . .
Avatar n tn Endocet is the generic name, and has oxycodone in it as well. Oh yes, also your first Rx had 5mgs of oxycodone, whereas your last one had 7.5mgs.
Avatar m tn I have suffered paraplegia from a motorbike accident 20yrs ago, instantly I suffered chronic pain, I was firstly treated with morphine but over the years the dosage became to high, the Pain Specialist then put me on Methadone, I am currently using 110ml/gms per day to control the pain.
Avatar f tn barbie, the scratching and itching is a sign of opiate(,opium, morphine and heroin) or opioid(vikes,norcos and oxycodone)addiction. I use to itch my behind off when I was on methadone and/or norcos. It does sound like they need some serious help and are in deep. They are lucky they have someone around that cares.sometimes people gotta hit rock bottom or get kicked in the face 20 times going cold turkey(me) before they realize , ITS JUST NOT WORTH IT !!!
Avatar n tn Fetanyl is literally a hundred times as potent as morphine. 0.05-0.10 mg. is equivalent to 10-30 mgm's. morphine. This super strength per mg makes it ideal to use in an transdermal patch. Joe, there is a GAP in time that you must allow for the formulation in the patch to work. I cannot remember the specifics on how much time must past before the patch starts working. Ask your doctor or phamacists. I am sure they will have that information.
Avatar f tn Don't have that problem with the biggest reasons I waited as long as I did on a 24 hour pain control. Morphine just don't work for me, so the patch was replaced with the morphine timethe patches! I can tell if I forgot to replace the patch and let it go a day later, I am hurting something fierce. For me, the patch is easier for me to "keep track" of my pain and when it's time to talk to the doctor about changing dosages or break through pain medication.
Avatar n tn the rating between oral and IV are relative(globally). Summary; Apparently Oxycodone gives a rush when taken oral,and morphine does not,IV morphine is not immediatley pleasant whereas IV Oxycodone is comparable to Heroin. Hydromorphine gave a better rush than heroin Codeine caused pain upon injection and little euphoria,whether IV or oral.
2126606 tn?1346348724 I can’t tell you the number of patients we receive for detoxification that were given a prescription for Vicodin for a minor pain, like a backache or tooth pain, which eventually led them to take a stronger opiate like oxycodone, creating a domino effect. It’s become a trend in this country for medical professionals to write prescriptions for hydrocodone drugs too quickly, which is creating an epidemic of these drugs being overprescribed to patients who often times don’t need them.
Avatar n tn Morphine 30mg is equivalent to 20mg of oxycodone. The morphine you are taking is probably (IR) immediate release. What does it say on the bottle? Actually, if you take them on a regular schedule, it is just like taking the ms contin. In studies, they have found that the blood level remains pretty much the same when morphine is used either way. I would have to imagine that you are not taking methadone now? How is your pain?
Avatar m tn Or that oxocodone and the oxocodone in a Perc 5 mg Vs a oxocodone in a 5 mg just plain pill are different other than one has apap and the other doesnt? TO make it a little more simple , is a 7.5 es Vicodan more powefull than a 5 / 325 perc? Arent all codones in the same family and just an opiate or? I read your posts all the time and you are obviously well researched and expericend .
Avatar n tn About the Oxy-morpheine vs.
203342 tn?1328740807 If you took an entire bottle of Tylenol Extra Strength, three days later you would be in a coma and needing a liver transplant.
Avatar f tn I have a degree in chemistry and I've been studying the chemical structure of oxycodone vs hydrocodone; since I tried going BACK to Hydro and it didn't do a thing to was like eating sugar pills. The ONLY difference between the two is that on C-14 (the 14th Carbon atom) with Hydrocodone, the C is bonded to a Hydrogen atom, and with oxycodone, it is bonded to a hydroxyl group (OH). Wow. I mean...Wow.
Avatar m tn and your pain receptors at the base of your brain need more and more. Hydros vs. Oxycodone......of course I took whatever, but my Rx and my hubby's (which he is NOT and addict and could take l/day....GO FIGURE FOR ME?) After I ate his script and mine we went to a guy he used to know from work and I wasted TONS of money we didn't have to spend! Secrets DO make us sick. Talk a lot on this site!! You can find out without your family knowing where some NA mtgs are.