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Avatar f tn Second - is this a short acting (SA) or is it a long acting (LA) Morphine? 60mgs of Morphine is one heck of a one time dose. I would not take it. There could be serious complications, especially if you your system is opiate naive. Don't take it.
Avatar m tn It appears that I should ask my doctor to take me back down to the 10 mg at which point I was not having a rash. However, the reason for increasing the morphine to 30 mg was to get more relief from my chronic pain. The increased dosage did relieve the pain but the rash and itching is worse than the pain. Perhaps I have answered my own question but would one half of a 30mg pill be the equivalent of a 15 mg pill?
Avatar f tn About 4 months ago i was given morphine before they put my shoulder back in and i developed a raised itchy rash where they had injected it on my arm. The next time i had morphine was about a month later (shoulder again) and i got a rash all over my body so they gave me an shot of antihistamine (poor spelling) and the rash went down.
3112530 tn?1434035633 Can anyone tell me what causes the 'itches' and what is the best effect to counteract this? My morphine is only 15mg and I try t take it every 12 hours but when the "itches" kick in, (usually about 8 hours later), I take another and it seems to stop. I don't want to take the morphine but right now it is the only thing that helps the pain.
Avatar f tn 1. An adverse effect/Allergy to the morphine or 2. The morphine should have NOT been used for the particular pain you were having when you presented to the ER. Morphine is NOT the best choice for all pain. Oh yes, the CT contrast, yuk!! Yes, had to drink this myself and have given it to numerous patients; it is awful. Unfortunately, it is needed for better views of the abdomen. How are you feeling now?
4929120 tn?1361162745 As I have had this since I was 20, there has not been a whole lot I hadn't tried, tho for the last decade I have been on morphine except for about a year so there may be some new medicines I have not tried yet. I was actually reluctant to go on morphine at first, and was only prescribed it because it was cheap as I was going to the V.A.
Avatar n tn Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! A localized rash is unlikely to be due to any drug. Itchy localized rash can be due to allergic dermatitis, eczema, contact dermatitis, shingles, psoriasis, fungal infection like or Tinea corporis. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage without examining the rash. Please consult a skin specialist. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
228686 tn?1211558307 When I'm dropping in dose or under stress (same difference) I get a butterfly like rash on my face (not really forehead, across nose/cheeks and lower half of face). No, I don't believe it's lupus, by the way!
1995824 tn?1330382649 I have posted new pictures of my rash this week - at least, have posted the pictures that were modest in their presentation. They are on my photo page here - . I am in constant agony when I am awake. Nothing has helped. Not the clobetosol, not the Atarax, OTC meds... nothing. My entire body is burning and itching. The only place the rash has not traveled to at this poing is my face and my feet.
Avatar n tn After I get home, once the morphine wore off, I was again in pain, with chills, dizziness, and nausea, but still no rash. Finally lastnight I couldnt take the pain anymore and went to the hospital. The doc took blood in order to check for lung blood clots , etc....all lab tests came back normal. But....when he touched my skin it just burned and hurt so bad. He said i had " shingles" without a rash. He sent me home with valtrex, and vicodin for pain.
Avatar f tn Today, I noticed itching where the bruise had been, and I now have small raised itchy bumps exactly where the bruise was. I put cortisone cream on the rash; however, it burned quite a bit, and the itching is pretty intense. What would cause a bruise to turn into a rash when it heals?
Avatar n tn Any contact with the area feels exactly as if I'm touching raw tender skin (probably less painful) and the discomfort seems to be just skin-deep. There is never a rash or injury of any kind, and I can't trace it to any kind of lifestyle thing, activity, detergent, etc. It's been going on for years, never lasts more than a few days, and is never more than mildly annoying.
Avatar n tn The quacky doctor said I was ok, and gave me MORPHINE, sent me home, No I.V. Liquids were given, Just Pain medicine? I thought that when you have a heat exhaustion or stroke from heat that you are dehydrated, Pain Meds? I really have not felt right since, but this other stuff started a few weeks ago. Let me know what you think, maybe I will find some direction from that. I have been having suicidal thoughts since this started. And yes I do have an appointment with a shrink on Monday, for that.
Avatar n tn my 11 year old son had a virus on Thanksgiving 5 days later he started itching from head to toe no rash no hives nothing. we started him on benadryl and calamine lotiong, not relief so the Doctor gave him allegra and cortisone, no relief. Then the dermatologist gave him a shot of kenalog, and prescription cortisone. still no relief after two emergency room visits they gave him hydroxine and blood workups for kidney, liver, and thyroid came back normal.
Avatar n tn IVP Dye (rash), Codiene (Itch), Imatrex (problem breathing), Morphine sulfate (itching) Methadone (Severe itching), & Hydromorphone (problem breathing).
Avatar n tn I have allergies to codiene, codone and morphine. Is there any pain medication available that I could take. My symptoms are rash, hyperactivity and I feel like my skin is crawling.
847512 tn?1272570662 Hey all, I have a problem. A new one that is. My Dr. Started me on Morphine and Fentanyl patches. But now all of a sudden the last 2 days I have gotten extreme muscle spasms especially in my neck and shoulders to the point where I cant look up or turn my head I can only look down and I have tension in my legs where they feel stiff when walking. Does anyone get that? I also get the spasms in my legs but not so much as in my shoulders and neck. this is getting out of hand.
Avatar n tn He puts hydrocortisone on his skin, but i am thinking tht possibly there is another type of cream to use on the rash. Anyone hve any ideas?
4693494 tn?1358056670 was ok with you alternating the Morphine and the Butrans patch? It seems like if you had a rash and tried it a few times and specifically asked to be put on something else (the Morphine) then they expect you to not use the Butrans patch again...So walking in with it on or you being tested negative for it those other times...I could see why they are upset... I'm not sure why you titled this the way you did asking if you are an addict?
3234592 tn?1349822777 The only things I'm allergic to are cat dander, dust, and morphine, there are no cat's at my house, there's dust but I don't think that can do this to my arm, and I haven't taken any morphine. I would just like to know, what it is, if theres a cure, can it spread to my son or my husband, and what causes it. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank You.
Avatar n tn the dermatolgogist tells me oh the shingles are getting better, the burning is probably from the Lidoderm pain patches I was putting on it, I explained that was the only relief, Pain management put me on fentanyl, morphine suppositiores and the burning is still so severe . It feels like 110 degrees in the left side of my butt and so painful. I get some relief if I lie on ice. Is this the way shingles reacts.
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Avatar n tn The first issue is whether you are intolerant-- such as having nausea, headaches, or feeling other strange symptoms... or allergic, such as getting a rash after a day or two? (some medications like morphine will cause nonspecific histamine release and cause a sudden 'blotchy' rash that might itch-- this is not a true allergy either). 'Intolerances' can often be dealt with, but allergies generally only get worse...
Avatar m tn So to make a long story short I am itching like a mother and havent taken one today and I am not planning on taking them anymore I want to throw them away. Do you think the itching is from the done/roxi combo? I have no rash so I am stumped.
Avatar f tn hello i hv had this red rash line inside lips an it has been giving me a upset stomach an dizzies an nausa.i went to the hosptile couple weeks ago for pain in my lower abs an the gave me morphine does that have anything to do with it?
Avatar f tn Not really a pimple not really a rash either. My neck looks like a rash, heat rash. I also swell. my upper body. My face and neck. You can really tell. I never have had this before. All these years and now when I'm ready to quit, I'm falling apart..good incentive. You're not alone...
Avatar m tn How long can I take it without having the withdrawal symptons? ALso has anyone experienced any kind of rash while taking it? I dont know if this is coincidental or not but after 4 days of taking it I got a red rash like that is red and then scabs over when I scratch it. Looks like flea bits and I do have an inside dog, but not sure if that is a rash from the Tramadol.
Avatar n tn hi all i had a bike crash (skidded on diesil spill) dident find owner of it, so i dont have a claim i had spiral fractures of r/tiba and femure dislocated r/shoulder and gravel rash. spent 3 weeks in hospital, got let out on diclofenic, morphine,sevrodol,this was 4.
Avatar f tn Do you have a rash as well? Even though you have taken it before, I wouldn't take it again without calling the doc and s/he might want to see you b4 you take off boating, etc. Something could happen while you are gone...I wouldn't chance it. Just my opinion. Let us know tho.
1645944 tn?1305246937 In the past few years, I have begun having a histamine reaction to Morphine and Dilaudid, which knocks out Demerol by association. When I received it by IV in the hospital, I broke out in a rash on my chest, felt like I couldn't breathe - like a weight was on my chest (even though my pulse ox was 100%), couldn't entirely move my arms and legs, and couldn't talk. So, there go the narcotics. Ummm, in two days they are gonna cut my head open, HELP?!