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Avatar f tn I am currently prescribed morphine sulfate 30 mg and morphine 100 mg. I recently took a drug test where Oxymorephone showed up in my urine test. Does either of these pills contain the components of oxymorphone or opana? Any help will be appreciated!
Avatar n tn I just got prescribed morphine sulfate IR-15 mg tabs 3x day. I took 3 yesterday & was the biggest ***** ever! I thought it might be from the morphine, so I called the dr this am to relay the info. I was also up all night itching/scratching. This dose also did not control the pain but for 3 hrs & I could only take the tabs 3xday. This am, I called the dr office & explained my symptoms. I mean, I could not focus on anything. Any wrong thing would set me off on a screaming war path.
Avatar f tn Started me on 15 mg morphine sulfate ir 4 times a day. I have tapered down to 1/2 a tablet in the morning, for the past 3 days, if I just quit how long will the withdrawals be? I know that it has a very short half life and will be nothing like the methadone.
Avatar n tn if a patient is presecribed 15 mg but is given 30 mg of morphine sulfate IR tablets, would this cause an earlier death in a liver cancer patient? My aunt was given 8 - 10 months and the pharmacy gave the wrong dosage, she died in 5 days. Should I question this?
Avatar n tn I am concered about addiction to the morphine. I take 180mgs of MS Contin er perday and 30 mgs MS Contin ir per day. Thank you in advance for your responses.
Avatar n tn From what I've read on here the Opana ER is a good pain reliever after it gets into your system in approx 4-5 days so I'm hoping that is true bc so far I've not had any relief but I'm gonna give it a few more days. As for the Morphine Sulfate IR 15mg 3x a day I'm unsure how good this drug is for those of you that have taken it for break thru pain. I have taken it before & it did not help me what so ever & I told this new Dr that 3x during my visit but he still prescribed it to me.
Avatar n tn ) --- yes. Morphine CR is a Continuous Release long acting morphine. Morphine IR is an Instant Release morphine. They are often prescribed together. The CR is typically given every 12 or 8 hours for continuous pain relief and the IR typically every 4 to 8 hours as needed for breakthrough pain. Again ALWAYS FOLLOW THE WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS of the prescribing doctor.
Avatar n tn I am comming off morphine sulfate - I still have 30 pills left - 20 of the 15mg IR and 10 of the 30mg ER - I just want to be off this drug and the withdrawals are more than I can stand. I have been taking them for almost 2 yrs now and want to stop. I am looking for any advice to help me with deal with withdrawals.
Avatar n tn Can I still take MORPHINE SULFATE IR 15 MG TAB after 8 hours of morphine cr 15 mg tablet
Avatar m tn I requested Oxycontin because I know it works and th 15mg Morphine Sulfate did nothing. I told my PM doctor that I doubled and quadrupled my dose for the 15mg and still felt no relief. I almost feel like its a placebo that they are experimenting on me with. Has anyone had any relief from being on this type of Morphine?
Avatar f tn Hi, I am new to this website but I recently went to my pain management doctor and my medication was changed from 7.5 percocets 4xday to 15mg of morphine sulfate er 3xday. However, I find the morphine is not as effective in helping me with my pain level and the side affects from the morphine are severe headache, stomache upset, tired then restless at times, eyesight affected, and just don't feel good or like me.
Avatar m tn My wife, who takes morphine sulfate ER and oxycodone IR for chronic pain. She does a urine test every month. For the first time in several years, 10+, her results showed a positive result for codeine, 107 ng/mL. I found an article that said a small amount of codeine may show up in patients taking high doses of morphine due to possible impurities in manufacturing. Is this correct? Has anyone else run in to this??
Avatar f tn He swapped out the morphine sulfate ER that I was taking for Opana ER. The dose of the Opana ER includes my doses of breakthrough meds that I was taking so it looks like I will only need to take 2 pills a day of pain medication. I am taking my first dose tomorrow morning. I will let you know how it works out for me. My PCP was also VERY worried about my tylenol intake from the percocet. He said 2,000 mg was the soft limit and I was bumping up against that.
Avatar n tn we are doing this to see if my periods will come back after I'm off the Morphine Sulfate. It makes me sad, because I got relief from it unlike any pain medication I have ever taken, but I have not had a period in 6 months. (and no, I am not pregnant-for sure!) Thanks again! The schedule I need is the most important thing. I am having a hard time figuring it out for myself-not so good at math.
Avatar f tn i have an appt to see him next thursday to, He put me on morphine sulfate IR 1m mg, 1 tab 2x's a day and morphine sulfate 30 mg CR 1 tab 2x's a day, I hope i get better and longer relief. My question will these new meds help any thoughts?
Avatar f tn I can't eat. I can't sleep. Every few seconds, my legs twitch and jerk. My body feels as if it has been invaded by an army of red ants. I know what is happening. I am going through withdrawal. Except I am not a drug addict. I am a 65-year old woman, wife and mother, who has been a chronic pain patient for more than 15 years. For most of that time, I have been very, very lucky. Although I was never pain free, I still was able to care for myself, keep the house clean, and even work part-time.
Avatar m tn I have been taking Morphine sulfate for several years. In the past year, I have had to increase my dosage and now take 30 mgs IR 4 times a day and 30 mgs CR at night. I know my body is "dependent" on this medication, but I am not an abuser. I always follow the prescription and most times take less than prescribed. 2 days ago, I started experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms. My doctor authorized me to take up to 6 IR a day if needed.
Avatar n tn Very much alike as far as the high you get but MS contin is Morphine sulfate and Oxy is percocet. The Ms contin is stronger and lasts longer (given to a lot of cancer patients etc) and the Oxycontin is not as strong and is mostly given to people fir broken bones, chronic pain, etc. Hope this helped.
Avatar m tn Or, get roxicodone which is fast acting (short lived), or MS IR (morphine sulfate Immediate release). This keeps you w/the same medication but gives you that extra boost for times in need. If you only take it for breakthrough pain and have exhausted other alternatives your tolerance will still build, but not as quickly as if you are taking it to get the high feeling.
Avatar n tn I can't tell you how the fentanyl and norco will help in terms of w/d, but what I can tell you is that I do have experience withdrawing from morphine sulfate. I started out taking 30 mg ER and IR tabs (not for pain) about 6 or 7 months ago, probably averaging about 90 - 120 mg/day at first. Then I basically switched to 100 mg ER tabs around December, taking 3 or 4 a day on average, sometimes up to 6 or 7. I rarely took more than 4 though because when I did I got really f**ked up.
Avatar f tn I have never been on anything stronger then loritab.except for short stint on morphine sulfate..I would not take after a couple months because it made me feel weird.take the advice here to heart.U may not need that strong of a drug...It will just get u addicted to something some said here u do have to taper off a that strong a careful and let us know.
Avatar f tn MS usually stands for Morphine Sulfate and comes in both IR (immediate release) or ER (extended release formulas)... If it is a 12 hour version...then usually most Drs. are ok with dosing it every 8 hours...This is what I do with my MSContin... I think that you and the member who also posted have been given some wrong information about what meds are gluten free..Here are many of the opiates below...
Avatar f tn Have you ever tried Oxycodone HCL (immediate release) 15mg, or 30mg tablets for breakthrough pain? I am on Morphine Sulfate and use the Oxycodone for breakthrough and it works well... until your body adapts to the oxycodone and you require an increase in the dose... that's my only hurdle with it.... good luck....
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Avatar n tn I was on a 50 mg patch and they stated me on a 15 mg morphine sulfate instead, i ened up in the hopsital a week laer becasue the pain level was to much for me to take. they.
Avatar n tn I currently take 100mg of Kadian in the morning. I also have 30mg Morphine IR for breakthrough pain - have not been taking these much at all - maybe twice a week. I am just tired of taking the Kadian - too many side effects and I do not want to be on so many meds anymore - trying some different things now like vitamins (lots), exercise etc ... My pain doctor that prescribed the Kadian last year is no longer with the practice and I am dreading finding a new doctor.
Avatar n tn I will try to make it short ... Started taking morphine sulfate ER and IR 30 mg tabs in September '06 for fun and to curb drinking. At first, about 3 pills a day (90 mg) and not every day. It did a good job of keeping me away from alcohol and getting me lit up. By December, I had "graduated" to 100 mg ER tabs, about 3 or 4 per day. The 2 months leading up to Feb 19 I took anywhere from 2 to 6 100 mg pills a day, but rarely more than 4 - 500 mg/day or more was difficult to tolerate.
172023 tn?1334675884 very good!! It's a morphine-sulfate derivative and work for 12 hrs. in ER form. I find it doesn't have that gross drug feeling that ms-contin of oxycontin has. I can't take that stuff.
1331804 tn?1336870958 He titrated my opioid medications up by 60 mg morphine equivalent. I was taking 60 mg of morphine sulfate ER plus 35 mg of percocet a day. He switched me to 30 mg of Opana ER every 12 hours with up to 25 mg of percocet a day for breakthrough pain. My old medications equaled 120 mg of morphine equivalent a day and my new medications equal 180 mg of morphine equivalent a day from just the Opana ER!!! That is a 60 mg increase!!!