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Avatar n tn It's been 3 months now and I haven't been getting a prescription for the 15-20 lortab I take every day. I've been dishonest to my employer. I love them,(the lortab) love that "HI" they give me. My house is spotless, and I love the mood they put me in, I even take 2 in the morning before work, a few while I'm there, and some more when I get off of work!!! Tonight I finally admitted to my best friend who happens to be a nurse, that I'm addicted to the cheapest thing in the entire world.
Avatar n tn now I'm sitting at my computer w/chills, diarreah and the jitters. I was up to 20 10/500mg Lortab per day (ten at a time) and 3 20mg Oxys. The lortab wasn't giving me the pain relief it used too nor was I feeling "good" anymore. I get a script of 160 lortabs and 94 oxy's a month. Last week, I decided to tell my parents, my daughter (she was the hardest as she thinks I'm superwoman who can do no wrong), my soon to be ex-husband and my first hubby that I have a problem with my meds.
Avatar n tn Can I start the bup now and just take the patches off or will that throw me into withdrawals? Or can I keep em both on (HIGH TOLERANCE I HAVE) I didn/t know people were on patches so much or had so much bup around. MR MICHAEL do you KNOW> I like the bup better, can always get the 50 mg patches.
Avatar m tn in Nashville, Tn. and I never expected to be allowed to hurt that much. They gave me soma and lortab post-surg in the hospital, unbelievable. One compassionate nurse did see me and gave me a morphine hip-shot, but that was it. Anyway, I'm dazed and confuzed and have to keep working, I'm only 59, divorced and trying to keep my home, but it's a ridiculously miserable way to live.
Avatar f tn That was my only experience with any other prescription painkiller except for hydros (which I've taken for years and years now --ugh). Thanks again for your thoughts on the euphoria vs. sleepiness issue. I guess our brain chemistries are just different than those who experience the euphoria on hydros -- ya think? Geez, I wish just once I would have experienced that euphoria -- just to know first-hand what some of these folks are talking about.
Avatar n tn I was recently hospitalized for a kidney infection which was the most painful experience of my life! They first have me Morphine which gave me migraines. Then I was on Dilaudid for a few days. That helped greatly. I went back to my doctor today cause the pain in my Kidney is coming back. I haven't had to take meds for it till the past few days. He gave me Oxycodone. I have taken it a few times before, and I think i reacted well to it.
Avatar f tn I'm 5 weeks and need to know what I can take for pain. Lortab methadone what?
182884 tn?1259316506 I have different diagnois, Degenerative Disk Disease vs degenerative Facet Joints, VS SI disease. I take Methadone 60 mg a day, ( down from 90 mg a day ) as well as Lortab for breakthrough pain and use a TENS Unite, which doesnt do much. I have been taking Methadone for almost 5 years and realize I can not continue to take this the rest of my life, but workmans comp refuses to do much of anything as my case is about 8 1/2 years old already.
216046 tn?1193947004 Does anyone know for sure if I will get any pain relief from morphine? How many mgs would i have to take of it since I'm on 100mgs of methadone? The ENT informed me this surgery has a painful recovery, but well worth it in the end. I'm scared of the pain and until this is over, detox from opiates is not my concern.
Avatar n tn Injection vs. Oral or IR VS SR Oxycodone produces more euphoria and a faster onset of action! So, if you compare oral Dilaudid to Oxycodone, without question, Dilaudid(Hydromorphone)IR is less addictive than Oxycodone IR(Percocet). Even correct dosage of Oxycodone produces ''Morphine-like'' Euphoria With that said; Dilaudid(Hydromorphone) is more than twice as potent as Oxycodone and if a person injects Hydromorphone it too is highly addictive!
Avatar m tn If you are taking 6 darvocet vs. 5or10mgs @ say 6 per day, you may be fooling yourself .......I don't get how you can feel any withdrawal at all.......A huge part of addiction is "mental".......that's all I will say. Luv, Nauty............
Avatar m tn Ten years ago, i started by taking 2 lortab tens a day. After awhile, it didnt do the trick anymore, so i took more and more...then i graduated to morphine because the lortabs stopped working. Needless to say, now im trying to kick a methadone addiction...and its hell. Its good that you've had this realization now, and that you are ready to do something about it. Dont get discouraged. Detoxing is not pleasant, but it gets better. It dont last forever. Good luck to you!!!
Avatar f tn I would just add that based on pharmacology, hydrocodone (contained in vicodin, lortab, norco) is about 0.6 times the strength of morphine (i.e., 10 mg of morphine equals 16 mg of hydrocodone). Oxycodone (contained in percocet, roxicodone, oxycontin) is about 2 times the strength of morphine (i.e., 10 mg of morphine equals 5 mg of oxycodone). Therefore, 5 mg of oxycodone is about 16 mg of hydrocodone so oxycodone is about 3 times stronger than hydrocodone.
Avatar n tn Enough about ducks, To me, the morphine dident work as well as the oxycontin,[ oxycodone] probly because in morphine 90% of morphine is absorbed in the liver when taken oraly, less than 50% is waisted in the body with Oxycodone, thats why morphine doesent work as good oraly, I always thought morphine was a lot stronger than oxy, unill I tried it, And thats what most other pain suffer's say as well, As for biting them, I sometimes bite the oxycontins too if Im in bad pain, I bit the MS p
176495 tn?1301284012 When calling them in over the phone, the doc is seeing a bunch of other patients and doing a million different things so when a refill is asked for they just fill what you had or something like that vs. talking to him face to face and asking him for what you would like to do. Since you can trust your wife with the pills this makes for an ideal tapering situation so she can give you a certain dose each day at a certain time and gradually lower the amount you are taking.
Avatar m tn i want to taper back down to my prescribbed dose and the family i live with (who ALSO take morphine and one has a morphine pump and takes oral all legit prescriptions) say that doctors just take away all your meds and let you suffer the withdraw. I know that in some cases that is probably true, but the doctors at my local ER said i would HAVE to taper because of my amounts i was taking and the amount of time i've been on the stuff, and my pain. but i just need some advice.
1190535 tn?1279926929 Problem is, a dependance on pills usually ends up as addiction because of this drug (morphine, all morphine based) it tells your brain that you will need more and more to keep "normal", May not make sense, others have a better understanding than I do. I've been clean from lortab & muscle relaxers for about 115 days, I had quit keeping track of it.
Avatar n tn I have taken Lortab for 6 years 100 mg a day. I have been sober now for 11 days from lortab and 3 days from Methadone Detox. I am still so weak and anxious, I feel like jumping outta my skin, but just when I get up I feel so tired and weak I can do nothing about it. When will this subside in to no w/drawls at all?? I may give up if its much longer............ naaayyy.
Avatar n tn Thanks for responding. I was taking hydros (6-8/day 7.5/500) cut down to 5/500s 6/day and did a "quick" taper before cold turkey. The long and short of it is, insurance doesn't cover it and I can't afford it out-of-pocket. Soooo I'm opting for the "short-term pain" vs- the "long-term-pain" I've been putting myself thru for the last 4 years... Good for you for making the decision also and Good Luck with the route you've choosen. Sounds like you're doing it.
1968463 tn?1374761413 I am sorry to hear that your surgery was such an emergency and that you had all of that to deal with so quickly...for someone like me that has been on morphine, lortab, elavil, neurotin, and norflex as well as xanax, not only for the chiari but for other problems as well....Going from all of those meds to almost none of impossible. I am in alot of pain all day everyday and need my NS to help me with that. I also don;t suffer from the effects like the itching and etc..
Avatar f tn i dont think people understand how painfull degenerative disc disease is i feel for you i am 45 and was first diagnosed at 30 both cervical and lumbar then trying all the options and i feel like a cat chasing its tail i have a dr who is more concerned with lecturing me on the dea rather than addressing my pain and adjusting my meds i was put on lyrica for fibromyalgia but told it might helpwith the deg disc it has helped with sleeping which is the worst for me by the end of an active day i often
1187071 tn?1279373298 You may even want to try the morphine. It might not be as bad as you think. Just keep an open mind when you go to this appointment. I'm sure it will be just fine.
Avatar n tn Is she allergic to morphine? MS Contin is morphine in a time released pill. You can get morphine liquid for breakthrough pain. From what I've heard Oxycontin is pretty strong, so do not be scared of the morphine. Her histamine reaction could have been because of a too high dose. Most opiates, at high doses, release histamine into the bloodstream which causes the swelling and itching. But if she is truly allergic, the next dose of oxy could put her in anaphylactic shock.
175688 tn?1297560247 When I was pregnant with my son, I was gven 5mg lortabs in my 2nd trimestor only, and was instructed to take them only when the pain was to the point that I couldn't handle it anymore, and to not take them consistantly (to avoid addiction) She was even sketchy about giving me those. Oxycodone is a lot stronger than a lortab. You can also google oxycodone and pregnancy to find more information. Please do not take any of those untill you speak with your doctor.
Avatar f tn you are singing my 65 day ago song! I had was up to 20-30 hydrocodone (norco, lortab) per day. I'm clean 65 days today and 37 off the subutex/suboxone. I did start weaning down myself while abusing my anti-depressant and another nerve damage pill every hr on the hr. It made me nuts in the head!! By the time I was down to 10/day, I got help. My only comment about the sub is if you don't like how you feel, wean down off it and get off it, too.
Avatar m tn He said it's difficult because she doesn't have insurance at the moment, but he's just glad to see her off the pills. I don't know first hand, but that was one story I've been told, when it comes to an addiction vs.
Avatar n tn They sent me home with lortab and said that I would be seeing my gastro in a couple of days. I have seen the gastro in charge of my care at the hospital and prognosis is that my body is working at repairing itself because my immune system is high and the virus load is going down. He recommends no treatment at this time just monitor blood work and enzymes. I have no insurance so I went to a Hep clinic for free.
Avatar n tn I have just seen a pain specialist who upped my codeine contin to 300 mg. 2/day, with Statex morphine for breakthrough pain. I have started getting panic attacks that scare the hell out of me, I believe it is codeine related as I have had bad reactions in the past to codeine and percocet, when used in elevated dosages. I have cut the contin to 150 mg. 2/day and used the Statex as prescribed. I am experiencing some withdrawal, headache and yawning, don't need as much Aci-Lac.
Avatar n tn Fetanyl is literally a hundred times as potent as morphine. 0.05-0.10 mg. is equivalent to 10-30 mgm's. morphine. This super strength per mg makes it ideal to use in an transdermal patch. Joe, there is a GAP in time that you must allow for the formulation in the patch to work. I cannot remember the specifics on how much time must past before the patch starts working. Ask your doctor or phamacists. I am sure they will have that information.
203342 tn?1328740807 Imagine that! April, We all know how addictive morphine is and to mix it with lortab to me is insane! Personally, I do agree that it is an individual choice to take them but when you are in that much pain, at that point in time you just want rid of the pain. peaceinknowing, Kudos girlfriend, hang in and hang tough! We are pulling for you!