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Avatar n tn You need to request them to have 6-MAM and or gas chromatography–mass spectrometry test. If this is confusing, Im sorry. I drug test people every week where I work so I'm informed on all this stuff. False positives do happen so you need to be informed on what to do. You can always print this and show your MD. If one of the opiates you are on is Codeine, then you may have your culprit. The specific detection of heroin as separate from other opiates is facilitated by its unique metabolites.
Avatar n tn i have not used drugs in the past thirty days, but this past friday i took a 10mg lortab. today is monday and i have to take a drug test. do you think the lortab will show up today?
Avatar n tn I took a diet pill phentermine on Saturday (i did have a prscription), my boss now wants a urine drug screen. How many days before the phentermine clears, i don't want her to think I am on speed but i also don't want her to know I am taking an appetite suppressant, (she is myhusbands sister-in-law.
Avatar f tn I was given a urine drug screen last night that tested positive for benzos. I have not been on any tranquilizers! My current medication regime includes Effexor XR 150mg bid, Seroquel 200mg, taking 400mg qhs, Betaseron 1cc qod subq. I was put on Bactrim last week bid for 5 days for a urinary tract infection. In May, June and part of July I was taking Trazdone 200mg qhs, but then switched back to Seroquel 200mg, taking 400mg qhs. I am confused as to what caused the positive test for benzos?
Avatar f tn I would be interested in finding out what became anyones situation with the false negative, I have been on Morphine 2x daily as well for 14 months now yet my surprise drug screen test came back as Zero usage and positive for Marijuana. I drive 4 hours to my Dr. I take my morphine 9:30 n 9:30 so i KNOW i had taken it on the way down to Pittsburgh. Yet it came back negative? of course he immediatly gave me 30 days and dropped me. In the process I have been trying to find new Dr. but my Dr.
Avatar m tn Welcome to MedHelp. I am glad you found us. There are others that have more information on this subject than I do and they will post soon. Every few weeks I read a post that the drug test was not right. It amazes me that these tests can be so wrong at times. There are tests that are more accurate than others, But opiates should show up in the test regardless how long or short of a time you have taken them.
Avatar n tn I went in to take a random drug test and was told that my test showed negative for opiates. I just need to know if anyone has had this problem before. And if anyone has an answer why this would happen. Thanks.
Avatar f tn speedy27CeeDee, I know little about the metabolites of cocaine, or why it would be found in a urine drug test (UDT). I will refer you to a document published in 2013 by an organization that help state medical boards define 'standards of practice' in for doctors within their purvey. (FSMB). The title of this document is Model Policy for the Use of Opioid Analgesics in the Treatment of Chronic Pain.
Avatar n tn Codeine breaks down into morphine. The opiate drug tests look for codeine, morphine, and 6-acetyl-morphine. The presence of 6-acetyl-morphine is relatively conclusive of recent heroin use, but is only detectable for a few hours after use. The presence of codeine can be the result of either heroin or codeine use. The presence of morphine can be the result of the use of heroin, codeine, or morphine. Relative levels of codeine and morphine can help determine their origin.
Avatar n tn If you have gastro paresis can it make your drug test negative for morphine but your actually taking morphine?
906738 tn?1251014078 It's pretty expensive to run a test that identifies individual drugs, and if so that's usually a blood test rather than a urine test. I understand that fentanyl is particularly expensive to identify. There is nothing wrong with using surgical tape or any kind of bandage to keep the patch in place. It does not affect absorbtion rates. Even so, some people never can find a way to keep a patch in place or end up allergic to the adhesive and have to discontinue its use.
1405767 tn?1282638198 I am in a wheelchair have awful Chronic Pain , Well I started a new doctor been 4 times in 2 half months , He drug tested me 3 times , This last one he did Feb 21 he said I failed it for morphine when I went back to him yesterday , My doctor saying I failed drug test for morphine I use to be on morphine for 2 years then was switched to Duliuid for 2 weeks that has been 50 days only took them for a week because I got bad headackes . When I went back to him he switched me to oxycontin 30mg .
Avatar f tn the dr. that said i failed his drug test threw papers at me and cursed me ,he started me on sept08, he did not start me out on a lower dose first.i am worried about withdrawls i have copd and hep.c in remission, should i have ever taken this drug?should he have given me something more than hydrocodone10/500 to come off of this med. i know that i am not susposed to have that much acedimine, what do u suggest i do about this? this hydro.
Avatar f tn So, please feel lucky like I do that you don't have to worry about it because Tuck has said it's like 70% of people taking urine tests have false negative results and once they fail a urine test a lot of pain management doctor will NOT keep them and it makes the patient scramble to find another pain doctor that will take them on.
Avatar f tn Hi and Welcome. Please excuse my tardy response. Our site is undergoing some format changes and some how I missed your post. I'm sorry. How was the UDS preformed? Did they utilize the Gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy (GCMS), which is highly accurate for UDT, and is considered to have a less than 0.5% false-positive rate? On a UDS using the GC/MS or LC/MS Opiates UDS the metabolites of Morphine, may show Hydromorphone if on high dose or chronic Morphine .
Avatar f tn As far as you having to see the PA this visit, it may or may not be related to your urine drug test. It could be that your doctor has gotten busy enough that he simply can't see all of his patients by himself and wants his assistant to get familiar with them in the event that he is not avaialable himself when someone needs him. He also could be out sick himself.
17636781 tn?1458605793 I'm asking you, if you know why or how morphine coulee came back in my urine test when I didn't use it, and how do I prevent that from happening again?
Avatar n tn my fiance just had a positive drug screen for cocaine? how likely is it for percocet or vicodin to be mistaken for cocaine in a urine screen? if he was in an enclosed environment with someone who was smoking crack, would that give him a positive also? what effects would crack have on a person with hiv+ disease whose cd4 count is only 93? are there any false positives to cocaine with the use of herbals like siberian genseng, echinacea, goldenseal, aloe vera gel tabs, ginko biloba?
Avatar f tn Since my last 3 visits are going to be about my negative test. Oh and I would be crazy to ask a Dr to drug test me if I had no drugs in me. If anyone has any answers for me please let me know.
356518 tn?1322267242 False negatives...Pitfalls of Urine Drug Monitoring in Pain Care ... I am always looking for information on the effectiveness and accuracy of the drug test we have to endure. I have just come across this one from Early this year. It has alot of information on how the UA works and why they are inconclusive most of the time. I am including the link as I have not posted everything in the article. The VA study I have posted in my journal and refer members to was done in 2004 I believe.
356518 tn?1322267242 I am always looking for information on the effectiveness and accuracy of the drug test we have to endure. I have just come across this one from Early this year. It has alot of information on how the UA works and why they are inconclusive most of the time. I am including the link as I have not posted everything in the article. The VA study I have posted in my journal and refer members to was done in 2004 I believe.
Avatar m tn The Dr I used to see in ALA said there are too many variables to add or delete in urine level test so to get a accurate test of level you need blood work done. Ask for a blood work drug level test to get the accurate results.
Avatar f tn This and morphine-3-glucuronide can give positive urine test for morphine. In ll probability the hydrocodone test is false positive. The morphine test results would be read in light of the drug you are taking. Hydrocone test should be repeated. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar m tn I'm moving soon so I'm looking for a new Dr. I found one and took his initial drug test. The results (so he claims) are NOT what they should be. He accused me of diverting some of my pain meds. Even though I tested positive he said that the results showed that the levels of drugs did not coincide with what I am prescribed/ taking. Is this possible? Do they have the ability to detect the actual amounts consumed in your urine? Aren't their a lot of variables involved that can influence this?
Avatar f tn THEY WROTE THE PRESCRIPTION! and when they did a urine test, I came up positive for morphine. WTF? I was in absolute tears because the midwife who saw me that day was like "you need to stop all the drugs RIGHT NOW child" so I stormed out of the office after telling her OVER AND OVER that I was not taking morphine!!! I called the nurse later, still crying, begging her to help me figure out what the bleep was going on, and if there was a chance of a false positive...
1855076 tn?1337118903 I'm wondering if anything could have effected this urine test. The fact he refused to retest with blood test bothers me. I take my relationship with my physicians very seriously & I know how difficult it can be to find great PM physicians. But without trust & mutual respect there isn't the right relationship. Anyone have thoughts on how this test came back like this? I've worked in the courthouse & we use urine tests because they're cheap.