Morphine nursing implications

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Avatar n tn Previous studies provide a guideline for applying dyspnea management for COPD to cancer. The theoretical frameworks used in previous studies can be modified for conducting further study. [References: 78] Publication Type Journal Article. Review.
Avatar m tn Implications for Health Ronald Glaser, Ph.D. Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Behavioral Medicine Research Institute, Ohio State University Health Sciences Center Over the last several years, we have been examining the impact of different kinds of psychological stressors on different aspects of the immune response.
Avatar n tn Due to nerve pain and pain from a rectum to prostate hernia, I have been using Statex Morphine tablets. 2 every 4 hours as needed. The Morphine masks the pain but does not get rid of the pain completely. I used to get Belladona suposetories but they are no longer available in Canada. Ask your doctor about the Morphine or Percacet. For me the Morphine targets to pain more than the Percacets. I hope that soemthing will work for you. All the best.
Avatar n tn i did anything for morphine, dilauded, heroin,etc. i never gave a thought to what i'ld do if i ever really needed a opiate pain killer' 18 years of cleaning up my hand and my cervical spine went to hell.i'm 50 now, have intractable constant pain.i now take 40-60 mgs of oxy contin twice a day & 5-6 irs in between.i've worked through the guilt issues of this. I also take frequent vacations from oxy.
Avatar f tn I find it a bit terrifying as god knows what's going on with my uterus when it's happening - like many of you I am also worried about the wider health implications - but have been able to find no reputable medical reference to it (although it seems to be a relatively common problem). It seems to be mis-understood as muscle cramps/stitches or PMS - of which it is neither, at least for me.