Morphine so4

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Avatar n tn I have been on Morphine SO4 30MG for two years I take one 2X day..My pain has been much better because of this. But I can't paid for the drug anymore.. Will I have any major withdraws from not takeing it anymore?
Avatar f tn my ex-husbands DR. gave him two types of Morphine so4 15mg TAB SA {take every 12 hours} and Morphine so4 30mg IR TAB {to take every 6 hours} how do I give this to him both at the same time or th 15 mg to see if it eases his pain if mot then the 30 mg?
Avatar f tn I have just started takeing care of my mother in law who is in stage 4 breast cancer and her dr gave her Morphine SO4 IR 15mg one tablet every 3 hours and Morphine SO4 ER 30ENDO one tablet every 12 hours and I am confused on how to give them to her, she says I can give them to her at the same time and I am worried about it causing an overdose and I am having a hard time reaching her dr for instruction on how to give it to her, do i give her one first and then wait a few hours to give the other